Swasan FF :- Hatred or Love (Episode 3)

Thanks for all your comment and this is Part 3 hope you like it
Part 3
They both reached home and started packing as they were packing they thought about each other
Swara’s home
Swara:Why are these Maheshwaris so mysterious? Don’t know why but the hatred I saw in his eye had some secret behind it. Don’t know why I feel very mysterious about him.Stop it Swara you have to focus on your work. He was your rival and He always be your rival Nothing else.
Sanskaar’s home
Sanskaar:Why am I thinking about her. Why I feel that she is someone who I needed. Why do hatred of hers felt me a little different. Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari stop thinking about her she is tour rival nothing else.

and they both went to sleep lost in their thoughts about each other.
Next Morning
Both of them got ready and reached At Mumbai Airport They both met each other There many questions running in their mind about each other but they hesitated and there was but the silence was at last broken by Sanskaar
Sanskaar:May we go Miss The greatest ego girl Swara Bose
Swara:What you told that mine ego is very high How mean you are and for your kind information you also don’t have less ego
Sanskaar:You are calling me mean then what about you and how dare you comment on me
Swara:Like how you commented. You live your luxury life with your family and you don’t even know how my life is

Sanskaar:Ya I live a luxurious life but my life is always incomplete and my family you have no idea about them. Just leave it now.(tears fell from his eyes)
Both stared each other they both had a passionate eye lock and thought
Swara:(In mind) Why I feel pain in his eyes. Why do I feel he has something in his heat which he is no able to show He is really very mysterious
Sanskaar:(In mind) Why do i feel that we both are connected. Why my heart says that she is the one whom i was finding Don’t know what’s happening to me
They both came out of their thoughts as there was a announcement that their flight has landed and all of them are requested to reach there. Both Swasan took their bags and went into the flight and took their respective seats and as the flight was going to departure they all listened the sound of gun and of them panicked and started running here and there and because of this Swasan got separated in the crowd and they both shouted each others name


Precap:The flight of Swasan land at London airport

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