SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 28


Sanskar’s POV

Uttara is alive. I must be happy , of course I’m happy that my sister whom we considered to be dead is alive. But omg what have I done uttu is alive Bhai had an accident and I accused her for all these. Oh God why didn’t u stopped my breath before doing such a heinous crime. How will I face her now . This is beyond forgivable and now I understand Swara why didn’t u reciprocate to my hug.

His thoughts were disturbed by the screaming sound of swara. The scene in front of him snatched his heart. Urvashi is clutching swara’s hair in her fist and was pulling it so harshly that Swara is screaming out of pain.

Urvashi: (pointing the gun on Swara’s forehead, with an evil smirk) as u had known my entire truth then shall I give peace to ur soul Swara. From the day u were born I have always dreamt about this, killing u with my hands. Even a little late but better late than never right Swara.

Swara: yeah right Mrs. Urvashi it’s better to die than to leave with seeing hatred in ur loved ones eyes.

Sanskar felt a stabbing pain in his heart

Urvashi: philosophy ha nothing will save u Swara. U don’t worry I will not kill ur sanky, instead I will keep him in induced coma just like I have kept uttara.

Swara: but Why have u kept her like this what is the use.

Urvashi: use…. There must be hold for me when this entire truth come out right.

Swara: I wish Masi that ur this face never come in front of the world. Because my ma always considered u as her own sister and my di she considers u more than a mother. When n they come to know about ur this face they will be shattered.

Urvashi: shut up Swara …..just shut up what do u think ha u can trap me in ur emotional talks. Never ….n never ever . Now get ready to die.

Sanskar tried a lot to get out of the goons clutch but can’t. Raj, Rajath and Abhinav were standing there with their usual evil smirk. Urvashi was all set to pull the trigger. But she became angry on seeing unaffected face of swara there was no emotions on her face.

Urvashi: so u r not afraid of death and u won’t beg me for ur life. Fine then (turning to Rajath) u always wanted her right Rajath so now she is all urs u can do what ever u want with her but I need her to beg for her life her dignity. Come on all others get out of the room and lock him (sanskar) with his beloved sister.

Sanskar: no.. u can’t do that mami she is ur ladoo’s sister her doll her daughter. Plz I beg u mami leave her . U can take my life instead.

Urvashi: ( to the goons) don’t u hear what I said lock him.

All went out taking sanskar and closing the door behind.

Rajath came close to Swara

Rajath: so how r u my darling. U know u r the only one who said no to me. Whom I didn’t get on my bed. I thought my wish will remain as a wish itself. But by fighting with mom u urself opened my way. Thank u Swara.

By saying this he was about to touch her but she slapped him hard and kick him on his stomach with her knees. Rajath fell on the floor with a thund. When he tried to get up she again hit him with her legs and give him so many punches that he couldn’t even resist and she was taking all her frustration on him .

Swara: u bl**dy jerk what do u think of urself ur mom give u permission and u can have me just like that. U know what u are such an idiot just like ur dad. U just know to enjoy ur life. But u don’t have that power to overpower a trained IPS officer. Now u will be my hold in front of ur mom.

Saying this she took the bedsheet from the bed and tore it and tied his hands and legs and covered his mouth also. Then she called ramnath to and informed him about everything. Ramnath told her that they already arrived and are taking positions and will be ready to attack in a while. Staying connected in contact with them she took Rajath out.

Urvashi was stunned to see the scenario in front of her. She ordered her men to tie her up but she took out her gun which she was hiding and held Rajath at gunpoint.

Swara: stop right there or else I will kill him.

Urvashi: no… all of u step back. Swara no
Don’t do that I will do whatever u want. Plz don’t harm him. (Laughs sarcastically)

Urvashi: what do u think ha I will beg u for his life. Then you’re terribly mistaken miss. Gadodia oops sorry Mrs. Maheshwary. I’m urvashi for whom the only one matters is my laddo. I dont have any affection to any of them(pointing to raj & Rajath) they r only stepping stones for me to achieve my goals. Don’t mistake it to be my love.

Swara: (with a smirk) what do u think Mrs. Urvashi that I will come in ur words and leave him. Then u r mistaken. Now come on open the locked room and free sanskar. Quick.

Swara was startled by a gun shoot sound and in the next second Rajath was there lying on the floor in a pool of blood.


Hai guys this is Mariya back. My operation is over it was just a keyhole surgery. The most worst thing is that I have to stay in hospital for the next three days and on bed rest for a long 15 days. It’s going to be too boring. So guys u all try to update ur ff/ss/ts/os quickly and keep me entertained. And ha I will read all the episodes updated in the previous 3, 4 days and will comment also. (If my mom allow me then) today is Sunday and my cousin shiny is with me today. Thanks a lot for her to supporting me unconditionally. The whole story is typed by her and she also read the comments in the previous episodes for me and some of the updates also.

She was even ready to reply for the comments also but wanted to thank u all personally so thank u all for ur prayers and care. I was just overwhelmed with ur comments and thought to update today. And for next chappy u have to wait till in get discharged from hospital. Thank u once again.

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