SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 13


Ramnath: the report is positive.

Shekar: mathlab (means)

Arjun: Swara is dead.

Sanskar held his collar: how dare u Arjun I told u already don’t tell that body as my swara’s.

Ramnath: (taking sanakar’s hands off from Arjun) stop it Sanskar. It’s confirmed by the DNA test.

San: no sir there must be some mistake.

DP : Sanskar control urself. We can’t deny the truth. Accept it.

San: no dad she can’t leave me just like that.

Just then Aman came there and informed that Laksh gained conscious . So Ragini& DP went there. And the first thing he asked on seeing them was about Swara.

Laksh: Ragini Swara…… how is she.

Ragini: Laksh calm down Swara is fine.nothing happened to her
(Ragini was trying hard to control her tears) she just ran away from there

Ragini’s POV

I can’t understand what is happening around me. I should be happy that my 7years of waiting is over or sad at the condition of Swara. All are saying she is dead and Sanskar is not ready to accept . Whom should I believe. Is really Swara leave us or is she alive. And if she is alive where is she. Oh god what’s happening.

Just then she heard Laksh calling her at the peak of his voice. She rushed to the room. Cupping his face

Rag: Laksh what happened? Why are u shouting?

Laksh(jerking her hands): how dare u Ragini? How dare u accuse Swara for my accident. How could u even think like that. If I myself had told u that Swara did my accident , then also u should have supported her. Ragini, she was a kid, for whom u were a mother. How can u accuse her. My kiddo she must have broken. Call her i want to talk to her.

Ragini was heartbroken hearing him. Tears were not ready to stop from her eyes. But she know What ever he said was true, word by word true. She was shocked when he ask for Swara. What will she say his kiddo is missing , or she is no more.

When ragini is thinking about all this Sanskar entered the room

San : bhai… u r ok I’m so happy

Laksh: stay away from me Sanskar. After whatever u have done with Swara u lost the right to call me bhai. I don’t want to see u both in front of my eyes till Swara forgives u.

All were shocked by his statement. How will they tell him about swara’s death. What will be his reaction. Will it be another shock for him. Sharmishta went outside crying followed by Pankhuri and Adi. DP gathered courage and tell Laksh about Swara’s mishaps.

Laksh was shocked. Sanskar and Ragini try to console him but he doesn’t allow them. He get out of the bed. Due to weakness he was about to fall down but Adarsh held him. He asked him to take him to Swara.

Swara’s body was about to shift to mortuary when Laksh arrived there. She saw him for a last time. Touched her face

Laksh: I’m sorry kiddo I failed t ml o protect u. Ur superhero failed miserably.

Everyone stand there still crying expect Sanskar .

I know it’s not that good. But when I got my mobile back I was soo happy that I myself don’t know what I’m writing. So please forgive me if it is boring.

Thank u for reading .please continue commenting.

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    1. Mariyajap

      Thank you di

      1. Rosey

        Oh sorry mera comment type hi no hua
        I’ll say again it was emotional and I love the was Laksh care for her kiddo
        Plz revael the mystry soon Swara should live in front of them but not forgive them so easily

  1. Hemanshi

    soo good

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    Awesome….. No worries dr its nice

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  3. Kaynatk01

    mariya plz dont sperate swasan yr

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      No Yar it’s a SWASAN ff

  4. Awesome dear…. Please update soon.

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  8. Kakali

    Love it Mariya,, it’s awesome… huhh!! I have full faith on the naughty writer that she will not let anything happen to Swara.. she is just playing Hide n Seek…huhuhu..
    Thnk u….;-*

    1. Mariyajap

      Ahhaaaa thank u for ur faith on me

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    I am still warning u mariyajap….!!!!!! Anything happens to swara u will die in my hands….!!!!!!!

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  12. Wow yar it’s awesome… Loved it… Bit emotional too… ?????????????

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  13. Arshaanya

    It was superb dear…
    Ohk so plz bring swara fast n wanna see swalak bond… dun want swara to evr frgve ragini n shomi….

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  14. Vyshu10

    superb….swara can’t be dead

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  19. Radhika..

    Awesome part dear and I know for sure nothing will happen to swara ………. As u r the writer and his come u separate swasan loved it ………… And sanskar ragini have to pay for their deeds . loved the part??

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