Swasan FF :- Hatred or Love (Intro and Episode 1)

Hi I am new here and am a die heart fan of swasan . I am first time writing a FF so please forgive me. This is the intro

Swara Bose
She is a bubbly yet matured girl. Her parents died when she was young so she lives with her uncle and aunt. She hates them but her hatred is most with their rivals the Maheswaris

Sanskaar Maheshwari
He is a very deep and secretive guy.He is a big business man and is very matured he lives in a joint family but remains isolated as he hates them because they have never treated them as their own but his hatred is more towards their rivals the Bose company

This story is about their lives how the hatred starts to melt and how their love starts.

Part 1
Swara’s room
Swara was getting ready for a meeting. She came out of the washroom wearing a pink sleeveless collar top on a dark blue jeens she looked into the and she was looking damn gorgeous. She applied a little make up and she went to mandir and prayed
Swara: Aaj mere liye bahut important day hai. Today I have chance for my day of freedom from my family. I have to win this chance of going London.

Sanskaar’s room
Sanskaar was also getting ready for a meeting. He wore a blue t-shirt on black jeens with a black blazer on it he was looking damn hot that any girl will fall for him. He also prayed to god.
Sanskaar: Aaj Ka din is the day of my victory on my life of isolation. Ek baar has mujheLondon jaane Ka mauka mil jaye then I will get my freedom.

In the lift
The door was just going to close and suddenly Swasan together shouted
Swasan:Lift Ka door close mat karo
And they ran and got inside and suddenly Swara’s leg slipped and she was going to fall on the spot Sanskaar holded her and they had a very passionate eye lock suddenly a girl in the lift asked them whether she is fine
Girl:Kya tum theek ho
They both parted away and Swara told Sanskaar thank you
Swara:Thank your for saving me
Sanskaar: Your welcome
And they both went in different directions
They both reached the meeting place and the host started giving the introduction and it was the time for Swasan’s introduction and he introduced
Host:Presenting Sanskasr Maheshvari
This left Swara shocked that she was saved by his biggest rival
Host: And now presenting Swara Bose
Which left Sansksaar shocked that he saved his biggest rival
They both stared each other continuously

Precap: Announcement of the person who will go to London

This was the first part hope you all liked it and please leave your comments below

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