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Hi guys how are you today….. so your tasneem is back with another part only for your request….this part is dedicated to my best friend anshu for her support for me all the time. …… But I want you to forgive me as I won’t post in those three days because I’m sick and I won’t be able to post before Tuesday so this part will be long….. enjoy it

Recap: swara jealous…. Sanskar came close to swara….. Swasan affected by each other’s closeness

Part 8 :

Swara and Sanskar had their lunch together In their room and they were silent the whole time until Sanskar broke the silence
Sanskar: I think I got married to a robot
Swara : matlab..??
Sanskar: when I’m away from you you keep blabbering and talking like a non stop radio….. But when I come close to you you become mute like a little sleeping kid
Swara:I don’t know what to say!!!
Sanskar:owww…. so Mrs whatever is now muted right….. That’s better…. At least I’ll get some Peaceful time
Swara: what do you mean…. That I disturb you…. huh…. Mr maheshwari…. You’re talking like you are a cute little angle…. am I the only one who is talking too much in this house….. You too disturb me always
Sanskar( in mind): finally my plan in making her talk succeed…. Get ready for the storm Mr Sanskar maheshwari!!!
Sanskar: well…. I’m not like you…. Who cannot stay five minutes without talking
Swara: so you are challenging me!!!

Sanskar: well…. Sort of…. But I know that you will never win
Swara: Mr maheshwari never hurt my ego…… swara can do anything
Sanskar: show me
Swara:ok….I will keep quite for today and tomorrow… If I did it then I win
Sanskar: ok…I I won…. Then I think you know what I will do
Swara ( confused): what will you do?
Sanskar ( came close to her a little):I think you saw a bit today…. But that was just the trailer….. You will see the whole movie if you lost!!! ( He smiled naughtily)
Swara understood his intention and she blushed hard
Sanskar: save your blushing when you lose madam
Swara:but…what…if….I won
Sanskar: do whatever you want!!!
Swara:hmmmm…. If I won first you stop being rude to me…. and second you get me a gift…..manzoor hai?!
Sanskar:deal ( they shaked their hands as a sign of a deal)

At night:
Swara was quite the whole day without blabbering and talking…. But Sanskar was annoyed…. Because he don’t like her quite like that…. and he thought of something and smirked evilly….. Swara got out of the washroom wearing her a baby pink churidaar with her hair wet…. She was looking like an Angel
Sanskar ( in mind): this girl want to drive me crazy…. She look so innocent and so hot in the same time….I don’t want to lose control…. but I have to win the bet

Sanskar: look who came….Mrs whatever….. You have been in the washroom since one hour….
Swara ignored him as she didn’t hear him
Swara( in mind): this is the best thing he have done….. This bet….. First if I won my bet then he won’t be rude to me and second I can avoid him because I don’t want to come close to him
Sanskar:hey… Our Bet was to stay quite not to ignore me
Again Swara didn’t say anything
Sanskar:I like your hope that you can win…. But a girl like you can never win
Swara ( in mind): what!!!!! A girl like me!!!!… calm down Swara he just want you to lose the bet
Sanskar was surprised that she didn’t answer him after what he said
Sanskar ( in mind):I think I have hope tonight but tomorrow I’ll win my bet
Sanskar turned over the bed and slept
Swara smiled and said: you give up easily Mr maheshwari…. But don’t worry I’ll make you give up tomorrow too
She went and sleep beside him

At morning:
Swara woke up and found herself in the same position as she was last night….. But this time it was something else…. Her head was over his chest and his face was almost inside her hair
Swara( again blushed):oh god….I think I should be used to this
She got up from bed and went to the washroom fast….. After she came out she found him awake
Swara ( without looking at him): go and get freshen up….. You are late
Sanakar: however you try Mrs maheshwari… I’ll win
Swara just looked at him and give him a ” whatever ” look
Sanakar ( in mind): don’t worry Mrs whatever I have a perfect plan to win the Bet…. You will stay with me the whole day even at office
Sanakar went to his office….. Swara was sitting in the room
Swara ( in mind): Thank God he has gone….I will have a better chance to win the bet…..
Her thoughts were interrupted by a phone call she looked at the screen and found” Mr Tower” calling
Swara:oh my god….I know that this Mr Tower won’t give up that easy…. She picked up the phone

Sanakar: open the wardrobe
Swara: why!!!
Sanakar: Shut up and open it
Swara opened the wardrobe and found a file
Sanskar: take it and come…. But hurry up because I need it

At office:
Swara was heading into sanskar’s cabin until a boy stopped her…. He was tall and masculine…. He was wearing an Armani suit
The boy: Hello beautiful
The boy: are you working here?
Swara: no I’m….
The boy: so you want to meet someone?
Swara: actually…… ( interrupted by a voice from behind…. guess who….. Our hero)
Sanskar: Yes she want to meet someone…. She wants to meet me…. Any problem
The boy: so…. You’re meeting ” the Sanskar maheshwari”… wow…. so you’re his girlfriend
Sanskar: my wife Swara…. Swara Sanskar maheshwari
The boy:I didn’t know that you’re wife is that beautiful Mr maheshwari( he held swara’s hand and kissed it)
The boy: Mrs beautiful…. I’m Sahil….. SAIL SENGUPTA
Swara: I’m Swara…. Swara gad…..( interrupted by Sanskar)
Sanskar: Swara Sanskar maheshwari ( he took swara’s hand from sahil’s hand) my wife Mr SENGUPTA……I hope you keep that in your mind…. Swara come with me
Swara: here you go….. Your file…. I’m going
Sahil: I can drop you….swara….I can call you Swara right
Swara: of course and I will call you Sahil
Sahil:I didn’t know that my name sounds that good…..s for Sahil and s for Swara….wow
Sanskar was standing there boiling with anger: sorry Mr SENGUPTA but you don’t need to do anything….. Swara will stay in my cabin until we go home
( He held swara’s hand until he stopped and told him):and by the way Mr senguptq s for Sanskar also….. Sanskar Swara….SWASAN… sounds good right ( he glared at sahil angrily and went from there)

At his cabin:
Swara: what the hell is your problem mrt maheshwari… How can you embarrass me like that….. and why you treated him like that….. and last night I was Swara gadodia today I’m Swara Sanskar maheshwari….. Do you have a double personality or you are mad ( she noticed Sanskar’s face turned from Angry to a naughty smile)
And now you are smiling…. am I looking funny to you
Sanskar:well….I was angry but after winning my bet I can’t stop myself from smiling
Swara realised what she have done… That she lost the bet and she cursed herself inside her mind. …. Sanskar came close to her and she closed her eyes tightly and he whispered in her ear: get ready for the punishment tonight…..Mrs maheshwari ( he smiled evilly and she ran from there)
…….part 8 ends

Precap: swara’s punishment…..raglak more jealousy but this time with actions…..swara Angry on Sanskar

So guys how was this part….a little long but once again forgive me for not posting in those three days because I’m damn sick…..I love you all…..aaaaand peace :* :* ♥♡

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