Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 15)

Hey all!! How r u?? So how r u guys njoying the current track in Swaragini… R u guys all set 2 see the love – hate saga between our Swasan?? Well I’m so excited cuz I wanna see them falling for each other all over agn. Tell me if u guys r as well…
Okay now let’s talk abt the ff… I know many of u r disappointed as there r not many Swasan scenes. But guys it’s just the beginning. I’ll add many Swasan scenes once they both come 2 India… So hold on till then. K now let’s get going.

Scene 1 @ Hospital

Sanskar: K here we go.
*Flashback starts*
Sanskar opens the cabin door. There he found an angry bird sitting in the chair waiting for her prey. She is so angry n looks like she wud eat anyone who comes in her way. She is continuously looking at her phone n is murmuring something under her breath. When Sanskar walked in she raised her head n gazed at him wid anger n hatred in her eyes. Sanskar went near her n sat in the opposite chair. He is so scared to talk 2 her.
Sanskar: Hi!! How… r u?? (mustering courage)
Swara: How r u?? Is dat a question u ask a suspect?? No Mr. Maheshwari may be u forgot abt ur duty. Hain na…? (Sarcastically)
Sanskar (in mind): Oh God… Har ek police se darte hain. Lekin mujhe dekho main ek aam insaan se dar raha hoon. Waise yeh aam insaan thodi hai… Yeh toh ek number ka khadus aur angry bird hain. Ise darna toh banta hain.
Swara: Hello Mr. Maheshwari…?? (waving her hand)
Sanskar: Haan…
Swara: Wht haan??
Sanskar: Oo… I just wanna tell ki…
Swara: Ki…?
Sanskar: Ki… Ki…
Swara: Arey stop blabbering n tell clearly.
Sanskar: Oo We got hold of the one who is responsible for Lexi’s condition… (Said it in one breathe closing his eyes)
Swara: …
Sanskar opens his eyes on getting no response from Swara.
Sanskar: Ms. Gadodia… Say something.
Swara: What the… (Cut off by Sanskar)
Sanskar: Ms. Gadodia. Control urself. This is police station n u can’t use such words in here.
Swara: Oh wow… Now u’ll tell me wht 2 talk n what not 2. Amazing. (Sarcastically)
Sanskar: Oh I’m sorry… I misunderstood u.
Swara: Wht?? Did u just say something cuz I didn’t hear wht u said.
Sanskar: I said I’m sorry…
Swara: Kya?? Say it lil louder pls…
Sanskar: I’m sry… (Shouts)
Swara: Acha first arrest someone widout enough evidence n den say sorry when u get 2 know the truth. Wow. This is an amazing quality a police officer must have. I’ll note dis down.
Sanskar: Ms. Gadodia. It’s not like wht u r thinking. I was so determined 2 catch the criminal n when I saw Lexi in dat situation my mind was all numb. I just did wht my mind told me 2 do.
Swara: Oo… So u did wht ur mind asked u 2 right?? Then didn’t ur mind tell u ki u shud listen 2 the suspect first before getting 2 conclusions.
Sanskar: Oo… I’m sry for everything.
Swara: Sry is not enough Mr. Maheshwari.
Sanskar: Then wht shall I do??
Swara: Release me n make sure dat dis charge on me doesn’t affect my career.
Sanskar: Wht?? But it’s not possible. If we put some case on someone we can’t take it back. But it appears as suspect proven innocent in all ur records.
Swara: Oh God… U just spoiled my life. No one would give me a job Mr. Maheshwari.
Sanskar: No… It’s not at all a problem in here.
Swara: I know dat Mr. Maheshwari. But wht abt in India?? Will they ignore dis record of mine. Nope. They’ll try 2 get 2 the root of dis n will make it a big one.
Sanskar: India?? U r gng 2 India for ur job?? Nice. I’m also in India u know. Btw where r u gng in India??
Swara: That’s none of ur business n if it’s a joke then it’s the worst joke of the year.
Sanskar: Sry… I know India main thoda problem ho sakta hain. Lekin u just give me a call when u go 2 some interview or something. I’ll talk 2 them. Here’s my visiting card. My number is in here.
Swara takes the visiting card from Sanskar n crumbles it. He gets shocked.
Swara: Neither do I need ur visiting card nor ur help. Now can I go.
Sanskar: Yeah… I’ll complete the formalities. (How mean is she?? I offered her help n she’s showing me attitude – in mind)
Sanskar goes out of the cabin. He goes 2 Jason n asks him 2 complete the formalities for her 2 go. Then he goes back 2 his cabin.
*Flashback ends*
Sanskar: That’s wht happened wid dat Ms. Angry bird. She’s so mean, rude n also showing attitude to a police yaar…
Lexi is laughing all the time.
Sanskar: Why r u laughing??
Lexi: Nope. Just like dat. A girl scaring a police officer…kind of funny. Ain’t it??
Sanskar: Not funny but headache…

Scene 2 @ Cafeteria
A guy n a girl r sitting on a table. The girl is busy talking but the guy looks like he is bored listening 2 her bak bak…
Guy: Aditi… Pls yaar. Stop talking non-stop. U r a police now n still don’t know how 2 control ur tongue.
Aditi: Laksh… Pls haan. That’s so rude. U have become a police officer n still u r so rude.
Laksh: Idiot. Police officers rude hi hote hain.
Aditi: Acha… Whatever. I’m hungry order something na…
Laksh: Wait. Waiter??
Laksh calls the waiter n orders a Cappuccino for himself n a cheese pizza wid tomato n onion toppings for Aditi. The waiter leaves after taking the order.
Aditi: Toh u didn’t forget my likes haan??
Laksh: Budhu. How will I?? Best friend cum sister joh thi…
Aditi: Haan… who toh hai.
They both laugh. They talk like dat for some time. Then the waiter brings their orders. They have them n leave 2 the ofc. While they r cmg Ragini who’s gng 2 her cabin sees dem cmg.
Ragini: Laksh Sir seems so happy. He’s smiling. Mere samne toh kabhi nahi haste…
At that time Aditi is abt 2 fall cuz Laksh stepped on her dress. But before she cud fall Laksh holds her in her arms. Aditi gets up. She scolds Laksh for stepping on her dress playfully n then they both go off 2 their work. Ragini also leaves after watching it all. She is kind of feeling bad. But don’t know why.

Scene 3 @ Swara’s Flat

Swara opens the main door n gets in. She goes directly 2 her room after closing the door n gets freshen up. She then calls her friends 2 come over as she wanna know wht has happened in these 2 days in college. After half an hour all her friends came there. They ask her abt her sudden disappearance n the reasons for it. She explains them abt everything. They get sad thinking abt her future as well. But she assures dem that all is well. Then they study, chat, play n does lots of masti. After that they all leaves her place. She then studies for some more time n goes 2 bed.

So guys… that’s it for today. I’m so sry for writing such a short epi. I’m not well guys… I’m having body pains n severe fever. But I wrote dis for u guys. I wasn’t even able 2 type. My hands r hurting really bad. I promise I’ll post a maha episode once I get fit n fine. I hope u guys accept my apology. Bye take care everyone n do not forget to njoy Swaragini’s current track.

Wid love Dreamy <3

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