swasan ff-is that hate or love episode 3

Hellooooooo guys this is tasneem how are you today…. I’m really really really really really really sorry guys because of your waiting because I wasn’t in town so I couldn’t be able to write any thing so I hope you guys understand and excuse m…so I hhope you enjoy this part. ..

recap: swasan’s shock towards raglak. .. swasan meet at the park. .. swara angry on ragini

episode 3 :

Swara was sitting on the floor crying and ragini was still standing in front of the door and tears were rolling through her eyes. .ragini ( in mind): what happened to swara why is she treating me like that what happened to swara?
She started knocking the door
ragini: swara…. what have i done to you…swara kya hua!….swara!!
Please swara open the door…. ( and then swara opened the door with red eyes due to crying and her face was pale ) swara: what have you done…huh?!.. come on ragini what haven’t you done! !
* Ragini cupped her face*: shona please tell me what have I done that makes you angry at me ( then she felt a very hard slap on her face she was just standing with an O shaped mouth and couldn’t utter a word
swara:I told you ( sobs ). …… never call me shona again…. and never touch me again. …. understand? !

Ragini was just numb she couldn’t realise what just happened from the slap to her words she hardly gathered some words: swara please ehy are you angry at me?
Swara: angry…. seriously ragini. .. angry…. you think I’m angry! ! I’m not angry… I’m Shocked that sister….sister!!…. Or I shouldn’t say sister… you ragini. Cheated on me…. ( said in one breath) you stole my love…. my laksh….or I should say your laksh now( she said with with a smile full of tears…pain…saracasm.. anger)
Ragini now got everything

Ragini: swara. .. swara Aisa kuch nahi hai… You’re…. You’re getting me wrong
swara: shut up ragini…. I’m just disgusted to talk to someone like you because I loved you more than myself and you cheated on me… anyways… From now on you’re not my sister ( and then sge slammed the door hardly in front of ragini and ragini feel on the floor crying)

At maheshwari’s

sanskar was watching ragini’s photo and tears were rolling through his eyes and said : why… why have you done this to me… and swara…. she is your sister how could you do this to her! ! And my brother… lucky. .. he cheated on me ( just then the door knocked… It was laksh… he entered)
Laksh: were have you been sanskar and why are you crying! !
Sanskar: laksh…. get out of my room…. now
Laksh: bhai.. what happened to you? !

Sanskar: I said get out laksh
laksh: but tell me what happened
Sanskar: so you want to know what happened… what happened that… my brother…. my own brother cheated on me
laksh was shocked by his words: what! ! Sanskar what are you talking about? !
Sanskar: so you want to know what have you done… what have you done Mr laksh that you should go to jail because of murder…. and you know who you killed…. ( pointed to his heart)… This. .. you shattered it into pieces and you are pretending like nothing happened…. such a good actor you are…. you first steal my girlfriend and then you act as a pure soul
laksh: bhai… you got me wrong

sanskar: Mr laksh maheshwari if you didn’t get out of my room I will forget that you was my brother
laksh was shocked because of the word” was” and said: sanskar just hear me once
sanskar pushed him out of the room and he fell on the floor and sanskar closed the door and feel on the floor and just broke down

both sanskar and swara couldn’t sleep the whole night thinking about this life is sometimes sweet and sometimes sour but they thought that this is the end of their happiness but they didn’t know that it was the beginning of it….. They couldn’t sleep the whole night
In morning:
Swara woke up from an almost one hour non peaceful sleep and she recalled every thing happened in her life and started crying again….. suddenly she remembered sanskar and Their meeting after half an hour she went to freshen up but today she wasn’t in mood to put any makeup or jewellery or wear any thing modern so she wore a green and yellow Churidaar she looked Simple but Beautiful she went to meet sanskar at the cafΓ© he was Ashley there

sanskar was already angry because she was ten minutes late and he hates being late but after he saw her with that Indian look with her natural beauty and her side braid he just forgot everything
Sanskar( no respond)

Swara ( snaps her fingers in front of him): sanskar
Sanskar: what… what were you saying? !
Swara: never mind…I came here to tell that I will say yes to the marriage
sanskar: do I have any other thing to do but to marry you.. what can I do..I have to do it
Swara: look sanskar I’m not in the mood to fight right now I just told you all I got now I’ll go ( saying this she went from there)

At badi: swara reached and was calling for her mother
swara: maa….maa…. Where are you?
Ragini came out of the kitchen: swara she is at our relatives house
swara: did. I ask you. .. nahi na… so keep your stupid tongue in your mouth and shut up
ragini went from there but she was crying badly…. Just then Sumi entered
sumi: shona…. kya hua… why you look so dull… No makeup and no jewellery….. and this Churidaar!!!!… and you look like crying. .. what happened to you shona? !
Swara: maa… main bilkul thik Ho… I’m fine…I just wanted to tell you one thing…. ( said in one breath) I ready to marry sanskar

Sumi: shona!!! Really!!! Thank you shona ( and she hugged her) for making my dream come true I knew that my shona will never let me down
swara: maa… but in one condition
Sumi : kya… condition…. what condition?
Swara: marriage should happen tomorrow I don’t want any before- marriage rituals
Sumi : but swara how can this happen…I Mean… what will ap ji and sujata ji day about us
swara: maa… Don’t worry… Sanskar called me and he convinced them and they agreed
Sumi: Ok shona…. but ragini

Swara a little bit angry: what ragini mom…. The marriage will happen so what’s the big difference in it…. she wanted laksh…. she got laksh now what
sumi: shona… what happened… why are you talking like that?!
Swara: I’m sorry maa but please accept my condition
sumi: Ok… as my shona likes
swara was heading toward her room to get ready to the mehendi but she saw someone and she was shocked and tears were rolling through her eyes?!…. episode 3 ends
so guys… Who did swara see that made her cry?
What will be raglak’s reaction after knowing?
How will swasan start their new life together while they are hating each other?
To know stay tuned. ..!!

Precap: the person who shocked swara shows… swasan marriage…. raglak fight with each other. … swasan romantic scenes

so guys how was the part..I hope you enjoyed it…. and please guys do comments because without comments I can’t know your opinion about it and I won’t post anymore if you didn’t comment…. and guys once again I’m so so so sorry for the delay I hope you excuse me and please tell me if you want raglak to be jealous from swasan or live their life peacefully? ….I love you all keep supporting me aaaand peace

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