swasan ff-is that hate or love episode 6


Hellooow guys this is tasneem how are you today!!!! I really don’t have words top describe what I’m feeling after reading your comments guys thank you so much for this super support…. and this part is dedicated to shan for guessing what will happen in today’s episode….. and this part will be a little long because I’ll not be able to pay tomorrow I’ll post the other part on Friday I hope you enjoy this part

Recap: sanskar ties swara’s saree… raglak jealous…swara fall in sanskar’s hands….sanskar is shocked to see his new pa
Episode 6 :
Sanskar:OH MY GOD!!
The girl : surprise.. Right! !

At maheshwari’s :

Sujata:swara come here fast
Swara: Yes mom….
Sujata: please swara…. sanskar didn’t have his breakfast well today would you go to his office and give him this food
Swara: but mom…. The driver is there
Sujata: no swara…. As long as my bahu is here why would I send the driver…. and you can spend more time together
Swara:ok mom I’ll go
She was going until she heard sujata’s voice
Sujata: and btw swara… Don’t forget that you are going to his office so it’s not your bedroom to do romance in it like today in the kitchen ( she smiled naughtily)
Swara ( embarrassed and blushing): bye mom

At sanskar’s cabin:
Sanskar:I didn’t imagine that you will be my new pa
The girl:I know… and I did it on purpose to surprise you
Sanskar: but…. You know what I missed you so much
The girl:I know….I miss you even more
Sanskar: no I miss you more my dear KAVITA !!! ( Yes that girl was kavita)
Kavita went and hugged sanskar with so much pleasure and he did the same…. But the scene wasn’t only like that… There was two eyes watching them…. those eyes were filled of…. tears… Anger…. jealousy…. sadness and of course you know who was she!!!!
Kavita noticed someone in the cabin
Kavita: Hey you…. can’t you knock before you get in…. Don’t you have manners
Swara( full angrily): Hey…. Don’t you have manners to hug a man and in public you are just shameless… You know what…. You both carry on…. complete your romance but have some manners and don’t do that in office
By saying that she ran from the office
Sanskar:hey.. wait…
He catched Swara’s hand
Sanskar: why are you angry…. and why did you come here? !
Swara: first I’m not angry I’m just ashamed to see two persons romancing in public and second…. Don’t worry I’m not here to see you in here to give you this ( she handed him the tiffin)
Sanskar: first I’m not romancing… she’s my friend…. and second come I want to introduce you to her
Swara: I’m sorry but I’m not interested
Sanskar( Angrily):I said come… Now
She had nothing to do but to follow him
Sanskar: guys forget about what happened and let me introduce you to each other…. This is Kavita… my best friend since childhood…. and kavita this is miss gadodia
Swara was shocked by the word miss gadodia
Swara ( full angrily) : what…. What miss gadodia…. I’m your wife Mr maheshwari or I think you forgot I’m Mrs swara sanskar maheshwari but I don’t think it matters to you much…. I’m going from here
She went out of the cabin crying
Kavita: what happened to her sanskar
Sanskar:I don’t know…I think She have gone mad

At maheshwari’s:

Swara’s pov:
I was going to his cabin….I was happy that I will see him and I saw him but he wasn’t alone….I was awestruck by the scene he was hugging a girl with so much pleasure and I was like ” what the hell is happening”
I know I don’t love him but I don’t hate him also first or last I’m his wife and he should give me some respect…. Right…. admit it swara you like him….. No swara you can’t be that weak he hates you…. You can’t like him…. But he’s so handsome na….I know but I can’t melt to his looks….I know that he is handsome…. cute…. Hot…. Good looking but I have to be strong….. and what was that girl’s name…. Kavita…. She looks more like cavity…. and look at her skirt it was so short…. How can she wear such a short skirt!!!!…… my thoughts were disturbed by a voice that I know and remember very well…. His voice brings me Pain in my heart….. But I’m not affected by his voice that much as before as in those two days I started to forget about him slowly slowly but I don’t know the reason…..

