SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 9

Hai guys this is Mariya. Thank u all for your love and care for me.

Before going to the episode I want to clear one thing. I’m sorry I made a mistake in the previous episode. It’s not 4 years it’s being 7 of the accident and Laksh is in coma for the last 7 years. It was a typo error and me too didn’t noticed it @ proofreading.

So now to the episode.

Present @ special Branch office.

Swara was studying a file when the receptionist informed her of a visitor. She went to the guest room. There AP was waiting for her along with a girl.

AP: I must appreciate you. After whatever happened in the mandap, if it was someone else then they would have been committed suicide. But u (interrupted)

S: so u wanted me to commit suicide. But I’m sorry Mrs. Maheshwari I’m not that weak as u thought. I guess you forgot that ur Dil is an ips officer.

AP give her a disgusting look

S: what? Why r u looking at me like this
If u forgot let me remind u that ur son and me had done a court marriage, a week before our traditional marriage. So legally I’m still Mrs.Swara Sanskar Maheswary.
And ur DIL

The girl: disgusting swara is this the way to talk to your elders. Is this the manners taught to u by ur parents

Swara: excuse me may I know how r u

AP: she is Kavita my nice. Or u can say future Mrs. Sanskar Maheswary.

Swara’s heart stopped beating for a second. But she covered the next second.

S:oh congratulations Kavita. And coming to my manners the one who had taught me each and everything in my life, they themselves doubt on their upbringing. Then why should I be bothered.

From the receptionist Sanskar came to know about his mother visiting swara. So he immediately went there. There he heard

AP: I am not here to hear your nonsense. Please take this and sign it. After that we won’t disturb u.

Saying this she handed over an envelope to her. Swara took it from AP’s hands and open it . She become numb.sanskar come towards her and take the papers from swara’s hands and swara returned to reality by his sudden action.

Sanskar: (shocked) DIVORCE mom what is this

Before AP could say something

Swara: (snatching the papers from Sanskar) sure Mrs Maheswary I will sign it for sure but only after proving my innocence. Bye
Turing to Kavita bye and wish u all the best future Mrs. Sanskar Maheswary.

Smirking at Sanskar she goes from there.
San: (confused) future Mrs. Sanskar Maheswary. Mom, Kavita what’s going on. How can u be my future Mrs.

AP : and why not? After ur divorce with Swara u will Marry Kavita. It’s simple Sanskar.

San: mom u both first go, we will discuss this at home

He too leaves from there. Kavita goes behind Sanskar’s to his cabin.

Kavita: Sanskar calm down. No one is compelling u to marry me. I myself don’t want u to marry me out of any pressure. So please don’t be angry on aunty it was just ki Swara was talking rubbish, so aunty got angry on her and bust out.

San: thank God Kavita ,u understood me.

Kavita: and why won’t I understand u Yar im ur cousin cum friend and how dare u thank me( fake angry)

San: ( smiles a little) Acha baba kan pakadly meine. Now happy

Kavita: yes ( laughs and hugs Sanskar)

Swara was in here cabin with a heavy heart when she got a call from the near by hospital. She rushed to Sanskar’s cabin.

Swara: sir vo ( she stand still seeing Sanskar & Kavita in a hugging position)
Sorry sir I should have knocked, but it’s an emergency and Ramnath sir and Arjun sir are not available.

San: it’s ok. Kavita u go we will talk in the evening.

Kavita: ok bye.

San: tell me swara what’s the matter

Swara: sir one hour ago there was an accident in the highway. The victim had a brain death. And their in a hospital around 200 kms away there is a patient who needs a heart transplantation. The hospital procedures are over and they are asking us for a traffic clearance.

San: have u gone nuts swara. Traffic clearance is the duty of the traffic police not the special branch.

S: I know sir, but none of the traffic authorities are ready to take a risk, as the heart should be taken by road and has to cover 200 km in 2 hours. So they are saying that if we take the responsibility they will co-operate.

San: swara how is it possible in this time of heavy traffic.

Swara: how can u say that without trying sir. I guess if we try sincerely everything is possible.

San: no swara this is not possible. I can’t do this. And Ramnath sir is also not available not even in phone.

Sw: that’s why I am here sir, other wise by now I will have been in control room.

San: what do u mean by that, that I’m a coward.

Sw: I didn’t meant that.

Sanskar: then get lost

Swara turned to go but stopped by thinking something and turned back to Sanskar.

Sw: sir shall I give u an offer.

San: offer!!!! And what is that??

Sw: as u know ur mom had given me the divorce papers and my condition on signing it. And as per ur theory this mission will be a failure and for me if we try sincerely it would be a success. So the offer is if this mission is a failure then I’m wrong, I will accept the allegations against me and if u want I will surrender myself before the court of law. Also I will sign the divorce papers and u can move on in ur life

I f this mission is a success then u are wrong , u have misunderstood me and insulted me in front of our relatives, friends and colleagues. So as a punishment I will give u a divorce. What do u say

San: done.

Swara: then what are we waiting for let’s move.

Done. Guys I want to tell u something. In my FF Kavita is not that bad. She just want to help her aunt. So please don’t bash her. And a bigggggg sorry for not updating yesterday bye take care


  1. Mica


    |Registered Member

    i just love this Swara.. yay!
    of course i hate this Kavita! how dare she badmouthing Swara talked rubbish huh! she created another drama..

  2. Malika


    |Registered Member

    Bold swara aaaaaaahhhh it was marvellous.. Fantastic dear.. I love this ep a lot. Updates soon…. Love this ff from core. πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜š

  3. Arshaanya


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    Loved it dear…
    Its getting more intrstng wid evry update…
    I hate cavity how can she talk abt swara lyk dis… i want her to b bad huh 😜

  4. Vidhi

    Wow lived it dear…. N loved our bold swara… 😘😍😘😍😘😍update soon

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