Swasan ff: Haunted by Past (Episode 10)

Hey all!! Dreamy here wid epi 10.
So r u all excited for Swasan’s meeting. K then let’s see how destiny brings dem together.
So why late?? Let’s start the epi.

Scene 1 @ Politician’s house

Laksh gets shocked seeing a person behind Ragini standing at some distance. Ragini looks at Laksh’s worried face n turns back. She sees the same person who was in the politician’s house. She gets tensed n turns 2 Laksh.
Ragini: Laksh Sir… wht 2 do now?? He’s gonna see both of us.
Laksh: Shh… (Says dis wid a finger on his lips)
Laksh observes the person. He is cmg 2 dem. Laksh gets alert n hugs Ragini. Ragini gets surprised n shocked.
Ragini: Si… Sir. Wht r u dng??
Laksh: Shut up Ragini. Stay silent n haa don’t move.
Ragini: But… (She was cut off by Laksh)
Laksh: Oh Shoot!! He’s cmg. Ragini hug me…
Ragini: Wht?? (Wid a confused face)
Laksh: Now…
She hugs Laksh tightly. She gets scared thinking abt the person cmg 2 dem. Laksh hides his face in Ragini’s shoulders cuz the person knows Laksh. Ragini feels ticklish when Laksh keeps his face on her shoulder. She starts laughing slightly.
Laksh: Kya hua… Why r u laughing?? Do u think it’s a joke??
Ragini: No… Ooo… I’m a bit ticklish.
Laksh: Wht? Oh God!!
The person stops in the middle n turns 2 his left. He sees a trash bin there n goes towards that.
Laksh: Why is he gng 2 the trash bin??
Ragini: May be he needs 2 throw something.
Laksh: Haha… very funny (sarcastically)
The person puts something in the trash bin n leaves the place. Laksh gets relieved n leaves Ragini.
Laksh: I’m sry… He came all of a sudden so didn’t know wht 2 do. I hope u don’t mind.
Ragini: No… It’s okay.
Laksh: Wht do u think did he put in the trash bin.
Ragini: Idk… but we can go check.
Laksh: Right.
They both goes 2 the trash bin n sees but there is nothing except for trash. Then Ragini gets an idea n turns 2 Laksh.
Ragini: Sir… Do u have gloves??
Laksh: No… Am I a doctor 2 keep gloves in my pocket all the time?
Ragini: Hmm…
She don’t know wht 2 do. Just then she sees a person walking by. She calls him.
Ragini: Excuse me…
Laksh: Ms. Gadodia, wht r u dng?? Have u gone mad??
Stranger: Yeah…?
Ragini: Sir ek minute… (Turns 2 the stranger) Can I take ur plastic bag??
Stranger: Sure…
Ragini: Thanks!!
Ragini takes plastic bags from him n the stranger leaves the place. She then goes 2 Laksh n she ties the plastic bag 2 her left hand n starts taking off the trash from the bin.
Laksh: Ms. Gadodia… R u mad?? Wht r u dng??
Ragini: Just wait n watch.
She clears half the bin when she feels something smooth. She digs in n they both get shocked on finding something.

Scene 2 @ USA

Lexi n Sanskar r in the car on their way 2 Stanford U. They r discussing abt the criminal.
Sanskar: Ms. Lexi… We shud be really very careful wid him. He can do anything. We shouldn’t let any student get hurt.
Lexi: Yep… U r right. He is very dangerous.
Sanskar: Hmm…
They reach the University n go directly 2 the principal’s ofc. They show their ID’s.
Sanskar: We gotta alert all of dem. Just mail dem abt the criminal n ask all the staff n admins 2 lock the students along wid them in the class itself. No one shud be out.
Lexi: Officers… two of u go n block the main entrance. And some of u go block all other exits. Mr. Jason… Can u go check on the classes if they r properly locked up or not.
Jason: On my way…
Lexi: Thank u officers!! Let’s get gng.
Sanskar: Ms. Lexi… Also send someone 2 check the rest rooms n cafeteria pls.
Lexi: Sure… (She sends an officer)
Sanskar: Can I check all the CCTV footages?? (To the principal)
Principal: Sure Mr. Sanskar… Just a min.
The principal shows dem the footages from the morning till now including the current running one. Sanskar checks all the footages along wid Lexi n finds a person roaming here n there all the time widout actually gng 2 any class.
Sanskar: Ms. Lexi I think he’s the one. We gotta move.
Lexi: Sure Sanskar… Will inform all the others.