Laksh: swara…. swara I want to talk to you
Swara: I’m sorry mr Laksh maheshwari but I’m not interested in talking to you
Laksh: swara please just five minutes from your time
Swara: what do you want? !
Laksh: swara…I know that I did a very big mistake with you and I’m not going to force you to forget what happened….I just want us to come back friends as we have always been
Swara: Laksh….. Are you mad or something!!!
Laksh: swara please listen to me….I miss you swara….I miss your every thing…. Your naughtiness…. Your playful spirit…. Your childish behaviour….I really miss you swara I need you in my life….I miss my shona
Swara: I’m sorry Mr Laksh but your shona was dead when you broke her heart now I’m swara…. swara sanskar maheshwari….I hope you didn’t forget…. I’m your bhabi Laksh
Laksh was jealous by hearing her saying swara sanskar maheshwari
Laksh: swara I’m not forcing you to come back to me I’m just asking you to be my friend
Swara: you are impossible Laksh….. First you chose ragini over me and now you want us both…. You know what Laksh…… Your problem is that you can’t make any difference between a lover and a friend….. You choosed ragini as your lover but she have never been your friend and believe me she won’t….. and I was your friend but never was your lover and even if I was your friend you broke our friendship by your own hands ( she was going from there)
Laksh: swara before you go I want to ask you something? Did…. Did uttara….I mean. … What she said today. …
Swara: I’ve never seen a person like you Laksh…. and to clear your doupts …. Yes…. uttara was 100 percent right… Today in the kitchen I was slipping until sanskar saved me…. and that’s the difference between you and him….. As long as he hates me but he worries about me….. He can’t let anything happen to me….. Not like you….. I’m just disgusted to talk to you ( she went from there leaving Laksh burning with jealousy from the way she defended sanskar)

At noon:
Sanskar just came back from office and swara didn’t want to talk to him because she would be angry on him for no reason but she wanted to see him badly she saw him getting out of his car but he wasn’t alone….. again this cavity was with him

At Hall:
Sanskar:badi maa how are you! !
Ap: I’m fine beta…. Arrey… kavi…. That’s you ( by saying this she hugged Kavita) how are you kavi
Kavita: I’m fine aunty
Sanskar didn’t notice that swara was watching them
Sanskar: actually badi maa Kavita just came back from ahmadabad last night and she have no where to stay at….. Can she stay with us
Ap: of course beta…. You shouldn’t take permission to stay here kavi that’s your house
Kavi: Thanks aunty
Swara who was watching all what is happening she was just numb until she couldn’t control herself and she ran into the room and burst out of crying….ap noticed that
Ap:arrey.. swara…. swara…. kavi wait a minute I’ll just be back
By saying this ap got into swara’s room and she found her crying badly
Ap: swara…. What happened…. Why are you crying…. Are you sick or something…. swara tell me what happened
Swara wipes her tears: no badi maa I’m fine don’t worry
Ap: swara don’t lie to your badi maa tell me what happened
Swara cried even more: badi maa…. If your husband was hugging another girl and when he is with this girl he becomes more happy than when he is with you and this girl wears a better clothes and he thinks that she is more beautiful than you and this girl is already his friend and you know that he hates you a lot…. Does that mean that you are that bad?
Ap got everything that swara is jealous from Kavita but she didn’t tell her because she didn’t want to embarrass bet
Ap: of course not swara…. Maybe he doesn’t love that girl and I’m just imagining this because I love him that much that I Can’t see him with another woman…. whoever this woman be first or last she’s only his friend and I’m his wife so I shouldn’t ask about anything like this
Swara was shocked by her words: love!!!
Ap: Yes swara…. Love
Swara thought of the word love for a while then she jerked her thought remembering that he Hates her…. But she was kind of relaxed by ap’s words
Swara: thank you badi maa
Ap: swara…. I’m like you’re mom whenever you want to talk just come to me and tell me
Swara:mom can I ask you something??
Ap: of course swara
Swara:woh… actually….I should cook for you all lunch today so I wanted to know….I wanted….
Ap: vegetable curry and kheer
Swara was shocked that she read What’s in her mind: what!!
Ap: swara…I can read your eyes… sanskar’s favorite foods are vegetable curry and kheer
Swara (a Little shy) Thanks badi maa
Ap: now come Let’s prepare lunch
SWARA: you go I’ll just come
She was getting down until she saw something that made her shocked and angry at the same time
Swara: ( in mind) :THIS IS TOO MUCH!!!…… episode Ends

