SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 27


Sanskar & Swara was trying hard to divert Urvashi from attacking them and somewhat they were successful in trapping her in their talks because urvashi have already started telling her past to them.

Urvashi’s POV

Me and my Jiji were left alone after the death of our parents in an accident. I was a small girl of 10 years then. My jiji took care of me as a mother. When she got married she convinced Jiju and his ma ji to took me also with them. We were very happy and when ragini was born our happiness had no bounds. She was the apple of our eyes.

All of a sudden jiji died and I once again felt alone but ragini was there for me. I started involving myself with her, I took care of her as a mother and she too was attached to me. When Jojo’s ma ji started searching alliances for Jiju I wished I could marry him, not because I love him, I didn’t wanted to give ragini to someone else.
But Jiju married that sharmishta. I was almost successful in making ragini understand that sharmishta was her stepmother and she will not love her like I do. But this sharmishta she had a good acting skill and with that she manipulated all and made a place for her in everyone’s heart.

When adi born I thought now her concentration will be on him more than my ragu. But again she overpowered by leaving adi with ma ji and giving her whole time to ragu. Gradually she got to know that I know her true colours she compelled Jiju r get me married. Poor Jiju he thought she was thinking about my betterment. He compelled me on the name of jiji and I complied.

They got me married to this idiot raj who was DP brother in law, rather his slave. Me too was not less than a slave to AP. But I slowly made him understand his own value and thus he became a puppet of me. We both made small small misunderstandings between DP & Jiju and it took me a long 6 years to separate them.

We were having happy life. I had always an eye on u (pointing to Swara) & ur brother. Sharmista had already made u ragini’s doll so I was unable to manipulate her. We brainwashed DP & AP whenever they tried to locate u. We were successful for a long 14 years but u(hitting the gun on swara’s head) u came back to India in the name of studies and started search him(pointing sanky). Thank God that you didn’t know his real name and me too managed to bribe the private detective u hired. U both were in the same college but were unable to recognize.

I transferred Rajath to the same college to separate u both but instead of that this idiot fall for u. My main motive was to separate u both so I kept mum. He made ur friends believe that u were pretending to be in love with Swara to help him taking revenge for her refusal.

In between I came to know about Uttara being in love with Sahil who was sharmishta’s brother’s son. That was another thread for me. When they decided to do court marriage after knowing their identity, I kidnapped her. Bribing the investigative officer I made all u believe that she is being murdered and the one who behind the murder is Sahil and his sister. But that Karan came from nowhere and took the whole blame on him.

The case was almost closed and at the same day ur & Laksh’s accident happened . U were taken to Canada for treatment and ragini eloped from the house. Later I find out that she was the one with laksh. I supported her and helped her in keeping her identity a secret.

Swara’s POV

I thought to act as aashi in front of Masi but today i got to know a different shade of her.I know she doesn’t like me but was she this cruel. Adding to the irony sanskar also arrived here. I didn’t know what to do and how to react. He hugged me but don’t know why I couldn’t reciprocate. I was already confused by masi’s behaviour.
She was the one behind everything!!!!!???

Till now I remember that dreadful day in our lives. The day me and di decided to talk to ma baba about returning to India we went to Temple before talking to them. There I saw di and my hero was hugging each other. I was shocked. Not that I didn’t liked them to be together, rather I was the most happiest person after knowing that .y hero will be my Jiju. OMG I can’t believe it. But I just wanted to tease them so I pretended to be angry with them and leave the place without listener ng to them. On the way to college I saw sanskar dropping his mom at a mall. Wait that was AP ma OMG sanky was calling her mom. Means ….. means he is my Mickey. OMG this much surprises in a go I couldn’t take it. I was smiling like an idiot. I went to ground were sanky gang usually gathers. I was soo excited to say him that I’m his angel.

But my entire world turned upside down when I heard them saying that he was cheating me. How can he do that to me??? No God plz not again I want to see him I want my answers. I took my car and left from there I was not in my senses and didn’t notice that I’m driver ng through the wrong side. A loud horn of a truck brought me back into my senses and I saw I’m just inches apart from the truck. I suddenly took a left turn and before I could understand what happened I was thrown out of the car and the car hit a tree nearby. Every went blank and when I opened my eyes I was in hospital. Later I came to know that I was in Canada and it has been a month to that accident and I was in ventilator till now. I also got to know about di’s eloping and mom getting a heart attack.

Her thoughts were disturbed by Urvashi

Urvashi: I was happy as I get my ragu back . I tried everything possible to make them far away from both the families. But U (pointing Swara) u again entered sanskar’s life as his assistant after completing ur IPS. As my concentration was on ragini I failed to notice u & sanky again coming close. But when I noticed I showed Jiju ur interest in sanky and made him meet DP to talk about ur marriage. I thought after knowing sanskar to be DP’s son he will drop the plan but to my bad luck they sorted out their difference for the sake of their children. I tried many thing in between to stop the marriage but everything was failing. But God sent Sahil I knew about u & Sahil going to shopping and I compelled AP & sanky fr a last minute shopping for the wedding and took them to the same mall. I made them see u and that was it. Sanky was ready to break the marriage then itself but I insisted AP to take revenge for Swara by breaking the alliance in the mandap.

I thought the family relation will break once again but to my surprise u were accused by everyone and was thrown out of the house. I was more than happy.

After that my men followed u where ever u go and thus I got t to know about ur fake accident & death. But I was unaware of ur mission.

Whatever it may be but I’m happy that now u r here at my gun point.

Swara: one minute Masi

Urvashi: urvashi… call me urvashi u r no one to me to call me Masi.

Swara: ok then Mrs. Urvashi, u said that u kidnapped uttara and made everyone believe that me and Sahil killed her. That means uttara is alive. Right.

Sanskar was shocked at her analyzing

Urvashi: here u r at my gun point and u r thinking about Uttara?? U must have thought about a way to get out of here. U r impossible swara.

Swara: (without giving her a damp) and if I guess right she must be the coma patient in side that locked room right Mrs. Urvashi.
Urvashi: wow Swara now I got it clear why they acted u for this mission you’re quite intelligent and u guessed it right.

Sanskar: what?????!!!!!!!!!

Hai guys I’m shiny Maria’s cousin posting this for u as she is admitted in the hospital for an operation. She give me her diary and told me to post for her. Guys as per doctors it’s a minor operation on her knees but still u all plz pray for her. Thank u

I don’t know the chappy was good or not because I compared her previous chapters a with the one written on the dairy. She used to add much more than she actually written, in between typing and I have just typed what she had written so if there is any mistakes I’m sorry plz don’t blame her

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