SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 21

Sanskar: sir I’m resigning………

Ramnath: what!!!!!!!??????

Sanskar: yes sir I want to resign from this job. When I can’t find my Swara then what is the need of being in this job sir. I’m not only a bad husband or a bad person but also a very very bad police officer. I’m not deserved to wear this uniform sir. plz let me resign.

ramnath: sorry sanskar as u know u have to complete all ur pending assignments and should give one month prior notice for ur resignation.

Sanskar: I know sir and I have completed all my cases so I’m here to give the one month notice.

Ramnath: I’m really sorry sanskar but u r already assigned for the next case. As the case involves the security of our nation the most efficient officers from all over the country are selected and I’m proud that u & arjun are also in the team. Here is ur order. So now u can only resign after completing this assignment.

Sanskar: (receiving the order) sure sir.



sorry guys I talked to u soon rudely. I just want to keep u away from me and my mission as it will harm u. And I know about vishesh’s feelings for me and kaira’s feelings for Vishesh. I guess now kaira’s support will make him realize her love for him.

And me too want to go back to my sanky.
At that time I was angry on him but the day that traffic mission happened I saw his love for me in his eyes. When the mission was about to cancel, the panic on his face was a clear evidence that he wanted me to be right and his conceptions to be wrong. But the sight was heartbreaking for me. If I had not committed the mission then definitely I would have reciprocated to his hug. But I was helpless , I was compelled to act rudely with him.

He had started gathering evidences for my innocence and it made me to do that death drama earlier than we decided.

The consequences of this mission also compelled me to do so. I don’t know when this will be finished and will I be alive after this, and in all these I didn’t want him to spoil his life.

But when ramnath sir told me that he still believe me to be alive, I don’t know what magic it did with me that I want to finish this mission as early as possible and I will do it without harming myself. Because I want to give myself to my sanky without any harm and I will.





  1. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    wow very good heart connection
    plz end this mission sooner yar i want to see sanskaar and whole family trying to make swara forgive them and swara’s punishment also

    • Mariyajap



      sorry dear im an arthrities patient, soi can’t type for so long as it brings swellings in my finger joints i will try to update daily thank u for reading and keep commenting

  2. Mica


    |Registered Member

    i love you my swasan.. i hate you Mari!! it’s too short, huh!
    uugghh,, poor them, the mission should come first before family..sometime they lost their love also…
    here, in this ff, if only Sanskar doesn’t have faith about Swara, may he can move on and marry to other girl.

  3. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    How come she forgave sanskar so easily…
    I want swasan togethr bt i dun want her to evr frgve shekhar shomi n ragini… coz of ragini her mother nglctd her whole lyf.. n nobody trusted her… n plz finish dis mission soon wanna see swasan story

  4. Radhika..


    |Registered Member

    Awesome part dear. Swara don’t feel bad sometime we have to do something bad for their good only. And vomplete the mission soon. Sanskar wait for ur swara don’t resign ok for her . if u resign she will be upset and if not sje is proud of u. And all the best ur mission as a best officer. Loved the part dear. 😃😃

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