SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 3

Hai all hope all r fine

Swara was sitting on the couch in her cabin all alone, as others leave giving her some space.

Swara’s POV

Life seems to be very unpredictable. At this time I was supposed to be with Sanskar in our room in MM. But now I am hear in my office cabin.

Dad (DP Maheswary) & Baba were childhood friends. When grown up started business together as partners. Our houses were also near. Sanskar and me had a special bond. We both were possessive to each other. We never let anyone to mingle with us, as if we own each other. Not even raglak & Adi. I called him Mickey & I was his angel. Being a small child of 3 years I even don’t know his real name. And he too.

At that time some business loss happened, and dad blamed baba for the loss. I didn’t understand what is was going on but one thing was sure my Mickey has been taken away from me. I was shattered. The only memory I had with me was a piece of our family photo which was torn by baba in anger.

From then I became more close to Di and bhai. Ma was always busy in di’s matters but Di always loved me as a mother.

Her thoughts was interrupted by Ramnath.

Ramnath: Swara u fine

Swara : yeah

Ramnath: ur flat is ready come me and nirmala will drop u.

But sir

Nirmala: I don’t want any but vat’s . Just come.

She give up. When they reached her flat Nirmala handed over a packet to her and asked her to change. Swara went to fresh up. By the time Nirmala made coffee and the trio spend some time chatting. When they find Swara normal they bid bye to her.

She was about to go to bed the telephone (landline) rang. She took it, Pankuri was on the other end.

P ; (with a concerned voice )Swara u OK na. Kuch khaya tumne. (Did u ate something).

S: Bhabhy relax I’m OK. And do u think without dinner Nirmala anty will leave me. I’m fine. U please have ur dinner and sleep. And dare not to disturb my bro with ur crying ok.

P: (a little bit releaved) ok Meri Nani ma. And listen by morning I will bring your belongings

S (cutting her) : no Bhabhy I just need my uniform along with my ID cards & mobile bas nothing else

P: as u wish

S: (a little emotional)thanks u Bhabhi

P: oyyee now u will thank me

S: not like that bhabhi when my own mother turned her face against me, u were the one beside me

P: now u will make me cry and ur crazy brother will tease me. So I’m cutting the call. Bye

S: bye bhabhi

Cutting the call Pankuri turned to Adi

P : she is fine

A: thank you

P: now u don’t start, both brother and sister are the same.

A: that we are. (realising something) between what were you saying that I am crazy right.

P: so what was wrong in it

A: let this problem’s be sorted out madam I will show you how crazy I am

P: that we can see then for now u sleep good night
( in mind) thank God, both became normal. After what happened today, i was tensed and now seeing them revealed , I hope everything will be fine soon.


(Holding a torn piece of photo)

why God why this always happens with me. In childhood we were separated by our parent’s fight. When grown up and I was about to propose her i got the news op f my brother and sister’s accident. And today………… no actually day before yesterday I got to know that Swara is Sahil’s sister. Me and my mom had went to a last minute shopping for my marriage. There in the mall I saw him with Swara. I asked her about him hoping him to be just a friend of her. But for my utter shock he was her brother. Later I found out that Sahil is Swara’s uncle’s ( mother’s brother) son and the only sister he have is Swara.

Knowing the truth I decided to break the Marriage that day itself . But mom was adamant to take revenge from her by breaking the alliance at the mandap only. Considering her being a heart patient , who had been diagnosed with heart attack a couple of times before and an another one will coast her life , I had it oblige.

My mind is not ready to believe all these. But my brain , it’s forcing me to believe the proofs. And my mom’s condition is also not allowing me to support her.

POV ends

He was sitting on the bed in his room leaning to the head rest thinking about the past.

So that’s it

Precap : past


  1. Swasan

    Ohh poor swara and poor sanky, wat has happened to them. Its okay
    Have faith in god, he will do everthing right

  2. Radhika..


    |Registered Member

    awesome part and swara and sanskar condition is not good. hope everything get sorted early loved it. waiting for the next part 😃

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