Scene 3 @ Stanford University – Rest room

A girl is waiting outside the restroom for her friend 2 come out. She gets scared as she’s gonna miss the lecture.
Girl: Yaar… How much time will u take?? R u sleeping in there??
Another Girl: Swara… Wait na. I’m cmg.
Swara: U r telling the same thing from 5 minutes Harshini. Cmg cmg cmg… (Mocking her). Make it fast na.
The she hears some sound in the library. She tries 2 see but couldn’t. She thinks 2 check inside n goes towards the library. She is abt 2 enter the library but sees Harshini cmg out.
Swara: Harshini u go 2 class. I’ll be there in 5 mins.
Harshini: But wht’s wrong?? I mean is everything okay??
Swara: Ya ya… Everything is alright. I just have some work in the library. I’ll finish it off n come 2 u.
Harshini: Sure… tc.
Swara: Hmm…
Harshini goes 2 class leaving Swara there. After Harshini enters her class Swara opens the library door n goes inside. She finds the librarian sitting in a chair showing his back towards her at the desk. She then goes straight 2 the book shelves n starts searching through dem 2 find if anyone’s in there. She’s searching through the last row when she finds a person at the end of the shelf. She goes 2 him slowly n is abt 2 put her hand on his shoulder but hears the door’s sound. She turns back n sees the librarian closing the door. She gets shocked n goes 2 him.
Swara: Can u pls open the door?? I’ve 2 get 2 my class.
Librarian: Sorry but we can’t (He tells her wht all is happening in the university n the police’s order 2 close the doors).
Swara: Oh Shut!! U r such a stupid Swara… Y do u have 2 put ur head in everything. See now u r stuck in the Library. Very good!! (She curses herself for being so stupid)
She then goes n sits in a chair reading a book.

Scene 4 @ Outside Politician’s house

Ragini n Laksh stand shocked.
Laksh: Money??
There is money everywhere. More than half of the trash bin is covered wid money. They look at each other’s face wid blank expressions.
Ragini: Itna saara…
Laksh takes the money in his hand n observes it very carefully. He then puts it back in the bin. He starts taking pics of the money.
Laksh: It’s all black money.
Ragini: Wht?? Means we were right. He’s the one who planted these stuff in opposition party leader’s house when we went 2 raid.
Laksh: Yep… We’ve got solid proof.
Laksh also takes pics of the politician’s house as an evidence dat he had found the money near his house.
Laksh: Let’s make a move Ms. Gadodia. It’s time 2 wrap up the case.
Ragini: Yes Sir…
They get inside the car n the driver takes dem 2 their ofc.

Scene 5 @ Stanford University

Here Sanskar n Lexi r trying 2 find the criminal. They searched every corner of the University but couldn’t find him. As a last hope dey come in2 the library as the criminal didn’t go out of the building. Sanskar knocks the door.
Sanskar: Excuse me… I’m a police. Can u pls open the door??
The librarian goes 2 the window 2 check. On finding a police he opens the door. Sanskar n Lexi get in. Swara n Sanskar doesn’t see each other. Sanskar goes 2 check in the library ofc while Lexi is checking the book shelves. Just then he hears a loud scream cmg from the book shelves. He gets shocked.

Scene 6 @ CBI ofc

Laksh n Ragini r dng the final reading of the case n putting all the evidences together. After they r done wrapping up the case, they put all the files n evidence in a locker.
Ragini: Finally we solved the case. I’m so happy.
She is abt 2 give hi-fi 2 Laksh but stops mid-way thinking he might scold her but 2 her surprise Laksh gives her hi-fi. He looked so happy as well. Ragini gets surprised as Laksh gave her a hi-fi.
Laksh: Even I’m happy Ms. Gadodia. We finally cracked the case.
Ragini: Ha…
Ragini smiles looking at him.
Laksh: Why r u smiling??
Ragini: Nothing Sir… Actually I gotta go home. It’s pretty late.
Laksh: Yeah. K then see u tomorrow.
Ragini: K bye Sir.
Laksh: Bye.
Ragini leaves from there. She gets all her stuff from her cabin n gets out of the ofc. She goes 2 her scooty n puts all her stuff in there. She climbs the scooty n finds the tire punctured.
Ragini: Oh shoot!! Abhi hona tha ye puncture… Wht shud I do??
She gets down the scooty n takes all her stuff. She turns back n sees something. She gets so scared n shocked.

Who screamed in the library?? Is it Swara?? Wht happened 2 her?? Did the criminal do something?? Wht will Sanskar do?? Will he see Swara??
Whom did Ragini see on the road?? Why did she get scared?? Is it anything related 2 her past??
To know… keep reading.
Until then take care… bye bye.
Love u all – Dreamy <3

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  1. Mica

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      Yeah… Will try changing it. Thank u!!

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      Will add Swasan scenes from now… Keep reading 🙂

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    1. Dreamy

      I’m so sry for making u wait so long… But from now it’s all Swasan Swasan Swasan…^_^

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