Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 14)

Hello Swasanians!! Hope u r dng good.
Btw do u guys like the way the story is progressing?? If not just tell me guys, I’ll try making it better.
Suggestions n ideas r always welcome.
K now let’s start.

Scene 1 @ Hospital

A handsome young man gets out of the car n goes inside. He stops at the reception to enquire something.
Guy: Excuse me… Can u tell me where is ward no.179?
Receptionist: Sir… Go straight 2nd left n 3rd room on the right.
Guy: Thanks!!Receptionist: No problem. Have a great day sir.
Guy: U too..
He goes in that direction n enters ward no.179. He opens the door to find a girl lying on the bed. Looks like she is unconscious. The guy goes 2 her n sits on the couch next 2 her bed. Just then a nurse enters the room.
Nurse: Hey… It’s her medicine time.
Guy: Oo… I’ll be waiting outside.
Nurse: No no. It’s fine. U can stay in here. R u here 2 meet her or just for a quick glance??
Guy: Actually I wanna discuss something imp wid her.
Nurse: Oo… She’s under medicine. So she might wake up after 15 – 30 mins. U can go n come back agn if u have any work.
Guy: No I’ll be here till she wakes up.
Nurse: Okay.
The nurse gives medicine 2 the patient n checks her condition. After the nurse leaves the guy sits on the couch n waits for the girl 2 wake up.

Scene 2 @ CBI ofc

The girl stands there tensed seeing Laksh’s stern face.
Laksh: Ya pls go on.
Girl: Thank u SIR… (She stresses the words Sir)
The girl starts explaining abt her idea n how shud they proceed with the case. After she’s done everyone claps for her.
Laksh: Impressive. So it’s final. We’re gng wid dis plan.
Girl: Thanks!!Laksh: Okay guys. So the meeting is over. Start working according 2 dis plan.
All: Yes Sir. (They all start leaving)
Laksh: Hey u… just stay back. Wanna talk 2 u. (Looking at the girl)
Girl: Sure 🙂 (Wid fake smile)

Scene 3 @ Hospital

After sometime the girl wakes up. She sees a person standing next 2 her and tries 2 get up. As she is facing difficulty getting up the guy supports her. After getting comfortable the girl looks at the guy.
Girl: So how’s everything??
Guy: Well all sorted out I guess.
Girl: That’s great.
Guy: Yep, btw how r u feeling??
Girl: Much better. So wht has happened in these past 2 days. Do I have a lot 2 catch up on??
Guy: Oh… nope. Not that much after all Ms. Lexi.
Lexi: So can u help me in catching up wid that Mr. Maheshwari??
Sanskar: Sure. (He tells her what all has happened… from Swara’s arrest 2 the criminal’s confession)
Lexi: OMG… that’s a lot Mr. Maheshwari.
Sanskar: Yeah?? May be…
Lexi: Hmm… Congrats Mr. Maheshwari. U caught the culprit whom the whole world cud not. So, what’s next??
Sanskar: Don’t know. Will go back 2 India day after tomorrow night.
Lexi: Oh no… Well we’re gonna miss u a lot. I think there shud be a police like u everywhere.
Sanskar: Wow… that’s a huge compliment Ms. Lexi. Thanks!!
Lexi: Told the truth. Anyways when r u giving the goodbye party?
Sanskar: Hmm… didn’t think abt it. When r u getting discharged?
Lexi: Probably by tomorrow evening.
Sanskar: K… How abt the day I’m going??
Lexi: Afternoon or evening??
Sanskar: Evening.
Lexi: Done 🙂
Sanskar: Good.
Lexi: Btw wht abt the girl u arrested – something Sw…
Sanskar: Swara Gadodia.
Lexi: Yeah… Did u release her??
Sanskar: I did.
Lexi: What was her reaction??
Sanskar: Oh God!! That’s a long story.
Lexi: Well go ahead. I’ve got the time 2 listen.
Sanskar: U sure.
Lexi: Yeah, I mean why not?
Sanskar: K listen at ur own risk…
Lexi: Wow… dramatic haa…
Sanskar: Sure I guess.

Scene 4 @ CBI ofc

All of them leaves Laksh’s cabin except for the girl.
Laksh: So…?
Girl: So??
Laksh: Wht is dis?? (somewhat serious)
Girl: Oo… I was stuck in traffic sir. U know abt Mumbai traffic right??
Laksh: Yeah… but that’s not an excuse. If u think dat u r gonna get late cuz of traffic u shud have started a lil early.
Girl: I started early only but ended up getting late due 2 heavy traffic.
Laksh: Anyways… no excuses accepted from tomorrow. Got it??
Girl: Hmm…
Laksh: K, now u can go.
Girl: Arey yaar… Stop dis Sir game at least now.
Laksh: U r in the ofc.
Girl: So, kuch rule hai ki ofc me ho toh friendly baat nahi kar sakte? Nahi naa…
Laksh: Pls… Aditi
Aditi: Yaar kya please. I met u after 5 years n u r acting as if I’m only ur junior n nothing else. So not fair (Wid a pout).
Laksh: But u know me na Aditi… I don’t like 2 mix my personal life… (Cut off by Aditi)
Aditi: Wid professional life. Haa yaar… I know. Okay chalo.
Laksh: Where??
Aditi: Canteen. There it is not like u r in ofc. So we can talk freely like friends.
Laksh: But Aditi… (Cut off)
Aditi: No ifs no buts. Yaar I didn’t have my bf. I’m really hungry. Come on Laksh.
Laksh: No Aditi. U go n have bf. I’ve a lot of work 2 take care of.
Aditi: Nahi… koi bahana nahi chalega.
Saying dis she drags Laksh from der holding his arm widout giving any heed 2 Laksh. When they r gng Ragini, who has come just then, sees dem.
Ragini: Laksh Sir… And who’s dis?? Laksh sir is gng out wid her. How’s dis possible?? I mean firstly he doesn’t go out in ofc timings. Secondly he hates girls. Then why is he gng out wid her?? May be I’m thinking too much. She might be his friend or relative. (Thinking dis she goes 2 her cabin)

What did Sanskar tell 2 Lexi abt Swara?? What was Swara’s reaction?? How did Sanskar manage 2 escape from her?? Who’s the girl wid Laksh?? Is she just a friend or his past?? How will Ragini react after knowing abt the girl?? To know stay tuned.

Wid love, Dreamy.

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