SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 31


Arjun couldn’t believe the scene in front of his eyes!!!!!!?

Arjun’s POV

The man who had always a pride on his face was now sitting on the floor crying miserably. Being sanskar’s colleague I knows Raj uncle well. He have been handling almost all the family businesses along with adarsh, or can say he was above adarsh in the office. In front of the society urvashi aunty was an obedient wife and a caring mother. But today I, who is none to their family, is shocked seeing her reality. So I can imagine what if he is going through.
But right now I have no time to spare for him I should act fast. So I went right to the inmates. I explained them what to do and when. They agreed readily as if they were waiting for a chance. After that I went to my position without anyone’s notice.

Arjun went outside and noded Swara positively. She took a sign of relief. She went near urvashi with folded hands.

Swara: Masi ur enmity is with me right? Then take my life plz leave others. I promise u they won’t harm u. U plz take me at gun point and leave from here and after that u can kill me after reaching a safe distance no one will follow u.

Sanskar: what rubbish r u talking swara, uttara ho yah tum it doesn’t make any difference. U both are equally important to me.

Swara: just stop ur fake concern sir if u have really concerned about me then u didn’t have done that on the day of our wedding. All which matters to u is ur family and sadly I’m not one among them, I guess, so plz…..

Urvashi: do u really think Swara that I’m fool to came in to your trap just like that

Swara: u don’t have any other option Masi. Taking uttara along with u to escape from here is not practical as she is on wheelchair. And as u know ramnath sir consider me as his daughter and arjun sir consider me as his sister and for sir even it is a fake concern but still the truth is I’m his wife so these three of them will think twice before attacking u so be practical Masi. Leave uttara and take me.

Urvashi: not a bad idea Swara. But why r u harming your self I know pakka it will be ur planning .

Swara: what masi, if it is a plan then why should I risk my life that too after knowing that u will not leave me alive after escaping. I’m saying this because I know it doesn’t matters any one that I’m dead or alive. So what is the need of leading such a disgusting life. I’m also fed up with this stupid life of mine and before my death if I could save an innocent life then I will feel that there was some meaning for my life and my soul will get Peace. (She bends to urvashi’s feet) plz masi spare uttara and take my life.

Saying this she touches urvashi’s feet.

Urvashi: laughs sarcastically now I get peace in my life THE SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARY is holdddd…..aaaahhhhh

For a.second urvashi became numb and then she realized that she was lying on the floor and her gun was snatched by Swara and now she was at swara’s gunpoint. Uttara is also in the safe hands of the army.

Swara: what happened masi u r not getting what happened just now??? Don’t worry I will tell u I just pulled ur legs and u fall down and being a trained officer I know very well to snatch a weapon from my enemy. And that’s why I’m called as THE SWARA. Anyway leave it , by the way what were u saying ……… that u will get peace by seeing me on ur feet right now u r going to get that peace in ur soul .

By the time the team members got succeed in overpowering the goons along with the help.of the inmates. They arrested all but failed to notice the absence of Abhinav. All the goons were arrested and the girls were shifted to a police van. Now only Ramnath, sankar, raj Swara, vishesh, kaira & urvashi was there. Arjun went with the team.

Raj: u always said right Urvashi I’m an idiot who couldn’t get difference between really and fake love. My Jiji & Jiju loved me that much and I believed in ur fake love. And now I’m paying for my deeds.

Sanskar: u know what mami when ragini bhabhi comes to know about ur this face she will hate herself. U r saying that u did all this for her, but the truth is u did all this for ur selfishness. U wanted to marry baba and when it didn’t work u did all these this is not love mami this is revenge or else ur madness.

Urvashi: (to Swara) did you hear him the sanskar who never speak in front of me is now raising his voice against me, just because of u.

Swara: no masi it’s because of ur deeds.

Vishesh; exactly, u did this much bad things in ur life and now u r blaming her. If u have did all bad with Swara because of ur love towards her di then what about this terrorism. Why u kidnapped these girls of our collage, that too playing with their emotions. How can u justify that.

Kaira: u even used ur own son for ur bl**dy revenge. The most disgusting part is u killed him with ur own hands when u found him to be a threat to ur life.

Swara: vishesh , kaira just leave it she won’t understand. Sir why are we wasting our time here let’s leave.

Ramnath: sure Swara let the Jeep come. It’s deep inside the forest that only jeep will come here. Arjun will be arriving soon after dropping others at the highway.

All nodes and waits for Arjun, just then Abhinav come from back and puts a gun on sanskar’s head. All became startled for a second. And that was it for Abhinav he snatched the gun from sanskar and pass it to urvashi.

