swasan ff-is that hate or love episode1

Assalamu allaikum… Namastey… Namskar.. Hii.. Hello.. Everybody I’m back with with my ff ..i didn’t expect this much response on it so thank you so much and enjoy this part it will be full of fun and cute scenes so enjoy

Sanskar and laksh were still standing in the canteen while two girls showed up they were our SWARAGINI!! Ragini was wearing a yellow churidaar and tying her hair in a fish tail braid and our SWARA was wearing a yellow jumpsuit with red prints on it and leaving her hair loose with some curls in it and standing with a beautiful smile on her beautiful face

Sanskar:what the hell are you laughing at miss whatever(he always calls her miss whatever)

Swara:her Mr. Tower(she always calls calls him like that because he is so tall) is it a sin to smile?? I didn’t even talk to you!!

Sanskar:how date you talk to me like that, huh?

Swara:like I’m dying to talk to you

Sanskar:you…. (Stopped by raglak)

Raglak in union:STOPPP…..

Sanskar in low voice:miss whatever!!

Swara:oye, i heard you

Laksh :come on guys auto l stop it ..ragini..Why were both so late?

Ragini:because of her(pointing at swara)

Sanskar:see lucky i told you that this miss whatever is always late

Lucky:enough sanskar.. By the way ragini you look so beautiful today

Ragini blushed:thanks lucky

Sanskar:yes ragini you look absolutely stunning

Swara:oye, guys you are complementing ragini only why don’t i look good too? K she said with a pout face)

Sanskar:you shut up we are talking to ragini

Swara:did i talk to you Mr tower?

Lucky:sanky, shona.. Stop guys, no shona you look beautiful

Swara:thanks, lucky at least you can see not like other people(looking at sanskar).. Blind

Lucky:bas shona.. Chalo class shuru ho gayi

(They all went to class)

In class:
Professor was explaining the lesson then she saw swara chatting on the phone and sanskar was passing a chit to laksh

Prof .:miss gadodia and mr. Maheshwari .. get out of my class

Swasan:but sir….

Prof. :no ifs and buts….. OUT

They looked at each other irritatedly and got out, they walked in two separate ways but both of them went to canteen there was a flirty boy named Vicky he got to swara and said:hey beautiful, how are you?

Swara:not your business Mr. Vikram

Vicky:swara you are too old fashioned baby… It’s Vicky.. Just chill

Swara:shut up you are not my friend to call you Vicky

He said by touching her shoulder:so let’s be friends (right there he felt a burning sensation on his cheek… He realised that he was slapped… But who slapped him?.. It saw our hero SANSKAR!!!

Swara was just standing speechless and wondering (to herself) :this sanskar is so weird sometimes he is rude and sometimes he is so nice but i can’t debt that he is handsome.. Wait a minute.. Why am i thinking about him.. Her thoughts were interrupted by sanskar’s voice:if you ever tried to even touch swara I’ll not leave you…. Understand

Vicky said sorry and ran from there

Now swasan were standing alone swara said: thank you

Sanskar said: no need to your thank you I’ve done what anybody should do

Swara:why are you so rude to me what have i done to you?

Sanskar:I’m sorry i don’t mean to be so rude every time but that is the truth that any guy would have done
(He was going until swara going but her shoes strangled with a stone.. She was about to fall.. She closed her eyes tightly.. But then she felt two strong hands holding her by her waist it was HIM

Sanskar:do you always want to hurt yourself anyway you can?

Swara:do you try to be ride anyway you can?? (Just then sanskar left her and she fell on the floor)

Swara:ahhhhh. You will never change

At badi:swaragini just finished thier classes and went and kissed shekhar and sumi’s cheeks

Sumi:swara, ragini.. You can do any thing for me, right?

Swaragini: of course mom

Sumi:i arranged your marriage

Swaragini were shocked : whattt… Whith who???

Sumi:sanskar and laksh
(swara was happy and ragini was a little sad)

Swara:oh my God!!! I will get married to lucky!!!

Sumi:nahi shona

Swaragini were shocked


Shomi:you will get married to… Sanskar and ragini will marry laksh
(Swaragini were shocked but ragini somewhere was happy)
The screen freezes on their faces…. Episode1 ends

Precap:swasan’s decision …swasan love towards raglak turns into HATE

So.. What will happen that swasan hate raglak?.. What would be their decision? If you want to know stay tuned to the next episode…

Soooo….. Guys how was it? Was it too long?? If you like it tell me in the comments below and if you have any remark… Well… Also tell me in the comments… I’m so irritating naa :P… Love you guys aaaand ENJOY

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    nice… Update next one soon

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    it was good.. poor swara.. no one loves her.. feels bad for my cutie

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      Don’t worry the circumstances will make her be loved unconditionally… Falling in love will happen slowly

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  6. nice!!!! abt the precap i think sanskar loves ragini and swara loves laksh is in it???

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      Yes they do but they will realise something about them that will make them hate them!!

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