SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 5


Swara’s POV

Adi bhaiya & Pankhuri bhabhi came to meet me. We talked about random things I know they were trying to divert my mind and me too don’t wanted to hurt them. Bhabhi & me made Breakfast we three have it together. Bhai was angry with everyone but me & bhabhi made him cool.

Now I am getting ready for my office, ok I know I was, rather we were, on leave. I thought to talk to Ramnath sir and cancel my leave.

POV ends

Swara heard the sound of the calling bell. She opened the door to see Ramnath and his senior. She salute and welcome them inside. She was confused about the presence of the senior most officer. Ramnath asked the officer at sit while settling himself. He gestured Swara to sit.

While talking he handed over a file to Swara. ( Their conversation is muted) Swara was going through the file in between the talks. She was going through mixed emotions. Shock, excitement , eagerness. Everything was visible on her face. Later she shaked hands with both of them. Now there was only a determination on her face.

With that she left to here office. On the way she again slipped to the past.

Swara’s POV

It’s my second and Sanskars final year. We had become good friends and our gang also mingled with each other well. Not only that vihaan aarushi & manik Nandini were in a relationship. Sid & roshni Alway fight on silly matters. Sanyukta & randir were always quite.


Me and Swara were good friends. It’s not that we know each other but we understood each other well. We had feelings for one another but I was confused. Because I felt I was cheating my angel. I didn’t dared to open up to her. She too always kept a distance.

Swara’s POV

It was not that ki I didn’t like him but I was afraid what if he snatch my Mickie’s place in my heart, no no I can’t let this happen. So I always kept a distance with him.

POV ends

Meantime she reached her office went straight to Ramnath’s cabin.

Swara : may I come in sir

R : yeah Swara sure I was waiting for u

S 🙁 with a smile) thank you sir. Here is the application for my leave cancellation.

R: there’s no need for the application dear I had already cancelled it. U can go to ur cabin.

S: thank you sir

She leaves from there. On the way she collide with both someone. By the touch she knew the person.(yes, it’s Sanskar) She didn’t had the guts to look at him so she just walked away muttering a sorry


What the hell what is she doing here. She was on leave right. (Even u r on leave Sanskar my mind said) oh God it’s going to be a tough time for me being with her in the same office, seeing her face every time, please give me the guts.

Swara was also praying the same.

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