SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 12

Hai all, Mariya here

Without any bak bak,d directly to the chapter.

Sanskar reached the accident area. He rushed to the spot. He couldn’t believe the scene in front of his eyes .

A burned car was pulling out of the cliff by the fire and rescue force. He could clearly see the burned body inside. He was still for some time. His surroundings become still. The only thing visible to him is the body in the burned car.


No no this is not true. How can she leave me alone. She had promised me to be with me till my last breath. She can break her promise just like that . Arjun have had mistakenly called me. First let me ask him.

Sanskar come near Arjun who was giving directions to the crane operator. Arjun , who was always strong in every situations, now had tears in his eyes.

San: Arjun , what happened? Why are u crying?

Arjun: (shocked seeing Sanskar so cool) Sanskar she is no more

San: who?

Arjun couldn’t take it anymore as he was all alone handling the situation till now, Nirmala mam had a breakdown hear the accident news and he went to her. Till now he was handling the situation by controlling his emotions. But by seeing Sanskar he was not able to do it any more. He pulled Sanskar it to a bone crushing hug and said

Arjun: Sanskar Swara is no more

San: (breaking the hug) Arjun calm down it’s not Swara, u must have mistaken.

But now Arjun understood that he is in a trauma. Bounded to his duty he left to the car which was now placed on the ground. Sanskar also follows him. They searched the car , examined the body and was completing the formalities. Sanskar was doing all these as if the body was of someone else’s.

Just then Sanskar got a call from Aman ( adarsh’s PA)

San: hello Aman, U r calling me? Is everything fine?

Aman: yes sir everything is fine. In fact it’s a good news, sir Laksh sir is out of coma.

San: ( happily) what is it true? I am coming.
To Arjun
Arjun u can handle here right. I am going home vo Laksh bhai is out of coma.

(In a stern voice) and mind u don’t u dare to say this (pointing to the body) as my Swara. My Swara is alive and I can feel it. Take her to hospital, do what ever test u want, and confirm yourself. Till then don’t tell this nonsense to anyone. Jab tak meri sasein chal rahi hai, meri Swara ko kuch nahi hoga(nothing will happen to my Swara till my last breath) fix that in ur brain.

When he reached hospital everyone including gadodia family was present there. Sanskar went to DP

San:dad how is bhai?

DP: he is under observation . From the time he is become conscious he is asking for Swara and is being hysterical. God knows what this girl had done to my son. Even after being in coma for a long 7 yrs he is not able to forget that incident.

San: sorry dad, but please don’t not even a single word against my Swara. She had done nothing. It was an accident.

All were shocked to hear him and gathered around him with questions. He told them everything.
Where everyone were cruising themselves for not believing Swara Ramnath came to shekar

Ramnath: Mr. Gadodia can u spare some time for us. Actually there was an accident at the cliff area. The car & the person is burned. And by examining the car we came to know that it was the same car allotted to Swara. So for a clarification we need to do ur DNA test

This was a thunderstorm for all

That’s it for today. Sorry for being late. I was in hospital and this doctors are not allowing me to use my mobile. thank you. Bye take care.

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