Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 13)

Hey guys!! How r u all?? Did u guys miss me?? Well, I missed u guys a lot…
Anyways let’s get going.

Scene 1 @ CBI ofc

A tall handsome guy enters the ofc building n rushes 2wards his cabin. He is none other than Laksh. As soon as he enters his cabin he calls someone n asks dem 2 come 2 his cabin for the meeting. He thinks 2 prepare one last time before the meeting n studies his case file and his progress on the case. After 5 mins a group of people knocks and enters his cabin. They all get seated n they start talking abt the case. One member from the team started discussing his opinions and views on the case. But Laksh’s concentration is only towards the door. Looks like he is waiting for someone. After the first person is done talking he asks Laksh abt wht he thinks but Laksh is blank as he didn’t even hear a single word.
Person: Laksh Sir, how’s the presentation?? And wht u think abt this??
Person: Sir…
Laksh: Umm… It’s nice but I wanna go through dat once agn. So I would appreciate if u can mail me the presentation.
Person: Sure…
Laksh: Thanks! Hey guys… where is Ms. Gadodia??
Another guy: Sir… she’s not here yet.
Laksh: K… Shall we move on to the next one??
Group: Sure.
Laksh: K then who’s gng next?
A girl: Me…
A sweet voice disturbs Laksh. He looks at the direction of the voice but is not able 2 find anyone. He keeps looking in dat direction when a pretty girl comes in. She seems tensed. She comes in n looks at Laksh wid worried face. She is tensed dat Laksh might scold her agn for being late. Laksh looks at her with a stern face.

Scene 2 @ USA – Police Station

BOOM..!! There was a gunshot n the criminal is lying on ground in a pool of blood. Other officers come there running after hearing the gunshot. They all r frightened at the scene. They look at the person who shot the criminal. It is none other than Sanskar. Just then Jason comes there n checks criminal’s pulse. He looks at Sanskar worriedly.
Jason: HE IS DEAD!! (Shocked)
Jason: Mr. Maheshwari, wht’s dis?? Why did u shoot him?
Sanskar: Cuz he doesn’t deserve 2 be alive. He killed many innocent people including police officers. If someone murders a person and they only get in jail for whatever number of years then dat won’t stop dem from killing more people. If we release the criminals after certain punishment then what is the guarantee dat they wouldn’t commit the crime again or wouldn’t hurt the person who filed a case against him. If we go on and continue to let murderers get away with what they have done, what kind of justice is that? If they were in the right mental state at the time and committed a crime knowing what they were doing, they should be given the death sentence. As the court and the system is not able 2 to do dat I did it myself. Any more clarifications or explanations??
Jason: No. U r right. One police officer like u in each country n the world will stay in peace all the time.
Saying dis he salutes. Seeing him all the officers present there also salute 2 Sanskar. Sanskar is overwhelmed seeing such appreciation and reverence from the people who doesn’t even know him properly, people whom he had met only a few days before, people whom he might not be able 2 meet ever agn. Even Sanskar salutes 2 dem n leaves the place.
Officer 1: But Mr. Jason wht shud I write in the records??
Jason: Shot the criminal in self-defense as he attacked Mr. Maheshwari.
Officer 2: But no one has witnessed…
Jason: I’m more than happy 2 be the witness. Name me as the witness n close the case.
Officer 1: Sure.
Jason: Take the criminal for post mortem n make sure they clean the place.
Officer 2: Will do that.
All the officers leave the place after taking care of everything.

