SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 32


Swara rushed to the doctor

Swara: doctor he is ok na nothing happened to him right.

Doc: relax he is alright operation was successful

Swara: can I meet him

Doc: of course but after two hours. Now he is sleeping due to medicines . After two hours he will be shifted to room and then u can meet him .

Swara(taking a sigh of relief): thank u doctor.

Swara was revealed after knowing sanskar is fine. In the meantime ramnath and arjun also arrived. Swara informed them about sanskar. Ramnath had already informed MM & GM and they were on the way.

Swara: uncle masi & raj uncle

Ramnath: Swara urvashi is dead and raj surrendered himself to police

Swara: what is the need uncle we can make it as an encounter or as a self defense act……

Arjun: Swara we tried to stop him but he was too adamant he just don’t want to face anyone after what all happened.

Swara: hmm

Kaira: Aas….swara Mr. Maheshwary is fine na now plz have something from yesterday u didn’t have anything right.

Ramnath: what till now u didn’t eat any thing Swara hw much u will suffer for him

Swara: he too didn’t had anything from yesterday , he too is suffering because of me

Arjun: Swara if u don’t take care of yourself then how will u take care of him. And look at yourself if he see u like this then I swear he will slip into coma.

Nikhil: exactly u know aashi sorry Swara I got frightened seeing u when u came here.

Swara smiles a little and hit his shoulder.

Samaira: Swara I had brought ur dress and there is a room booked for Mr. Maheshwary so I guess u can change there

Kaira: Chalo Swara we too will come with u come Sam

The trio leaves from there. After some time sanskar was shifted to the room but he was still unconscious. Swara told everyone to leave for the respective places. Non was ready but she convinced them some how as it was late night.

Kaira: Swara I will stay na what if u will need something I’m not feeling like leaving u alone here. Swara me & vishesh will stay back.

Swara: kaira u too need rest u all go I’m fine and don’t worry there is police security here and I myself is a police officer so don’t take tension. U just go and take rest and take care of vishesh also.

After soo much convincing of swara they all left the hospital.

Swara’s POV

Finally everything seems to be fine. But then why I’m feeling so restless. I’m not understanding my this feeling. We just my heart is getting so heavy. He will be back to conscious in some time and her instead of getting happy I’m feeling restless. As if I’m not ready to face him or to be very precise am I not ready to accept him.

Her mind: what is this Swara he risked his life for u and u r doubting him

Brain: what is wrong in her thinking. Swara u r on the right track

Mind: what right Swara he is repenting for his deeds

B: still he hurt u Swara what if he does it again (to mind) can u handle another separation

M: ………

B: no na then keep quiet

She came out of her thoughts when she felt the movement of sanskar’s fingers
She shrugged her thoughts and immediately called the doctor. Doctor along with a nurse came and checked him. He was semi conscious and was wincing in pain. They give him an injection and he slipped into deep sleep.

Doc: ma’am

Swara: Swara… u can call me Swara

Doc: ok Swara he is fine now and we have given him injection so now he will sleep. U too plz take some rest. If u want we will provide u another room.

Swara: thank u but I will rest here, on that couch.

Doc: ok fine

Swara went to the couch after some more time and slept due to tiredness.


Swara was sleeping peacefully on the couch and her sleep got disturbed by the opening sound of the door and a sweet angelic voice


Adarsh: ashu chup don’t disturb ur chachu

Saying this he hold him. By the time all the elders entered the room and are shocked to see Swara there.(Ramnath informed them only about sanskar not Swara)

By the notice sanskar wake up from his sleep and Swara went out without giving any heed to anyone. Actually she was not ready to face them.

Swara was going to the nurses room when she collide with some one

Person: (holding her by her shoulders) careful

He helped her to stand straight and then only both see each other.

Person: Kiddu (yes it is laksh)

Swara: hero

He hugged her instantly and she was also crying. She became his kiddo in his embrace.

Swara: hero u r ok. When did this happen

Laksh: when u were dead!!!!!!!

Swara: sorry

Adi, pankuri, sahil, ragini, arnav, Kushi & Anjali who were coming behind laksh was standing there numb seeing Swara. Hearing swara’s sorry Adi lose his cool and give her a tight slap.

Swara: Bhai…..

Adi: don’t u dare to call me that Swara.

Pankuri came and took Swara in her embrace

Pankuri: what the hell r u doing Adi.

Arnav: she deserves it pankuri

Kushi: what the…. What he deserves it she is a kid how can u behave like that with her

Adi: kid…… from which angle she looks like a kid to u. Which kid fakes their own death ha…

Anjali: guys plz stop it be happy that she is safe..

Swara: Bhai I’m sorry that was part of my job plz forgive me na. She cries hard sitting on her knees.

Just then vishesh, Nikhil, kaira & samaira entered and they were shocked to see her like that. They run to console her but by then adi & arnav pulled her in their embrace.

After getting back to normal she explained them the situation in which she did that. In all these ragini didn’t had the guts to face Swara and she too avoid ragini. In between the talks they have reached sanskar’s room and everyone meet him

Sahil: phir bhi Swara how can u do this to us???

Swara: (smiling) u know what Sahil u had the biggest advantage of my this mission

Sahil: advantage……for me….


Just then a nurse came

Nurse:(to Swara) ma’am that coma patient is gaining her consciousness,

Sanskar: Uttara…..

All shocked: Uttara !!!!!!.????

Swara: yes Uttara… she is alive.

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