Swasan ff: Haunted by past (Episode 1)


Hi guys… It’s me dreamy.
I’m back wid the first part of my ff. I hope u guys njoy my ff.
If u guys have any questions abt the introduction episode just ask me in the comments.
Okay now let’s start the episode.

Scene 1 @ Road

Ragini is driving her scooty as fast as she can cuz she has to reach the office within 10 mins. Otherwise her boss will do her marriage today (scoldings marriage guys…hahahaa). Suddenly the signal turned red.
Ragini: O God…. Where did u get me stuck? One side these signals n traffic n on the other side my boss. His name shud have been Khadus as it suits him very well.
In the meantime the signal turns green. Without thinking anything she starts her scooty that too wid full speed. As a result her scooty goes front n before she can apply the brakes it hits the car in the front.
Ragini: Oh shit… God pls save me.
A person gets down from the car. He sees Ragini n was shocked. Ragini looks at the person n gets shocked as well. The person looks at the car n starts scolding Ragini.
Person: OMG… Do u have any sense?? How can u drive so carelessly?? R u blind that u cud not see the car in the front?? Or r u drunk??
Ragini: Oh hello…I don’t drink.

Person: Then why r u so careless?? (Shouting)
Ragini: I’m not careless… I was in a hurry so started my scooty n cud not control it. Anyways there is no damage 2 ur car na…then why r u making a mess?
Person: Hey Miss… Whatever, U hit my car n telling me dat I’m making a mess. Wow.
Ragini: I’m Miss Ragini Gadodia n Sir please try n understand, I was in a hurry. Anyways I’ll pay for the damage.
Saying this Ragini was about 2 open her purse but just then the person shouts on her.
Person: Just stop it. I don’t want ur money.
Ragini: But…
Person: Just shut up…I’m gonna take action against u.
Ragini: Sir… Please sir don’t do this….
Her words were cut off by another person who came out after hearing the first person shouting.
Another Person: Hey Laksh… What is wrong??
N he looks at Ragini who is so worried.

Another Person: N Ragini… U here?? (Wid a questioning look)
Ragini: Hi Sanskar …. Wo Actually I was late 2 ofc so was in a hurry n this all happened. I’m so sorry (wid a pout face).
Sanskar: Hey Ragini… It’s alright yaar. Everyone makes mistakes. So just take a chill pill.
Laksh: What Sanskar?? She always does this stuff… I’m not gonna leave her today.
Sanskar: Laksh… just leave it bro. It was just a mistake.
Laksh: I know these girls… They act so innocent 2 trap the boys n then use them for everything. That’s why I hate girls.
Ragini: But Laksh Sir…. I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m saying sorry na… (wid pout face).
Laksh: These actions of urs r not gonna work on me.
Sanskar: Laksh just leave it n come on let’s

make a move. It’s getting late for both of us.
Ragini: N me too…
Sanskar somehow convinces Laksh n takes him from there. Laksh thinks 2 see her once they go 2 ofc. Ragini also leaves on her scooty.

Scene 2 @ USA
A girl enters a college…. It says Stanford University. Girl goes into the Criminology department. There someone calls her.
A girl: Hi Swara… Finally u came. The lecture is abt 2 start. Come let’s go in.
Swara: Ha Manasa… Chalo. Btw where is Harshini??
Manasa: Ooo… She’s already in class. She had to submit her extra credit project that’s why.
Swara: kk
They go inside the class n sit in the second bench where Harshini is sitting. The lecturer starts the lesson as soon as the bell rings. While the lecture is gng on… there is an announcement.
Announcement: Hello Stanfordians… We have an announcement for u guys. As the second semester is nearing an end we have planned a PROM night on this Saturday. So start asking ur dates to PROM n buy some cool dresses to wear on the night. Also the year or semester final exams r gonna start next Wednesday. Be prepared guys. Thank u n have a nice day. Enjoy the sun.
As soon as the announcement gets over all the students start talking 2 each other in excitement.
Harshini: I think my bf Smith will ask me for PROM. Otherwise I’ll only ask him.
Manasa: Yaar Swara… I’m super excited. I’m gonna ask that Noah to PROM. What abt u??
Swara: Yaar… U guys know na dat I’m not interested in all these. I will not attend PROM.
Harshini: But Swara it’ll be so fun. U r gonna miss out on all the fun.
Swara: Guys my decision is final. I’m not cmg n that’s it. Can we listen the lecture now?
Manasa: Sure.

Scene 3 @ CBI ofc – Bandra (8:00 AM)
A car comes n stops in the parking lot. Laksh and Sanskar gets down form the car. They go inside the ofc. Just after they go in Ragini comes on her scooty, parks it n goes in after swiping her ID card at the entrance. She goes to her cabin n sits in her chair. Just when she was abt 2 open her file she gets a call on her ofc landline. She picks it up.
Ragini: Ragini Gadodia speaking… Who’s this??
On the other side a male voice replies her back.
Person: Come 2 my cabin in 5 mins.
Ragini: Yes sir… Coming.
She hangs up. She starts gng blabbering something.
Ragini: U r gone today Ragini. That khadus boss will not leave u today. He’ll kill me today. Mom n Dad I’m gonna miss u a lot. Swara I love u so much. Don’t forget me when I die. (How childish is she??).

