SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 8

Hai guys this is Mariya back with a new episode.

SANSKAR’S POV continue

Bhabhi decided to leave her house because she knew that her family will not allow her to live with a man how is in coma. And she also denied us to disclose about her family. After Uttara’s last rites, she took bhai to US for his better treatment. In these four years she didn’t came back nor tried to contact her own family.
(To himself)
When it comes to the fact that these all happened because of u Swara I’m not able to forgive u.
But after watching u today, what have u done to yourself? There was immense pain in your voice but u didn’t had a single drop of tears in ur eyes. U can’t be like this Swara I can’t see u like this. I thought u will fight with me. U will question me but how can u accept all these so easily & why on earth I’m not able to come out of this hell.
I hate you Swara and I hate myself because i still love u

Ragini who was standing outside hear everything and was also thinking about that dreadful day.

Ragini’s POV

I was the elder daughter of gadodia family. My mom left me when I was 3 years old. Dad married shomy ma after a year. When the marriage was fixed my Masi brainwashed me by saying that shomy ma will hate me. At first I too hate her but she with her love and affection conquered my heart. Even after having two children by her own she loved me the most. Shona was born when I was eight. When I met Shona for the first time ma give her to me and said

Shomy: laddoo u wanted a doll na so come and take her. From today she is your doll u should name her, u should take care of her & me and ur baba will help u in everything.

I didn’t understand anything but I was so happy that I got a doll who will smile to me play with me and she was looking so cute. I loved to call her Shona, even though her name was kept as Swara. I loved her more than anything. She was more attached is o Sanskar but when we went away after the fight between dad & baba She became attached to me more.

Me and Laksh again met during our higher studies. And Laksh was also working as a teacher in Swara’s school. There was a special bond between them. They both always joined hands together to tease me. She was his kiddo. And for her Laksh was her hero, we both were her role models. But Swara didn’t knew about us being in a relationship.

Soon Laksh finished his PhD and returned to India . That time Swara also wanted to come back to India. After Swara me too acquired a job here and convinced ma and baba by pointing Swara being alone here. Swara was so happy. We three often met and had good times together. Laksh made me meet Sanskar and we too also mingled well. In between we(me & Laksh) came to know about our identities and decided to clear all the misunderstandings between our parents.
After so much hard word of me and Swara we succeed in shifting our family and business to India.

On a fine day me and Laksh decided to make our families to meet. Morning we( ragini & Swara) went to temple. I met Laksh there. Swara was inside the temple and me & Laksh were on the steps of the temple lake. I was a little nervous so Laksh hugged me to make me calm and Swara caught us in the hugging position. We were about to explain but she give us an angry glare and left from there. I tried to talk to her but she ignored.

Post afternoon I got a call from Laksh stating that Laksh met with an accident. I rushed to hospital. There I found Laksh covered with blood. When he saw me he hold my hands and the only two words come from his mouth was accident and Swara.

Guys sorry I feel like I’m dragging the FF, I thought to give the teaser part after two or three episodes but seems to be not practical. So I’m moving a little fast. I really wanted to give this chappy in detail to show swalak & ragsan bonding. But I can’t. Sorry. guess u will understand.


  1. Vidhi

    So much suspense… I really loved it😘😍😘😍😘😘😍update soon dear

  2. Simin


    |Registered Member

    Nice chappy dear
    Cant believe ragini knows her sister soo well still she accused her for no reason and sanskar claiming that he loves her still he too didnt believed her i hope laksh believes her

  3. Radhika..


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    awesome part dear and u describe it very well loved the part and swalak ragsan bonding and really swara changed very much. and u r not dragging it it need the time and u r giving it loved it continue soon. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  4. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    It was beyond awsm dear…. Loved it….Swalak and ragsan bonding is very nice and sweet…Don’t worry, you are not dragging it… Keep going dear… Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊
    Sorry for the late commentπŸ˜”πŸ˜”…

  5. Malika


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    Superb dear I just love this ff a lot. For the first time I’m commenting on your ff. But I was a silent reader of yours. Amazing dear love it from core. I’m sorry for Late reply.

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