SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 10

Hai my near and dear ones this is Mariya back with a new episode.

Sanskar and Swara went to the control room after asking the available officers to meet them there. Sanskar explained them the situation. Some agreed some opposed but Swara was not ready to give up and she explained them that it is a matter of saving a life. Everybody obliged.

An experienced driver along with a doctor and a relative of the donor were accompanying the heart. Everything was going according to the plan. The officers who were against the mission also were feeling proud to be a part of this mission.

Suddenly on their way a group of people who were on a political rally become violent and there emerged an emergency situation. They were not allowing any vehicle to pass on. A huge traffic block has happened and the vehicle carrying the heart get stuck. They were trying every possible way to get rid of this situation.

In between sanskar notice that Swara is missing.

San: she herself forced me into this mission and now we’re the hell she is.

Swara: (how was just entering the room hear him) sorry to disappoint you sir, I didn’t went to any hell. I just went to get this.

Saying this she handed over a pendrive to him. He was first confused but then get his lap and played it. It contained a video of a political leader forcing himself on his secretary. He understood what she meant. He immediately called the leader and blackmailed him with the video and he agreed but to help them.

The leader made the situation in his favour saying that he is calling back his followers for the sake of the mission. And he is proud to be a lifesav

Somehow the traffic is cleared and the vehicle dashed to its destination. But as a lot of time has been wasted by now the success of the mission was at a stake.

Swara’s POV

No this mission has to be a success. This must be probably my last chance to prove myself innocent. I was thinking about all the ways possible when I saw him equally tensed or should I say more. But why is he taking tension. As per my offer if this mission becomes a failure he will become right. And he can be out of his guilt, which is clearly visible in his eyes.

Just then the driver come up with the idea of a sing a shortcut road. But the problem was the roads are very narrow and if a vehicle comes opposite then both the vehicles will get blocked.

Sanskar allowed him and he requested the public support in the mission through visual and audio media.

With the great support from the public they succeed in the mission. All were very happy especially Sanskar.


The mission got succeeded and I’m so happy. My mind and heart was always in a battle from the time I saw Swara with Sahil. I’m happy that my mind won today as I hoped. Now I will make everything fine. It’s my promise to u Swara.

Sanskar was thinking all these sitting in the control room itself. Just then Swara entered

Sw: sorry sir, u loose so as per my promise here is ur punishment.

Saying this she handed over the divorce papers to him

Sw: I have signed it. Now it’s ur turn.

Sanskar came in front of her, took those papers for her , tear it , throw it away and simply hugged her.

Sw: (Swara become numb for a second and coming to her senses she tried to push him away) sir please leave me someone will come

San: it’s Sanskar Swara. And I’m sorry

Sw: ( pushed him with all her force and parted away) excuse me sir.

She leave the room and Sanskar looks on.

Swara goes to her flat and was wondering about the happenings. Just then she got a call from Ramnath asking her to meet him in his house.

@ Ramnath’s house

Swara rang the calling bell and it was opened immediately as if expecting her.

Swara: ( surprisingly) kushi bhabhi!!!! When did u came? Where’s arnav bhaya and Anjali Di? How was ur conference? Are u fine?

Kushi:. Swaraโ€ฆ.. Swara relax take a breath

Arnav: yes swara we all are fine

Anjali: (hugging her) and how is my little sisso

Sw: ( sadly) what about me Di? As always fit as a fiddle.

Anjali and kushi hugged her from both sides. They share an emotional hug.

Arnav: swaru u forgot me. So bad.

Sw: bhaya!!! You to become like bhabhi?? Dramebaz

Kushi: swara, I won’t leave u today

Saying this she ran behind Swara who already ran from there. They 4 were running in the whole house.

Ramnath & Nirmala were happy to see their bonding & also to see Swara smiling after many days

Done. Guys be ready with rotten eggs and tomatoes because in the next chapter I’m going to do something for which u all are going to bash me.


  1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Sorry dear for not commenting in previous chappy bcz I was busy with class testtest… Chappy is marvelous… Loved it…. Keep it up… Okay,I will ready with rotten eggs and tomatoes๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰.
    Take care
    Keep smiling๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. xavia

    It amazing dear….n dun wry i vl make omelate n throw dm on uh dat too directly frm pan…hot hot lolz..๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Mariyajap



      Of course I’m from kerala and when I’m interested in such investigate and triller movies why should I miss it. By the way r u from Kerala

  3. Radhika..


    |Registered Member

    awesome part swara won and sanskar change of behaviour but swara pushing him. its seems interesting what i sgonna happen. loved it continue soon an darnav khushi entry. loved it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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