She prays 2 god n enters her boss’s cabin. He was facing his back towards her n was studying a case file. There were three more people who are also his juniors.
Ragini: S..ss…sir??(wid fear)
The person turns 2 her n he is none other than Laksh. Yes Ragini is his junior n she reports 2 him.
Ragini: Sir… U called me??
Laksh: Yes Miss Ragini Gadodia. Why are u so late today?? (He questioned her wid a smirk on his face)
Ragini: Sir… I’ve met wid a small accident while cmg n so….
She was cut off by Laksh.
Laksh: Excuses… excuses. How many excuses will u make?? U r a CBI officer Miss Gadodia n u shud do ur duty widout making any excuses.
Ragini: Sorry Sir. Will come on time from tmrw.
Laksh: U have been telling the same thing from 3 months Miss Gadodia. Explain?? (He almost shouted)

Ragini: …… (She was blank wid his sudden outrage)
Laksh: No words. Miss Gadodia, this is the final warning I’m giving u. If u wanna work under me then u gotta be punctual. Understood??
Ragini: Ye…Yesss Sir. (Wid afraid look)
Laksh: U may have ur seat now. Okay guys where r we?? Yeah, we r discussing the Corruption case. As far as I think all this is the black money of the corrupt Politician. He is trying 2 buy the votes.
Ragini: But Sir…. I think (Cut off by Laksh)
Laksh: Miss Gadodia. Did I ask u 2 give ur opinion??
Ragini: No sir.

Laksh: Now tell what u wanna say.
Ragini: Sir according to my study I think it is the opposition party that had planted money in his house by the time we reached there so that he could be framed in corruption n will be out of elections.
Another person in their group supports Ragini’s theory.
Vivek: Yes Sir, I think Ragini is right.
Laksh: hmm… We’ll investigate in that angle as well. Now u all may leave n pls study the case deeper n we’ll have another meeting at the end of the day. Thank you.
Ragini n all others leave from the cabin. Ragini reaches her cabin n starts crying remembering Laksh’s harsh words towards her.
Ragini: Why God?? He always scolds me only. Mr. Khadus no.1 … ha (Wid angry pout face). N why am I crying?? For that Khadus?? No way… I won’t cry for that idiot. Swara… I’m missing u so much. When will u come??

Scene 4 @ USA (7:30 PM)
After her classes gets over she goes to her room. She gets fresh up n sits on the bed studying for her semester finals. While studying she gets hiccups n goes 2 drink water. While drinking water she thinks…
Swara: May be Ragini is missing me n so remembering me. I will come soon Ladoo… I promise.
Then she goes 2 her room n takes out her phone 2 call Ragini. She calls Ragini but she doen’t pick up as it was in silent mode n Ragini was busy crying n scolding her so called boss …. Mr. Khadus. So Swara thinks that she might be busy n thinks 2 call her some other time. She completes her work n goes 2 bed.

Scene 5 @ CBI ofc
Sankskar’s Cabin
Sanskar is reading the case file with much concentration. He finds some loop holes in the evidence that has been provided by the MLA of that area n so thinks of keeping an eye on his activity. Just then Sandeep, his assistant knocks the door.
Sanskar: Come in…
Sandeep: Gud mrng sir.
Sanskar: Gud mrng n how many times shud I tell u 2 call me by my name?? I don’t like these formalities bro.
Sandeep: I’m sry Sanskar.
Sanskar: That’s much better.
Sandeep: So what shud we do abt Arthur Road’s case??
Sanskar: I feel like the MLA is trying 2 hide something from us. Sandeep u just do one thing… Keep an eye on him, follow him everywhere he goes n also his assitants. Alright??
Sandeep: Sure, Sanskar.
Sanskar: And ask Niti 2 check all his background history. Ask her 2 inform me if there’s anything suspicious.

Sandeep: k Sanskar. I’ll go do dat right now.
Sanskar: hmm…
Sandeep leaves the cabin. As soon as he leaves the cabin Sanskar again starts studying the case once more. He thinks of something.
Sanskar: Shud I take Laksh’s help?? No no… he wud b busy wid his own case. Then whom shud I ask cuz dis is very imp n if any outsider gets 2 know abt this then it’ll b a problem.
Just then Ragini enters his cabin crying.
Sanskar: Ragini… Arey what’s wrong?? Why u crying??
Ragini: U know na Sanskar?? Ur Khadus bro… Cuz of him only. (wid serious pout face).
Sanskar n Ragini r gud friends, so Ragini shares everything with Sanskar. Sanskar burst out laughing.

Sanskar: Aww… Ragini pls stop crying. U know abt my bro naa… He hates girls.
Ragini: Ha Sanskar… but everytime why he scolds me only?
Sanskar: Idk… may be he likes 2 make u sad. If u cry like dis he’ll make u cry more. So don’t cry my dear friend.
Ragini: hmm… u r right.
Sanskar is now in deep thoughts thinking abt the mission he is planning to do. Ragini notices him lost in thoughts.
Ragini: Sanskar… Is everything okay?? I mean why r u so worried??
Sanskar: Oh… nothing Ragini. Thinking abt a case.
Ragini: Oh that Arthur Road case??
Sanskar: Haa… Ragini. I have a doubt on the MLA. I’m thinking how 2 confirm it n I’ve a plan but don’t know whom 2 ask help??
Ragini: I’m there na… I’ll help u.

Sanskar: But Ragini… this is highly confidential.
Ragini: So u don’t believe me. (wid a pout)
Sanskar: No yaar… nothing like that. It’s very dangerous also n that’s why I don’t wanna involve any girl.
Ragini: Come on Sanskar… I’m a CBI officer as well.
Sanskar finally agrees 2 take Ragini’s help n tells her the plan which is muted. They shake hands.
Ragini: So let’s begin our mission Arthur Road.
Sanskar: Yep… We can do this.
And the screen freezes on their determined faces.

Done with the first part of my ff… Pls guys tell me how it is.
If u guys have any questions about this part feel free 2 ask me in the comments.
If there r less comments I feel discouraged n will not be able 2 take the story forward..
Pls pls silent readers do comment.
I love u all n thank u for ur valuable time.

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