SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 26

Rajath: sanskar!!!!!!!!!!

Sanskar within no time ran and engulfed Swara in a bone crushing hug. She was numb for a second after that she to reciprocated. They were in their own world, feeling each other, making sure both are fine. They came to senses hearing a clap sound

Rajath: (clapping his hands) wow what a scene, right mom our two enemies alone in our hideout, to be clear in our custody. Abhi lock them up in a room.

Abhi: (hell angry) yes sir.

His goons dragged and locked them up in a room.

After they leave sanskar hugged Swara

San: Swara u r OK na.

Swara:( releasing herself from the hug) yeah sir I’m OK. But how come u r here. I mean ramnath sir told me about the military operation but he didn’t tell me about u being here.

San: I don’t know why he didn’t tell u but I’m also a part of this operation.

Swara: ohh! OK fine then listen I will inform ramnath sir about the situation and by then u plz try to find a way to get out of this room.

Sanskar was just staring her as if he was seeing her for the first time he was brought back to reality as hen SWARA Shaked him

Swara: (shaking him) sir r u hearing me plz be quick

San: ( holding her wrist) Swara plz it’s sanskar not sir

Swara: sir we will talk about it later. For now plz focus on the mission.

Sanskar felt sad as Swara didn’t forgive him still. But being a dutiful officer he get involved in his work.

They informed ramnath about the place, it’s surroundings, and everything. As the were planning all these they heard the sound of the door opening.

Urvashi: so Swara & sanskar hw r u? Ready to die with my hands?

Swara: why massi why r u doing this?

She give Swara a tight slap and Swara fell down on the floor.

Urvashi: don’t u dare to call me maasi.only my laddo have that right

That was it for sanskar

San: how dare u mami. Hw can u do this to us my mom and swara’s ma both considered u as their sister and u r doing this to us. Why??

Urvashi: ufffooo sanskar u want to know the truth before dying. OK fine I will consider this as ur last wish. So listen

Precap : revelation of the past


  1. Kakali

    Omggggggggggg Mariyaaaaa that hugggg !!!! i almost paralysed feeling d warmth… love it dear… !! it’s beautiful..
    Thnk u. ;-*
    bdw i have posted my next part.. !! 😶

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