SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 11

Episode 11

Swara’s POV

God is not that bad as I thought. After snatching my own family and my loved ones he give me another family who consider me as one among them. After having some good time with others I went to Ramnath sir’s study. We discussed on some official matters which was highly confidential and i become a little bit emotional explaining my situation to him. when leaving sir call me from behind.

Ra: swara one minute.

sw : yes sir

Ra: swara vo I’m sorry. Please don’t think that I’m taking advantage of ur situation. If u are a liittle bit uncomfortable with this please don’t hesitate to say. There is no pressure on u , u r free to decide.

Sw: u r so mean sir. U always tell me as ur daughter and now saying sorry and please to me. Too bad sir. If it was Anjali Di in my place, would u have been said the same??? (With fake anger)

Ramnath: ( smiling) u r just impossible Swara. And u r also doing the same na, taking the credit as my daughter and calling me sir. That too is soooooo mean.

Khushi who came there see this and ask: may I have the honour to know what’s going on here.

Sw: bhabhi come come I was just thinking about u

K: and what were u thinking .

Sw: yahi ki it’s just being 6 months u r here and u changed everyone like u. See what u have done. I can’t believe it that the serious, arrogant & strict Ramnath Malhotra have become such a big dramebaaz.
Smirking at them she ran away from there. After bidding bye to everyone she left for her flat.

Swara was sitting on her bed and was thinking about the happenings of the day

Swara’s POV

It was a hectic day. At morning mom give me divorce papers. It was a shock to me because somewhere in my mind I was happy that I am legally Mrs. Sanskar Maheswary. But mom’s decision of divorce shattered me. And after that Kavita what was she doing in Sanskar’s cabin, why was he hugging her. And they both were looking so happy. After that the traffic mission.why did he hug me. why he said sorry. No this can’t happen. So wheni met Ramnath sir I asked how m for a transfer for which he agreed.I will leave from here as soon as possible. Far away from all these.

POV ends

For the next few days Swara rarely come to the office and Sanskar was also busy with some investigation. One day one of their colleagues ( who was not present in their marriage) said to sanky

Col: hai sanky

San: hai Neil when did u come? How is your mom. Sorry Yar I couldn’t make it to call u ?

Neil: hai hai relax. What If u didn’t call me, Swara called me every day. And u know what it was a great relief for me and thank u, u allowed her. But now I’m feeling so bad for u.

San: (confused) feeling bad but why

Neil: don’t tell me that u don’t know about Swara’s transfer.

San: ( shocked) transfer

N: ha transfer . Just now when I went to Ramnath sir’s cabin to give my rejoining order, they were talking about her transfer. And if I guess right it is to Delhi.

San: oh god no this can’t happen.

He immediately went from there

N: (confused) hai sanky stop…….. listen(to himself) what’s going on Yar

In Ramnath’s cabin
San: may I come in sir

R: yes, come in Sanskar. Sit . What’s the matter

San: sir, is Swara been transferred to Delhi.

R: yes

San: but sir why this sudden transfer?? I mean it’s only being 7 months she joined here.

R: yeah I agree but when all the cases she was handling was over and when her service is more needed there, then there’s no point to reject her request. And by the way what’s in this that matters u.

San: what do u mean sir. I’m her husband and I have the right to know.

R: seriously!!!!!! Wow then why don’t you ask her directly that why did she applied for a transfer and that to directly from headquarters.

S: directly from headquarters???

R: ( a little angry) yeah, now please excuse me

Sanskar was going to Swara’s cabin but they meet at the reception area.

San: Swara what’s all this?

Sw: what?

San: don’t act I know about your transfer

Sw: so

San:(holding her both shoulders) so!!!???? Swara how can u leave just like that?
Sw: and why can’t I? All the cases I have been handling is over. So I guess I have no obligation. And also I have no reason to be here. ( Painfully)

San: (cupping her face) Swara please give me a weak time I will make everything fine. Please Swara till then please don’t go. I need u by my side, I want u to support me, I wish u to be with me always,. I love you Swara.

