SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 16


Swara’s POV
Three months back

The day after our marriage day, I was getting ready for office when Ramnath sir and our special Branch Head came to meet me. They handed over me some files. I was shocked when I go through it. It contained the details of Bhatnagar family, who were died in an accident in US.

Daughter of Mr. Arjun Bhatnagar, Aashi,l l resembles mine very well. And also another file which is of a secret mission by the Indian army. aashi is dead and none of her family members know about it, as the rest of them were in India. Only a few US Indian embassy officers knew about it.so they kept the death of Aashi a secret. After doing the necessary arrangements we faked my death.

I thought that everyone hate me, even sanky. He was not even ready to hear me and me too was angry on him that he mistrust me. Thought me as a murderer. So I blindly agreed for everything.

Her thoughts were broken by a phone call. It was from vishesh.

Vishesh: where r u yaar??? How much time will u take???

It was then she realized that it was kaira’s birthday and their gang planned for a surprise birthday party.

Swara:opppps. Sorry yaar. I’m just coming.

Saying this she grabbed her Scotty key and left.

At the house were her gang stay

Kaira was sitting all alone sadly because her friends had forgotten her birthday. No one cared even to wish her, not even vishesh. She know that he have some feelings for Aashi, it hurts her but at the same time she was happy for him because she know Aashi is a nice girl with a pure heart. But how can he forget her birthday because from childhood he was the first one to wish her as they both were in the same orphanage.

Aashi came there and smiles naughtily and went near kaira with an irritated face.

Swara: thank God kaira at least u r here. Where have these stupids gone kab se call Kar rahi hoon Sab ke sab not reachable hai ( I’m calling for long back and everyone is not reachable) what the hell yaar

Kaira: ( in mind) it’s really hell when ur friends ignore u on ur birthday. (To aashi) me too don’t know yaar. Even I’m also worried.

Aashi: how mean how can they do this to us. OK then listen we will go for an outing. What say?

Kaira: no aashi, I’m already worried for the them and when they come back and not see me they to will be worried.

Aashi: offfooo, kaira u r too much. They went out not even bothering to inform u and here u are bothering about them. I don’t want to hear anything, u r coming that’s it. Come-on quick

Kaira tried to refuse but aashi was too stubborn to listen. Finally they two headed to a nearby restaurant.

Kaira: Aashi!!?? R u planning to kill me that u brought me here. Kitana Andheri hai yehan( why is it so dark here)

Saying this she turned to aashi but she was not there. Kaira became afraid and was about to shout when the lights were on. She became awestruck seeing the decorations.


Surprise would be an underestimate for kaira, the day she thought to be the worst day of her life have become the most beautiful day of her life. Vishesh understand her situation, he just opened his arms and in no time kaira was in his embrace. She was crying and all others were admiring their bond.

Aashi: ohhuooo kaira it’s ok (in a sad tone) if u didn’t like all this then we will go back and I swear that we will not feel bad but please stop crying yaar. (To the hotel staff) sorry bhaiya our friend didn’t liked ur decorations that seeing it she started crying.

Everyone bursts out laughing and kaira hits Aashi.

Kaira: stop it aashi, I loved it.

Aashi: then what r we waiting for come cut the cake and let’s start our party.

They all enjoyed a lot.

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