Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 12)


Hello guys!! I’m back wid my ff…
I hope u guys liked Swasan’s meeting… So from now there will be more Swasan scenes I promise.
K now let’s get started.
Scene 1 @ USA – Police station

A girl is sitting in interrogation cabin wid handcuffs binding her hands. She seems angry n pissed off. A tall handsome guy enters the room along wid another person. They sit opposite 2 her. The tall guy gives her a death glare.
Guy: So Ms. Gadodia… Here is ur lawyer (wid attitude).
Swara: Thank u Mr. Maheshwari… (full on angry)
Sanskar: No mention!! It’s my duty…

Lawyer: So Ms. Gadodia… U may proceed wid wht u have got for us.
Swara: K… So dat day I came to library as I heard some noise. I went in n when I was looking for the source of sound I came across a guy but I couldn’t see his face.
Lawyer: Why couldn’t u see his face??
Swara: I was about 2 see him but the librarian locked the door n I wanted 2 go 2 my class so bad as I had an imp lecture. I went 2 the librarian n asked him but he wouldn’t let me. So I took a book n started reading. After sometime 2 police officers had entered the room. They went in different directions searching for something or someone. I didn’t bother 2 ask them. So I agn started reading the book. And then I heard a scream. So I ran as fast as I could n reached the source of the scream. I was shocked 2 see one of the police officer lying on floor unconscious. And then he came n ARRESTED ME FOR NO REASON (she stressed these words).

Sanskar: No lawyer… I arrested her for a reason n dat is on suspicion charges.
Swara: Suspicion… where is the point to suspect me? All the links are connected Mr. Maheshwari.
Lawyer: K k… u guys stop fighting. Btw Mr. Maheshwari did u interrogate the criminal?
Sanskar: Yeah… but he is not even opening his mouth. Gotta go n interrogate him once more after I’m done wid her.
Lawyer: Hmm… Mr. Maheshwari I think Ms. Gadodia has no reason or chance 2 take over Lexi. But just 2 be on the safe side I’ll talk 2 the criminal once tomorrow if that’s fine wid u…
Sanskar: Yeah… sure.
Lawyer: K I’ll take a leave then.

Sanskar: Yep… see u tomorrow. Have a good day!!
Lawyer: U too!!
The lawyer leaves the place n Sanskar also goes 2 interrogate the criminal again.
Scene 2 @ Gadodia Mansion

A girl is sleeping peacefully wid a smile on her face. She gets disturbed cuz of the alarm. She gets up, turns it off n goes 2 washroom. She gets ready n takes her mobile everything when she remembers something.
Girl: I think I shud call Swara… It’s been 3 days since I talked 2 her.
Thinking dis she calls Swara but her phone is switched off. She gets worried.
Girl: Wht happened?? Why is she not lifting the phone?? Is she in some trouble. No no Ragini… she would tell u if she is in a problem… So chill.

Woman: Ladoo… R u ready?? Gotta go 2 ofc.
Ragini: Ha Mom cmg…
She goes 2 the living room n greets everyone good morning. She then chats wid her family for some time while having bf n then goes 2 her ofc.

Scene 3 @ USA – police station

Sanskar goes 2 the criminal n starts interrogating him. He is trying in every possible way 2 make him blurt out the truth but no he’s so strong headed. He wouldn’t open his mouth what-so-ever. So Sanskar thought 2 approach him in a somewhat different way.
Sanskar: So you wouldn’t tell me anything??
Criminal: Yes… U wouldn’t be able 2 get even a single thing out of me. I promise u officer.
Sanskar: Hmm… so confidence or shud I say over confidence.
Criminal: Hmm… (wid a smirk on his face)
Sanskar: As u r not gng 2 blurt out anything… I’ve got an offer for u. More of a deal you know.
Criminal: …
Sanskar: K here it is. U tell me all you’ve got n I would make sure that ur sentence is reduced 2 atleast 2 years.
Criminal: R u bribing me…
Sanskar: No… just trying 2 make a deal. If u don’t like it that’s just fine. I can just kill u right here right now n tell dat I’ve shot u in defense as u were abt 2 attack me. How’s this for a deal??
Criminal: R u threatening me?? FYI I’m not gonna fall for it.
Sanskar: K don’t…

Sanskar takes out his gun n points it 2wards the criminal. The criminal gets shocked. He gulps down in shock.
Criminal: Wh…What r u dng?? See officer u’ll get fired if u shoot a criminal without him doing anything. So just forget it.
Sanskar pulls the trigger of the gun leaving the criminal in more shocking state. He gets hell scared.
Criminal: No officer. Don’t… do… this. I… will… tell u… everything.
He starts telling all his crimes that he has committed in various parts of the world so far. After he is done he looks on wid relief creeping up his face atleast for being alive. But Sanskar seems really angry n disgusted at the cheap crimes he has committed. His face is boiling wid anger.
Sanskar: Is dat all u have done or is there anything else?? (Shouts)
Criminal: Yes… No. I mean there’s one more thing.

Sanskar: And wht’s dat u moron??
Criminal: I’m the one who attacked the lady officer in the university library.
A bomb has been dropped on Sanskar at this confession of the criminal. He was shocked from the core of his heart.
Sanskar: Wht?? U scoundrel. How cud u?? She’s a police dammit.
Criminal: I know but I thought dat she is the only one in there n so I could escape easily if I remove her from my wa…

There was a loud sound. And the criminal was on the ground lying in a pool of blood. Yes he has been shot. But by whom??

Scene 4 @ Maheshwari Mansion

A handsome young guy is in his room getting ready for ofc. He seems 2 be in a hurry. Just then a woman enters his room.
Guy: Mom… Aap yaha??
Annapurna: Ha Laksh… I gotta tell u something.
Laksh: Ha mom… wht’s dat??
Annapurna: Wo… Wo… yesterday…

She was cut off as Laksh’s phone started beeping. He took it n attended the call.
Laksh: Excuse me mom… (attends the call) Hello, Laksh Maheshwari here.
Other side: Sir, shud I cancel the meeting?? R u gonna be late??
Laksh: No no. Don’t cancel the meeting. I’ll be there in 15 mins.
Other side: K, thank u Sir. Will see u soon.
Laksh: Yep, bye.
Laksh hangs up n gets busy in picking all his stuff 2 go 2 ofc.
Annapurna: Beta, wo… (Cut off by Laksh)
Laksh: Mom not now… Can we discuss dis in the evening? Gotta go. I have a meeting.
Annapurna: Sure, beta.

Laksh: K mom. Bye. Take care.
Annapurna: But Laksh, bf toh karke jao…
Laksh: No mom… Will have at ofc. Bye.
Laksh takes blessings from Annapurna n leaves the place immediately. He gets in his car n drives off 2 his ofc.

So guys done wid another part. I know I’m so late n also the update is somewhat small. But don’t bash me pls. I already told u na ki I’m really busy now-a-days. So for that bade se bhi bade wala sorry. Pls accept my apology. And also thank u so much for being so open n welcoming towards my ff. This is my first ff n getting such a good response on dis is making me more inspired. Thank u tons.

Keep loving my ff. And u rock guys.
Wid love, Dreamy 🙂

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