Swara jerks his hand s angrily
Swara: ur wish, ur need, ur want, and ur great love. Always u u u and u. What about me. Am I a doll for u to play with? Let me remind u sir I am a human being with a soul, heart and a brain. Me to have emotions and also a self respect. So please don’t try to control me and please don’t interfere in my life anymore.

Excuse me

They were interpreted by a voice from behind


And turned back. There stood the receptionist along with a postman

Rec: sir u have a registered post

PM:please sign here.

Sanskar received the letter and opened it. And then turned back to Swara.

San: divorce papers!!! Swara what is this???

Swara: as I promised it is ur punishment for insulting me in public, for not trusting me and for hurting me. Sign it and submit it today itself . And please excuse me.

Swara was about to go but Sanskar hold her wrist.

San: Swara please listen

Swara jerked his hand away.

Swara: (angrily) what’s ur problem sir. Why are u again trying to control me? Why can’t you stop interfering in my life??

San: because I love u Swara

Sw: and I have already seen ur love at the day of our marriage. So please stop ur acting and for God’s sake please don’t make me do something for which I will regret.

Saying this Swara stormed out, taking her car. Sanskar was about to go behind but Arjun stopped him

Arjun: Sanskar stop give her some time. U can’t force her like this

San: but Arjun she is going away from me. She is going by leaving me alone. I can’t live without her

Tears were continuously flowing from his eyes. All were sad seeing his state. But

Ramnath: that I should have thought before betraying her Sanskar. U are paying for ur deeds. Have u ever thought what would have been she gone through when u accused her for the murder of ur sister. U think by urself, then u will come to know why she did this

San:(realising) u r right sir. I have to pay for my deeds. And I will win her back for sure. This is my promise sir, to u and to myself.

He too leaves the office. On the way home he got a call from vihan that they all( their collage gang) there in a near by resort and ask him to join.

At resort

Sanskar met with his friends and they were talking about their college and their lives after completing studies and all. (Sanskar was meeting them for the first time after college) obviously their discussion ended up on Swara.

Vihan: sanskar we were in guilt after what happened with Swara and were unable to face u.

Sid : don’t know how is she now

Randir: don’t know is she dead or alive

Sanskar: what do you mean

Manik: we mean after that accident she was in ventilator na

Sanskar: which accident

Vihan: you don’t know

Sanskar: no

Sid: Sanskar we all thought that u were helping Rajat in taking his revenge( remember guys at college a guy proposed Swara and she rejected)

Manik: at founders day we were talking about this and Swara heard everything

Randir: when we noticed her she ran away from there. Just then our watchman come to us and asked about u .


WM: beta have u seen Sanskar

Vihan: no uncle he didn’t arrived till now

WM: what he didn’t arrived? Don’t know What happened to him

Sid: but uncle why are u looking for him. If u want any help we all are here.

WM: no beta nothing like that. He asked me to decorate the garden area as he is going to propose Swara betiya today


Sid: we were shocked and ran behind her but we saw her car dashing out of the gate.

Vihan: without wasting time we too went behind her. It was clear that she was not in her senses. The car was in over speed and was running through wrong side.

Randir: a truck was coming from the opposite side but it seemed she didn’t notice it. When the truck was about to hit she turned the car and she was thrown out and the car hit a tree near by.

Vihan: it was then we noticed that in between the car hit a bike. The man on bike was also seriously injured. We took both of them to hospital.

Sid: in between we informed Swara’s father and they were there at the hospital when we reached. Immediately after giving first aid they took Swara to US.

Manik: just then the nurse came and give the belongings of that man to us as he was taken for the operation .and from his wallet we got his & ur’s photo

Vihan: and I informed u. And we left the hospital after ragini came.

Sid : after a week we contacted Aditya and came to know that she was in ventilator.

Manik: we were so much ashamed of ourselves that we never contacted u nor Aditya .

Sanskar which hell shocked hearing them

At that time he gets a phone call. Tells him sometime to which he yells

Sanskar: what …..accident…..when I mean where

OS: …………

Sanskar: she is safe na.

Os: ………..

Sanskar : nooooo……. She can’t do this to me…..this can’t happen…… I’m coming.



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