Precap:swara burning with jealousy…. sanskar refuses to eat his favourite food just for Kavita…… Some Swasan romantic scenes

So what did swara see that made her angry?
Will sanskar know that swara is jealous?
How will swara treat Kavita?
Is Kavita negative or positive?
If you want to know stay tuned to the next episodes…..
So guys…. How was this part….I hope you liked it!!! And tell me your opinion on the comments even if it’s a negative comment I’ll accept it….I love you all aaaaaaand peace :* :* โ™กโ™ฅ

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  1. Wow nice waiting for nxt part

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      Thanks ani :* :*

  2. Awesome

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      Thank you anu <3

  3. Please remove this cavity from this story….i hate her

    1. Tasneem

      Don’t worry sree… adding her to the ff has a big importance….

  4. Tamanna

    Nice… But please don’t make kavita villian in swasan story…..
    Waiting for next one

    1. Tasneem

      Thanks for your opinion tamanna…. I’ll take idea also ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Niice epi…wil laksh turrn negative??

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      Thank you…. You will know in the next episodes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. SNY

    Awsm dr…!!
    I thnk kavi positive chrtr..!!

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  7. Vyshu10

    Awesome….loved swara’s jealousy. I liked how she reacted when sanskar introduced her as Miss Gadodia. And waht is laksh’s problem….instead of going back of rag, he is after swara. But it will be helpful to make sanky feel possessive for swara in some way.

    I think swara saw kavsan sitting close together and enjoying. But don’t tell me that kavita is kissing sanskar even in a friendly manner.

    1. Tasneem

      Thank you so much vyshu for this lovely comment….lol I never thought of that kissing idea but I think now It came into my mind ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

    2. Tasneem

      Thank you so much vyshu for this lovely comment….lol I never thought of that kissing idea but I think now It came into my mind ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Abirsha

    Awesome…. Thanks for dedicating this part to me…. But i hate sanskar…. Y he intoduced swara as miss Gadodia???? I thought sanskar will fall for swara first as he is the one who always scolds her but swara fallen for sanskar…. I hate kavita a lot….

    1. Tasneem

      Thank you shan for your lovely comment and don’t worry he will call for Swara but slowly ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Abirsha

        Sry dr but in this ff i want sanskar too fall for swara first…. But its impossible…. I know he will fall for her…. But swara already fell for him…. Bcoz sanky always hurt swara in this ff so i thought he will fall for her first but here its totally opposite…. ?

  9. Niku

    Awesome chp but poor baby girl swara…hm hope she is able to understand her feelings for sanskar soon….

    1. Tasneem

      Thanks niku and don’t worry everything will happen but slowly ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. This story is superb dear. & today’s part was awesome.
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt part.

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  12. Mica

    aaaahhh …swara fall en for sanskar first…
    but it’s OK ! tasneem,… still i luv it
    if laksh n swara become best friend, will be EPIC ! hahahh

    1. Tasneem

      Thanks mica…. and guess she fell for him first but she won’t admit her love now ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  15. little princess

    Awesome chappy dear…i hope kavitha will have a positive shade….enjoying laksh’s jealousy…hehe… Poor laksh.. lol…swara is fallen in love with sanskar..so now make sanskar fall in love with swara…why is he not understanding the fact that swara is jealousy abt kavsan’s closeness..he thinks she is mad..omg ….such a dumbo…let him fall in love with swara soon..
    And dont make swara weak bcoz of kavsan closeness…wish to see bold n strong swara…update next chappy asap..love ur ff.

    1. Tasneem

      Oww… Thank you sooo much dear for that long comment and don’t worry every thing in your mind will happen but it will take a little time ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      Thank you dharani ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Superb Nemo…Loved it…Oh God Kavita that cavity will never my sanky alone…Whybis Laksh jealous….His character is same like in seriel mean earlier Laksh….First he left Swara because of Ragini now Swara is happy in her life then came back to disturb her….Uff…BTW Superb Episode…Loved it..Awesome Chappy… Post next ASAP..

    1. Tasneem

      Thank you anshu for that lovely comment…. You seriously made my day ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Nemo you mean that I have make your day serious…he he he

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    awesome dear….update soon

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      Thank you alia…. ok I will ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      Thank you dear for this lovely comment ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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    when will u update the nxt????

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