swasan ff: i got you by fate Part 6

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The story start with when laksh left swasan alone and sanskar said “ swara, let’s move then I go for meeting and if you want any type of help then you call “ramu Kaka”
Swara- ok
Sanskar – you can sit here , okay
Swara- sit the sofa , and remember her past

After all rituals

Yuvraaj room

In middle bed , she sit and thinking about her husband how much he care her, love her etc
Then yuvi enter In his room and see swara lustful
Yuvi- swara , if you are not comfortable , you can change your clothes and sleep on bed and I sleep on couch ( just like say adarsh husband)
Swara- why are you sleep on couch , you can also sleep on bed , I don’t have any problem
Yuvi- no no swara , swara iinterrupted and say “ you are my husband and I trust you and you sleep on bed withme understand”
Yuvi – OK Darling and pass evil smile which Is unnoticed by swara
Yuvi think today I only sleep with you but tomorrow you say me make me your yuvi and evilly smile
Just then swara came and say “ yuvi you go for change”
Yuvi – okay swara, can you favour one thing
Swara – we are husband – wife and I think you not understand me as your friend…that’s why you ask na
Yuvi- no Darling , it is not like that
Swara – then how it
Yuvi- first I complete it what I tell you , then you
Swara – nodes her head In yes
Yuvi – day after tomorrow we are going on our honeymoon , If you are okay, then
Swara- hmm
Yuvi – what is hmm ???
Tell me your opinion
Swara – okay, but where are we going ?
Yuvi- I think you want so early in our honey moon , not bad Mrs.Swara Singh
She blushing hard, and run from there
Yuvi see this and laugh
Then yuvi phone ring
Yuvi see the caller I’d and angry on her
Yuvi – princess, I told you na after 4-5 days you can me then why you call me , you know na I busy for important meeting
Girl – I know Jaan, but what can I do , I miss you so much , and you know my parents are agree for our marriage
Yuvi – evilly smile and says rreally, then I finish all my work and came to meet you princess
Girl – okay Jaan, love you and miss you take care and come soon
Yuvi- hmm, byeee love you too
Then he cut the call and he says “ swara , I will be back 5 min”
Swara- hmm

Yuvi’s father room

Yuvi- Dad, one more new hunt is ready
Yuvi’s father- wow, that’s great news
Yuvi- dad, but after 1week I have go to meet her parents then about swara and I also say her we are going to honeymoon
Yuvi’s father- hmm, then let’s change the plan
Yuvi- how
Yuvi’s father- we have to say her, you have go ABC place for an important meeting
Yuvi- that’s great
Yuvi’s father – hmm, but first you go and enjoy your first night with your 3 wife
Then both laughs and yuvi says “yes”
Then he go his room

Past end

Laksh- swara Jaan, what’s happened
Swara- nothing, let’s go home , I am getting bore here
Laksh- can you go with bro, vo I have go with kavya , you know na if swara interrupted and says “ I can understand , you can go with her , after all she is my future bhabhi na”
Laksh – omg, my Jaan is so much Intelligent, really I don’t know
Swara- you got it na, then you go, varna she will angry on you
Then both laughs and laksh go
Sanskar see them together and he left from there
kavya- Lucky , let’s go
Laksh- hmm, byeee Jaan
Swara- hahaha byeee
Sanskar- where are you both going?
Laksh- bhai,vo we are going for shopping , and bhai can you drop swara?
Sanskar – why?
She can go herself…
Laksh- bhai ,she is new in Delhi , and she don’t know anything in this city
Kavya- let’s go baby, we are late for movie
Laksh- byeee bhai and plz drop swara in her house and may be today I came late
Sanskar – okay, but where are the her house
Laksh- she know her address and byeee
Sanskar- swara let’s go ,
Swara- where
Sanskar- your house , lucky told me to drop you
Swara- okay
In car, swasan are silent

Precap- swasan scene

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