Abhinav: leave her aashi oops sorry Swara other wise ur Mr. Sanskar Maheshwary will be a dead body.

Urvashi: well done my boy u proved that u r eligible for being my successor

Swara: Abhinav no don’t do that see I dropped my gun plz leave him

Abhinav: not that easy Swara.

Swara: wha…..wha… what do u want

Abhinav:2 hours with u on bed

Before Abhinav could realise what happened he was on the floor and his gun was now with sanskar

Sanskar: how dare u?? Now U don’t have any right to live

Saying this he shoot him. While all these happens urvashi found an iron rod and was about to hit Swara but sanskar saw her and came in between and the rod hit him on his head.

Sanskar: swarrrraaaa……

Swara: sanskaaaaaaaaarrrr….

Urvashi was about to hit Swara but there heard her screaming along with a gunshot sound. Urvashi turned to see the person and it is revealed to be Raj. She just fell on the floor.

Swara rushed to sanskar took his head and laid on her lap

Swara: sanskar plz open ur eyes u can’t leave me like this uto sanskar plz

Sanskar: (trying hard to open his eyes) I’m happy Swara at last u called me sanskar . U know I was dying to hear this from u and finally when u called me I’m going to die.

Swara: (angrily) chup ….. another word I will kill you, u r not going to die understood.

Sanskar: no Swara I’m sorry I don’t think I will survive.

In the meantime arjun came and he took sanskar, Swara Vishesh & kaira along with him and others waiting for the next vehicle

Swara :(hugging him tight) no u can’t give up, u have to fight for me( crying) sanskar I want to punish u for betraying me on the day of our wedding, for not believing me,

Sanskar: this is my punishment Swara

Swara: no u can’t decide that it’s my right did u get that just don’t close ur eyes sanskar you’ll be fine.

Sanskar: ( struggling hard) no Swara I can’t I’m sorry

Swara: sanskar look we reached there’s the ambulance and doctors are also ready plz sanskar plz don’t give up plz atleast for ur shona plz sanskar

She was crying miserably that Vishesh and kaira were unable to console her.

Swara: sanskar see na don’t u want to meet my friends over here, see he is vishesh and this is kaira.

Sanskar: (stammering) shona u r my iron butterfly na u have to be strong. I don’t want this cry baby I want my bold swara

Swara: (wiping her tears) see I’m not crying I will always be bold but plz I want u with me. Sanskar plz till today i was strong because u were there not with me but still somewhere u were safe and sound. If u even think of leaving me then I swear hell or heaven I will reach before you.

By then they reached the ambulance. They took him inside, Swara seated beside him and rushed to the hospital. Vishesh & kaira along with some officers followed them. On the way they give first aid to sanskar and also informed the hospital to do necessary arrangements for his operation. Swara was praying for his recovery without leaving his hands for a second.

They reached hospital and sanskar was taken to the operation theatre. By then Nikhil & Sam also reached hospital as vishesh informed them. Both were in a state of shock seeing Swara in such a vulnerable state, as they never saw a tiny drop of tears in her eyes. Sam was trying to console her & Nikhil didn’t knew what to do if this was not the situation then he would have lightened the atmosphere by his jokes but this, he felt like he don’t know the person sitting there all broken. By the time vishesh & kaira also reached.

Just then a nurse come out of the OT

Nurse: ma’am he had lost a lot of blood and as his blood group is

Swara: O -ve

Nurse: yeah it’s very rare and our blood bank is out of stock so plz arrange it from somewhere else we don’t have much time.

Swara sat with a thund many things was going through her mind where to find blood that too in this short spam. What if she fails to arrange blood what if she lose him. Her thoughts were interrupted by vishesh.

Vishesh: Swara I’m also O -ve I will donate blood u don’t worry.

Swara: thank u vishesh thank u so much u don’t know what favour u r doing to me I will always be thankful to you. Than…

Nikhil: ufffooo Aashi u again forget the rule seems like I should give u imposition

Swara had a faint smile on her face

Samaira hit Nikhil on his shoulder : stop it Nikhil don’t know to see the situation before cracking ur stupid jokes.

Kaira: vishesh u go , and Nikhil plz bring something for Aashi oops sorry Swara

Swara: it’s ok kaira and by the way I don’t want anything. Plz

Kaira: ok

All were waiting outside the theatre . It’s been more than 2 hours and Swara was getting impatient. Just then doctor comes out. She rushed to him.


Sorry for being late guys. It was Christmas and my house was full of guests and they were not leaving me for a second as I just had a surgery. So plz pardon me and I promise from now I will try to be regular. And thanks a lot for bearing me with this much patience. Now just 2 or 3 chapters I guess. Thank u once again for ur support. Bye

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