Swasan FF :- Hatred or Love (Episode 2)

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Part 2
Both Swasan were staring each other and there was silence. suddenly the silence was broken by the host
Host:Sir and Mam please take your seats
Both swasan went to their seats and sat in their respective places. Swara was sitting next to Sanskaar and the both had a conversation
Swara:If you have saved me once then don’t think that I would be very grateful to yo it was just an accident.
Sanskaar:I also don’t have any habit to do these type of things it was just by accident or else who will bare such a heavy load
Swara;what am a heavy load no chance and who told you to save me
Sanskaar:as a human I did this for humanity or else some people don’t even have humanity in themselves like you who don’t even know to talk properly with a guy who saved you

As they were fighting the host came an announced the company which will get the chance to go London
Host:The company which got the chance is
Both Swasan’s heart were beating as their dreams were going to come true and he announced
Host:It is a tie between the Maheshwaris and Bose
Both Swasan were left speech less they didn’t knew what their reaction should be. whether they should be happy as their dream came true or angry that they have to work with their biggest rivals
they both went to the head of the committee and said
Swara:I don’t want to go to London
Head: but why Miss Swara
Swara;I cannot say the reason but i don’t want
Head:Then Mr Maheshwari you have to go alone
Sanskaar:Neither i want to go Sir
Head:You both have time till tomorrow if your decision change then please inform us
Swasan together:Sir this is our last decision
and they both go to their respective homes

Swara as soon she reached she saw her Bua has called A boy to meet him for marriage but she doesn’t want to get married she furiously goes and says
Swara:I am sorry but you people please go
All of them get shocked then her Bua says
Bua:But why at least talk once
Swara:No I don’t want to talk to anyone I don’t want to get married
Bua:Then who will take your responsibility we are are tired of you
Swara: One time I complete my project in London then I will establish my business and get settled
Bua:Ok and if you are not able to then we will get you married

Then Swara thinks what she said has made her stuck in a trouble
Swara:What have i done Now what i will do i have no other option left except talking with that Sanskaar Maheshwari
as Sanskaar reached home and was going to his his he listened a conversation which made him angry
Dp:I told he will loose this chance as he is not as good as our son
Ap:Yes you were right we cannot compare him with our son

He got furious and said
Sanskaar:I have got the chance and would be leaving in some day
And he went to his room and when he reached he realized wat he sai
Sanskaar:What have i done Now I have no other way except talking to that Swara Bose
Then suddenly his phone rang and he picked and it was Swara”s
Sanskaar:Hello who is speaking
Swara:Hello i am Swara Bose
Sanskaar:Wow Swara Bose calling me May I know the reason
Swara:I just wanted to say that whether we both can change our decision o going to London
Sanskaar:So Bose have bended in front of us
Swara:Not at all but for now Please can We
Sanskaar:If you are saying then Ok and first of all I also want to talk about the same matter so then we will meet tomorrow outside the Head’s office sharp at 8’o clock an d please don’t get late
Swara:I don’t have have a habit of getting late then Ok we will meet tomorrow at 8’o clock
They both cut the call and went to sleep.

Next Morning
They both reached outside the Head’s office sharp at 8’o clock and have a small conversation
Sanskaar:Wow on time at least Bose are good in something
Swara:Bose are not good in something but everything
Sanskaar:Ok lets stop this and we will fight later
And they both went and informed the Head about their changed decision
Head:So you both changed your decision then get ready you have to leave tomorrow
Swasan:Yes sir

Precap;Swasan in flight and suddenly …

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