SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 7

Hai all thank you so much for your love and concern for me.
Let’s move to the story.

Sanskar was sitting in his cabin thinking about everything happened in these days. Just then he got a call from a local police station

Inspector: sir we were informed about a murder happened in the beach area and was asked to forward the information we get to u .

San: yeah tell me

I: sir one of the taxi drivers is saying that he has just dropped two men to a hotel. They seemed to be new here to him.

San: and what is there in it to suspect.

I: sir they seemed to be in a hurry. And when they were going towards the hotel he saw blood stain on their dress. They hired the taxi from the same beach area.

San: sent me the address of the hotel and u reach there with the taxi driver.

He called swara and tell her everything. Both left to the hotel.

They arrested the men with the help of the taxi driver. By then the lady’s family (both) also arrived. They recognised the men to be their relatives. And after so many interrogation it became clear that the lady along with the men kill her husband. Because she was in love with one of the men. (I don’t want to drag it)


Three of them were arrested. But in all this I found a new Swara. Maybe Ramnath sir and Arjun also noticed it. After they were taken to jail I heard them talking.

Arjun: Swara what happen to u. U were being so rude to her

S: what else u expect from me sir

Ramnath: this is not the first time u r handling a murder case

S: of course but none of them were based on love. If she had Loved someone else why did she marry him. She could have talked with him, but no. Why everyone is doing like this. It’s good that he died. Otherwise this betrayal was gonna kill him daily which is worse than hell.

Ramnath: Swara calm down

Swara: I’m ok sir

Saying this she went. Sanskar felt like stabbing himself. The pain in Swara’s words was killing him from inside.

He went home. Laksh who was in US for the treatment is being shifted to india. So he went directly to airport to receive him.
Laksh was brought home.


He was not only my elder brother but also my role model, my inspiration, my mentor and what not. I am not able to look at his this lifeless body don’t know how Ragini bhabhi managed these years. She never complained, never allowed any of us to cry in front of him. She was so strong in front of us. Never ever showed her worries to any one. I still remember the day the accident happened.

Vihan informed me about bhai’s accident. we were all in a hurry to reach Bangalore, as we were informed about uttaras misshapp, I asked Ragini bhabhi to reach hospital and after dropping everyone to airport I reached hospital there I saw bhabhi sitting like a lifeless body. I ran to her and asked about the happenings. She was not resppnding. I shrugged her hardly that she came to her senses. The next moment she broke down (for the first and last time) hugging me.

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  1. Simin

    What u expect from swara now ha after betrayal and when no one trusts u u become stonehearted same is with swara

    1. Mariyajap

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    2. Rosey

      u r absolutely right simin and i really like this stone heart swara

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  3. Shreeyu

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    V sad and I like this new Swara I really Love to see her bold avatar

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    nice,,,loved it,,first time i’m reading it and honestly it was fab.xx

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  12. Radhika..

    awesome part love swara new avtar after all the betrayal she become a stone heart type personlaity and laksh is back in india u add him means soon he is gonna recover and everything is gonna sort out loved it. continue soon ??

    1. Mariyajap

      Thank you and let’s see what happens

  13. Khushiii

    Amazing continue soon

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  16. It wz awesome dear…n i lyk swara’s new avtar hihi…swara uh r goin gd….

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