Scene 3 @ Maheshwari Mansion

All the ladies of Maheshwari Mansion r sitting in the living room. They all seem tensed abt the recent happenings. Annapurna wanted 2 tell Laksh abt the rowdies but cudn’t as he left home early. She thought of talking 2 him first thing in the night when he is back home.
Annapurna: I’ll talk 2 Laksh first thing after he comes.
Sujatha: Ha Jiji… I’m scared abt Uttara.
Parineeta: But Badi mom I think we shud not disturb Laksh. Nowadays he is very busy wid his cases.
Sujatha: Then wht shall we do?
Parineeta: I’ll talk 2 Adarshji abt dis. He is a police officer na… so he’ll arrest them.
Annapurna: Haa… Yeh theek rahega.
Just then the landline starts ringing. Annapurna is abt 2 go but stops listening 2 Sujatha.
Sujatha: Wait Jiji… I’ll check.
Sujatha goes n picks up the call.
Sujatha: Hello… who’s dis??
A person: Don’t u know who dis is?? (In a stern voice)
Sujatha: Hey who’s talking??
Person: Ohh… So u forgot?? Shall I remind u??
Sujatha: Hey… U called us n asking us who u r?? R u mad?
Person: How dare u talk 2 me like dis??
Sujatha thinks if it is the same rowdies leader dat came yesterday 2 blackmail dem. She gets tensed.
Sujatha: Tum?? Now, wht u want?? Our lives??
The person on the other side gets shocked.
Person: Choti mom… Wht r u talking abt?? I’m Sanskar.
Sujatha: Arey Sanskar tum?? (She is tensed as if Sanskar gets 2 know abt the rowdies he’ll get worried more cuz he’s not in India)
Sanskar: Ha but wht’s wrong?? Is everything okay? I mean why did u ask me if I want ur lives??
Sujatha:… (She doesn’t know wht 2 say)
Suddenly Annapurna takes the phone from Sujatha.
Annapurna: Hello… Sanskar beta how r u??
Sanskar: I’m fine mom. But wht’s choti mom talking abt?? All is well right??
Annapurna: Wo… Oo… haa all is well beta. It’s just that these customer care people r calling every minute. So Sujatha thought dat it is dem again. That’s why she talked like dat.
Sanskar: Oo… okay. I thought 2 scare u guys but in turn u guys only scared me. Anyways how’s everyone?? Oo… Did the monkey come from college??
Just then Uttara enters n hears Sanskar calling her monkey.
Annapurna: Everything’s fine. Monkey is… (Cut off by Uttara)
Uttara: Bhai how dare u call me monkey?? U r alive cuz u r in US. Otherwise…
Sanskar: Otherwise wht monkey??
Uttara: Bhai… I would’ve killed u by now.
Sanskar: Aww… Will u kill ur bhai?? That’s so bad of u monkey.
They talk like dat for some time n have a great time.
Parineeta: Sanskar when r u gonna come back??
Sanskar: Why bhabhi?? Missing me.
Parineeta: Sanskar…
Sanskar: I’ll be back by the end of dis week. Almost done wid my work. Just need 2 complete the closing formalities n den will be back.
Annapurna: K beta… Have 2 go to NGO. Will talk later.
Sanskar: K mom bye. Take care everyone.
After wishing everyone good bye Sanskar hangs up n gets involved in his work.

Scene 4 @ Unknown place

A person is waiting in his car for another person. He is angry n pissed off. After some time there comes another person wearing nice suit. He comes to the person waiting in the car n greets him.
Person 1: Did u find anything abt the person who killed my wife.
Person 2: No Sir. But I’m sure I’ll soon. I’m very close 2 finding the culprit. Once I find abt him/her I’ll explain u everything.
Person 1: Wht u mean u didn’t find anything Mr. Karthik?? U r a detective for god sake.
Karthik: I’m so sry Sir. I’m trying my best but that person has left no clue. That’s why it’s taking a lot of time.
Person 1: Idk wht u’ll do. But I need the person within a month. I promised my daughter dat I’ll take her far away frm here so dat she can lead a new n happy life.
Karthik: I can understand n I promise I’ll do whatever I can 2 find dat person.
Person 1: Do it fast.
Karthik: Sure.
Person 1: K will meet when u find him.
Karthik: Hmm…
Karthik gets out of the car n leaves the place. Then the person also leaves the place.

Scene 5 @ USA – police station

Sanskar is now busy in completing the final formalities of the case. He is so happy dat he cud find the most wanted criminal almost for the entire world. There is not even a single crime dat the criminal didn’t commit.
Sanskar: Finally I did it. I killed him. The idiot who tortured people brutally for his benefit n who killed dem ruthlessly is dead.
Thinking dis he completes the formalities n goes 2 Jason.
Sanskar: Mr. Jason, here r the completed formalities regarding the case. Can u pls check dem once n then send dem 2 the main ofc.
Jason: Sure Mr. Sanskar. I will.
Sanskar: Btw how’s Ms. Lexi.
Jason: Well she is out of danger but still unconscious. He hit her on the back of her head very hard.
Sanskar: Hmm… I wish she gets well soon.
Jason: Yep, hope so too. Btw wht abt the girl u arrested thinking dat she is responsible for Lexi’s condition.
Sanskar: Idk. Yaar she’s so arrogant n angry bird. God knows how I’m gonna manage her.
Jason: Well be careful n haa come back fine.
Sanskar: What??
Jason: I mean try not 2 get killed by her.
Sanskar: Oh… sure not.
Jason: Hahahaa…
Sanskar starts gng 2 Swara. He totally forgot abt her being busy in the case. He put her in jail for almost one and a half days. He’s sure dat she’s not gonna let him get away with it. He reaches the interrogation room n is abt 2 open the door but gets afraid thinking abt her reaction.

So guys done wid dis epi. I hope u like dis part as well.
Do u guys have any questions till now?? If yes ask me in the comments below.
Can u guys suggest how Swara shud react?? Angry? Rude? It’s okay wala attitude? Revenge wala attitude? Or any others? Tell me in the comments below. Whichever reaction gets more votes, I’ll write dat as Swara’s reaction. Will try 2 post the next epi soon. Till then njoy, take care.
With love, Dreamy.

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