SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 24

Swara was lying unconscious on the floor among some people in a dark room. Some were pitying her and me were like nothing happened. One of them poured some water on her face and there was a slight movement in her. Slowly she opened her eyes only to see some girls almost of her age. She couldn’t recognize them except one.

The girl: Aashi r u OK what happened why r u here.

Swara: Rashi I’m OK. Can u give me some water plz.

Rashi: yeah here have it.

Swara: thank u

Rashi: aashi who u r here I mean u & vishesh were in a relationship right then how come Abhinav !!!!!!!!!

Swara: ( with a smile) rashi cool down relax I’m OK.

Rashi: seriously…… relax….. aashi what happened to u. Why r u being so cool after being kidnapped.

Swara: let me check the surroundings first.

Saying this she stood up and roam around the room then she came to know that it was a house with 3, 4 bedrooms kitchen and all. 1 bedroom was locked & the rest was used by the kidnapped girls. When enquired about the locked room she came to know that in that room there were three girls , one was in coma the other two were nursing her. None of the others were allowed there.

When she was discussing these things with others Abhinav come there.

Abhi: aashi what’s all these? Why is he calling you as Swara.

Swara: Abhi….. Abhi relax im aashi only I don’t know any Swara he must have misunderstood. By the way did u speak to him? Who is this Swara ? What did he say?

Abhi: (in frustration) yeah I talked to him but he is not telling anything . He is checking ur past and all. By tomorrow his parents will be here. I guess after that we can come to some conclusions.

Swara: Abhi plz don’t get tensed I’m OK here. If I can fight with my best friends for u then believe me I can fight with the whole world. So just relax.

Abhi: thank u aashi u made me really relaxed

Swara: it’s OK bye

Sanskar’s team reached Bangalore and were getting ready for the mission. All settled themselves around the college and some of the hideouts of the terrorist group in various disguise.

Next day

Abhi: sir I know her personally. She studies here and she is from US and i had personally checked each and every details.

Head: yeah I must have misunderstood but how is it possible, two different persons who are not related by any means look exactly the same. But …….
I don’t know let mom dad come we will decide.

Abhi: sir if u don’t mind who is this Swara & how is she related to u

Head: she was my crush, my one sided love, according to my mom my obsession. Whatever it may be, she was the need of my breath. But that bl**dy idiot sanky he always come in between me and Swara. What all I did for her, u know Abhi I even kidnapped my own cousin and kept her in induced coma for all these years just to keep that sanky away from her, to make him hate her. And to an extent I was successful but fate , fate took my Swara away from me. She was declared dead in an accident. But this girl is looking exactly like Swara.

Abhi: what!!!!!! Mtlb voh….. that girl in that locked room is ur sister???!!!!!!

Head: yes she, sanky & adarsh r my cousins, my dad’s sister Annapoorna Maheshwar’s children whom I hate the most.
I have given u clue about the head of the group so now guess who is he.

And a biggggg thanks to my cousin shiny for typing this t.


  1. Shiksha

    U r a amazing writer.. Continue this.. I read each episodes of this but couldn’t comment often. But then thanks for this update.

    P. S. Isn’t adarsh swara’s brother. M

  2. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    awesome….laksh was d one who is in coma na and karan killed uttara…bt all this is just a drama??….bt i m dying with suspence…upload soon

  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Fabulous dear..I don’t who is he*pout face..Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

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