Swasan FF :- Hatred or Love (Episode 4)

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Part 4
Both Swasan were trying to find each other when suddenly Swara felt a hand on his shoulders and it was Sanskaar and she hugged him in fear and he also hugged her back they both had a passionate hug at last they broke their hug and both were staring each other
Swara:Where did you go suddenly? You didn’t even know how scared I was?
Sanskaar:I didn’t went any where you only left me and came and Really Bose are very Darpook
Swara:No not at all but sometime any body gets frightened
Sanskaar:That can be seen Miss Darpook
Swara:You are saying as you are very Brave
Sanskaar:Of course I am

Swara:Oh really Sanskaar see there is a spider on you coat
Sanskaar:What where it is please throw it
Swara:See your face you are more darpook than me
And she burst out laughing and Sanskaar fumes with anger but seeing her sweetness he calms and then a announcement is made that the problem is sorted it was an accident all the passengers are requested to take their seats. All passengers including Swasan take their seats. The flight takes off and Swara gets scared and she holds Sanskaar’s hand tightly
Sanskaar:So Miss darpook you have never ever sat in flight yet
Swara:No its my first time
Sanskaar:That’s why I am thinking why you are holding my hand so tightly
Swara notices it and gets embarrassed and diverts the topic
Swara:I am sorry in fear I holded your hand and now please don’t show attitude about it. It was just an accident

Sanskaar:I didn’t tell anything why are you explaining me
And he smiles at this childishness and Swara is left speechless
After 6 hours at last they reach London. They both come out of the airport and are mesmerized seeing the beauty of London and there they see a Car waiting for them. They both sit in Car and they reach in hotel. There they talk with the receptionist
Receptionist:Sir may I help you
Sanskaar:Please May we get our both’s room keys
Receptionist:Wait for a minute sir
And she goes and give them their room’s keys
Receptionist:Sir these are your room keys
Sanskaar:This is keys of only one room where is the others
Receptionist:There is only one room booked on both of your name
Swara:What But how can this happen
Receptionist:Mam as its a tourist season so there was scarcity of rooms so they booked only one room
Swara:I don’t know I need a separate room. I don’t want to sleep with him
Sanskaar:Then who wants sleep with such an egoistic girl

Swara:What! What did you called me
Then the Organizer comes there and tries to convince
Organizer:Sir and Mam Please can you adjust for some after that we will give you separate rooms Please
Swasan together:Ok
And they both take keys and go to their room.

Precap:Swara fall on Sanskaar

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