SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 20


Aashi was shocked by his sudden slap.

Aashi: vishe

Vishesh: chup. another word u will see the worst of me

Their gang reached there by then. They were also shocked to see vishesh in this much anger. Whereas Abhinav grabbed vishesh’s collar

Abhinav: how dare u

Vishesh: (jerking his hand) Abhi stay away from her she is not a girl of ur type. U go and get someone else. And please leave her.

Abhinav: who the hell r u to decide this I love her and she too we r in a relationship then what’s the problem.

Kaira, Nikhil, samaira( in Union): what!!!!!????????

Kaira: aashi what’s all these???

Nikhil: Abhinav sorry yaar u would have misunderstood her she is not that type

Sam: Aashi say na it’s not true right?

Aashi: yes. It’s true. I love Abhi

Vishesh: ( holding her hands) aashi see I’m sorry for slapping u. Please he is not the right person for u. Don’t do this

Aashi: vishesh plz stop behaving like a guardian . U r just a friend nothing else so plz don’t poke ur nose in my personal matters. I love him and he too loves me. and we’re going on a date. Plz stay away from us.

Vishesh was heartbroken hearing her. Others were in shock. They couldn’t digest what they heard. Aashi’s voice bring them back to reality

Aashi: sorry Abhi I spoiled ur mood. I didn’t knew that I made friendship with such cheap people. I’m really sorry

Abhinav: it’s OK baby, I understand. Don’t worry come let’s go.

Aashi: Abhi plz can we go for the date some other day. I’m really upset today and I don’t want my first date in such a spoiled mood.

Abhinav: it’s OK Jaan as u wish.

He leaves from there giving a deadly glare to others. Aashi also leaves giving a disgusting look to her friends.

In Kolkata special Branch office

In ramnath’s cabin

San: may I come in sir

Ramnath: yeah sanskar come in

Sanskar: (hesitatingly) sir i…… I am ….

Ramnath: sanskar !!!!! What happened to u why r u trembling . What’s the matter

Sanskar: sir I’m resigning………

Sorry for the short crappy . I promise I will post the next part tomorrow. Bye

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  1. Rosey

    Shocking totally twisting but inteesting 1

    1. Mariyajap

      Thank you di

  2. Deeksha

    Update soon dear…. Waiting….!!!!! And the chappy was awesome….

    1. Mariyajap

      Thank you deeksha

  3. Simi

    Why sanskar resigned???

    1. Mariyajap

      Will come to know in the next episode. Thank you simi

  4. guess who i am??

    Nice one

  5. Mica

    Sanskaaaarr.. you resigned for searching her ? wish your plan success Swara

    1. Mariyajap

      wow u guessed it, thank u keep reading

  6. Awesome……

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      thank u purvi

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  8. Sanji


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  9. Simin

    Sanskar why resign?

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  10. Pooja26

    amazing chappy dear…
    post asap…..

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  12. Sanskarrrr !!! Swara is with me playing hide n seek.. !!! huhhh !!!
    Love it Mariyaaaa !!!
    Thnk u.. 😉
    i have updated my nxt part.. !! *hide under bed

    1. Mariyajap

      apse tho maen katti hoon. how can u do that with my swaru not fair di
      and han thank u

  13. Radhika..

    Awesome part dear. The way u show swara friends care for her and the way swara make them away from her matters just to complete her mission . and sanskar resigning may be for searching swara. Loved it??

    1. Mariyajap

      wow radhu u got it thank u

  14. Awesome dear

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  15. Abirsha

    Awesome dr…. Post soon

  16. Wow loved it ???????

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  17. Vyshu10

    nice…seems like swasan’s meeting is near

    1. Mariyajap

      LET’S SEE

  18. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr dear….loved their friendly bonding.. The way her frnds care for her,it’s too good..Sanky is resigning, but why*confused.. Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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  19. Mirna

    Wowwwwwwww awesome dear 🙂

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    Awesome dearr…loved it…y sanky resigning??? Waitng fr nxt egrly

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