SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 30

Urvashi felt some movements outside and ordered her men to check it. The men went out side were shot dead. Hearing the sound she got alert and locked the inmates along with raj in a room.

Urvashi: (to Swasan) so ur team is here and that’s why u were so cool. But I promise u, u won’t win.

Swara: let’s see Masi, oops sorry Mrs. Urvashi.

By then the force came inside. But Urvashi put the gun on Swara’s forehead.

Urvashi: welcome Mr. Malhotra what a timing but a little bad luck. Now U have to see the death of your subordinate cum daughter. Sorry ha. But what to do she forced me to do it. Who told her to poke her bl**dy nose in my matters. Nevermind some body said it right whatever happens is for good only. And that’s why she ran into my hideout so easily. Now come on tell ur team members to put their gun down. Else ur daughter will be sent to hell.

Urvashi was so engaged in blackmailing ramnath that she failed to notice Swara signalling some thing to sanskar. She just signalled to her hand which was counting down 3, 2, 1, 0. Sanskar jerked the goon who was holding him and held him on gun point and in the nick of the time Swara grabbed the gun from urvashi and aimed on her forehead.

Swara: tell ur goons to put their guns down . Come-on.

Urvashi: chu..chu…chu.chu too late Swara.
Saying this she laugh scarciticaly.

Urvashi: what do y think I will stand Infront of u like this without any backup plan ha. After all I’m playing with the most intelligent officer of the special Branch. So I must look into my safety first right. U know what swara being over confident u failed to notice the absence of Abhinav over here.

Stretching her head a little she called Abhinav and there he was holding vishesh & kaira along with uttara as hostage.

Vishesh& kaira: Aashi!!!!?????

Swara & sanskar with other officers were shocked. The gun slipped from swara’s hand. Urvashi took the gun and moved towards uttara who was on a wheelchair and point the gun on her head. By this time vishesh freed himself and come near Swara.

Vishesh: Aashi we warned u many times but u didn’t realize, at least now u understand his true colors right? R u OK.

Swara: vishesh calm down l’m ok. But how come u both r here.

Vishesh: we were searching for u as u were missing from yesterday. In between Abhinav mislead us and we came here. But now I’m happy at least we found u.

Sanskar & kaira felt bad seeing vishesh’s care towards Swara. While urvashi was taunting her

Urvashi: wow Swara what a girl u r.

Vishesh & kaira :. SWARA !!!?????

Urvashi: Wherever you go u make someone fall for u. First sanskar, then Rajath, then Abhinav and now he what’s ur name …………..haan Vishesh. Is there anyone left in ur list Swara

Sanskar: (at the peak of his voice) ENOUGH, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH mami, another word about my WIFE, u will see the worst of me.

And that was another shock for vishesh & kaira. Vishesh was heartbroken and kaira was feeling bad for him. While all these were happening Swara was just looking for a way to free uttara. Only then she noticed that the door of the room were the inmates were kept is not locked. She signalled arjun about that and without any ones notice he went inside the room.

Arjun couldn’t believe the scene in front of his eyes!!!!!!?

What would have arjun seen?????? Any guesses????

I know I’m too late and also again a small and a boring chappy. Sorry for this time plz forgive ur this small sis.

Now I feel a little better so from now will try to update regularly. Thank u


  1. Kakali

    Mariyaaa how r u dear? now r u fine? take care of urself …. okkiii…
    loved d part…it’s awesome… Thnk u.. ;-*

  2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    How’s u dear??.. Plz don’t take to much stress..About chappy,it’s fantastic..Tch tch tch, bechara sanky but he deserve it*evil smile.. Keep going dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

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