SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 29


Hai all I’m back. Got discharged from hospital yesterday. Now another boring 15 days ahead. Don’t know what will I do. Leave it let’s go to the chappy.

Swara got numb seeing urvashi shooting her own son, the rest were shocked and sanskar, who was checking Uttara and questioning the girls who were nursing her all these years, got panicked inside the room hearing the sound.

Raj:(shivering) what have u done u should have killed swara. U were aiming her right u missed it and by mistake u had shoot Rajath hai na.

He couldn’t even believe what just happened. Till now he had a strong belief that urvashi loves him and she was doing all these for his betterment only. But seeing her shooting her own son he was shattered. No matter whatever he did he loved his family a lot and he didn’t expect this day in his worst dreams also.

Urvashi: if u don’t want to go behind ur son, just keep quiet.(turning to Swara) so now do u have any thing to say miss oops mrs. Sanskar Maheshwary.

Sanskar who was hearing their talks from inside got revealed and some were inside his heart he felt happy hearing mrs. Sanskar Maheshwary. But got startled hearing another shoot sound and a bang on the door. He understood that urvashi had shoot on the door lock.

Some goons come inside and held sanskar before he could protest.

Urvashi: so Swara u wanted to see sanskar for a last time right? Here he is.

Swara went to sanskar and hugged him, his heart stopped beating for a second. In his next moment he took her into a born crushing hug.

(They were standing like swara’s left side and sanskar’s right side was facing others)

Swara:(whispering) sir there is gun in my right pocket. Take it and don’t worry the force have already surrounded the building, and is ready for the attack. Be ready.

Sanskar: if I take the gin then for u

Swara: I have another one with me plz we have no time be quick

Sanskar took the gun. After that Swara parted from the hug

Swara: (looking into his eyes) I LOVE U

Sanskar:(kissing her forehead) LOVE U TOO

Abhinav was gritting his teeth out of anger as he can do nothing else in urvashi’s presence while urvashi was mocking at their love

Urvashi: wah! what a love I must say sanskar u missed her, and now u are going to lose here very badly.

Saying this she hold her by her hair and Swara let out a loud screaming, which was a signal to Ramnath. Getting the signal they rushed in.


Guys I’m stopping for today. Now I need your valuable suggestions. As the mission track is moving to an end shall I stop it here by uniting swasan, of course after a small nok jok between them. Or shall I continue. If I continue then there will be another separation track.
if u all feel it boring then we will stop after 4 or 5 episodes
Plz tell me ur opinion because I really don’t want u all to get bored because of me. For me my readers means more than my passion.

Thank u all.

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  1. Rosey

    I want their union but after Sanskaar’s punishment and Swara’s design to punish her family

    1. Mariyajap

      sure di thank u

  2. Simin

    Plz continue but no more separations

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u i guess sanskar deserves a small seperation

  3. Deeksha

    Awesome mariyajap…..!!!!!!! Don’t end it….. Continue it…… And Congo for the recovery….!!!!!!

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u sooo much deekshu

  4. Awesome nd plzz continue

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u anu

  5. Awesome ? and continue it pls and take care

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u stg

  6. Shreeyu

    Superb Dr….continue it

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u shreeyu

  7. Simi

    Urvasi is so cruel ?
    Plz continue but dont separate them

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u simi

  8. Sanswa

    Loved it

  9. Abirsha

    No pls don’t unite swasan soon…. Bcoz sanskar didnt get his punishment at all….. He didn’t trust the one he loved and also dumped her in her marriage by not marrying her….. He needs punishment….. This is my view…. But ur wish….

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u di sanky will surely pay

      1. Shreeyu

        Ya Mariya even I would b glad if u make Sanskar suffer cause he really hurt Swara a lot and he should pay for his deeds

  10. Continue Bt no more separation as it seems same to same…. Other than as u wish….

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u vidhi

  11. Get well soon…
    Plz continue….sanskar n swaras family need a better punishment

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u anitha

  12. Awesome dear……. Please update soon.

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u febi

  13. Its awesome want it to go on and on waiting for other

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u aamias

  14. Arshaanya

    Dun unite dem soon…
    Want to see sanskarz punishmnt more den dat shomi shekhar n raginiz punishmnt..

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u arshaanya

  15. nice..dnt end it so soon..write ur story as u want to..tc..

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u soo much

  16. Shinchan1205

    I read all ur previous posts on this ff n they all were amazing….
    This one is amazing but again a cliffhanger…post soon.

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u will try

  17. Rabia

    first punishment then anything else and nice epi 🙂

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u rabia di

  18. Mirna

    Unite them yar:) Loved it 🙂 tc dear

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u mirna

  19. awesome post the next part soon and continue this ff dear

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u sneha

  20. Soujanya


    1. Mariyajap

      thank u soujanya

  21. Vyshu10

    Superb….this is unfair…. u left with a cliffhanger

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u vyshu

  22. Independent

    Awesome thank you so much for posting, and plz continue as u like air ha apna khyal Abhi rekna

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u guess u r commenting for the first time by the way wts ur real name

  23. Awesome and continue it..

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u afra

    1. Mariyajap

      thank u anu

  24. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Fabulous.. Loved it.. Don’t unite them soon.. Sanky deserve some punishment.. Keep going dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care of your health..
    Keep smiling?

  25. Mariyajap

    Thank you so much

  26. Sanji


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