swasan ff: i got you by fate Part 5

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The episode start with
Laksh was waiting train and said “if train will late then Bhai surely shouting on staff ,then my all daring’s will angry me ,oh god! Where I trapped” ….

After 5 min, train arrived and then he to pick up Swara but when he started to pick her , he feel that someone behind him, when he turned he see a girl and she wear blue colour anarkali suit and she really like angle but when he see her angry expression then Laksh says to her “ sorry for late swara”
Swara – I will wait you platform and you talk himself , I sure if you are not Bhai friend na I kill you but laksh cut her talk and he said “ vase how you recognized me”

Swara – bhai send me your all details and even he also tell me you surely late for picking me …

Laksh – what ??? Rahul said “I came late to pick you” in dramatic voice

Swara – stop doing drama

Laksh- can I said you one think

Swara- yaa, why not

Laksh – you really looking like angle, but if you always cry na , I call you “crying baby”

Swara- what , mee crying baby ….how dare you said me this again Laksh cut her and says “ if you want to stay station, then you will but I will late for go to office”

Swara- ha ha ,sure chale

Laksh – okay, first we will go office and then your new home

Swara – office but why?

Laksh- I have important meeting within 10 min ,if we are talking like this I surely late for office and don’t take tension only 10 to 20min

Swara- hmm but not more than

Laksh- hmm ….let’s go

Then both sit in car and move for office

On other side,

Sanskar – kavya , you prepare your presentation

Kavya- yes, sir

Sanskar – okay, you can Leave now and when laksh came then inform me

Kavya – okay sir.. And sir this is presentation

Sanskar- hmm

In car,
Laksh – if you want share something you can ,you can share it , I am your friend
Swara – no, nothing like that …
Hmm let’s change the topic … tell me something about your self

Laksh – you r very fast .. I mean mostly boys asks these type of questions

Swara – so, what you said na we are friends na …that’s why I ask you if you don’t want to then okay

Laksh – arre , I am just kidding, why are you serious …if you don’tlike kidding then I don’t do again sorry
Swara – sorry not accepted because in friendship ‘no sorry no thanks you’ and I also do kidding
Laksh – even my bro tell same things then swara interrupt and says “ your bro , Bhai does not tell me about your brother”
Laksh- arre , bolne toh do and how much you talk…all girls always talks like this
Swara- what you say “how much you talk” means …Leave it
Laksh- cutie pie
Laksh- sweetie pie
Laksh – sorry yr, I don’t know if I talk this you feel bad
Swara- if you remember , you told me ‘crying baby’ but I think everybody tell you crying baby and you tell me …..Right
Laksh- what yr???
Swara- look your face …
Laksh – leave it , we reach office
Swara- and where I go
Laksh – just then his mobile ring , swara one min, brother call’s
Swara- hmm
Sanskar- where are you Lucky, how much you take time , after 5 min meeting will start and you are not In office
Laksh- swara, what happened , why are you standing here ,chalo
Sanskar- swara ,lucky I talk to you and you
Just then Laksh enter his cabil and says “ chill bhai ,why are you taking tension, when I am here”
And then swara enter sanskar cabil
Swara- laksh, can I use your mobile , bhai must take tension for me na , so I should inform him but my battery is died and she doesn’t see sanskar
Laksh- why not Dr
Sanskar see swara and lost in her simple beauty
Laksh – bhai …bhaii…bhaiiiii…
Sanskar- came in sense , and say what happened
Laksh – meeting …if you not feel better we can postpone it
Sanskar – no , nothing like ,you go I come
Laksh – bhai , swara can stay in your cabil … I mean only for meeting after meeting , I take her house
Sanskar – okay

Swara- bhai, are you angry on me
Rahul- no , why I angry on you
Swara- then why you talking like this if you not angry on me ….. I inform you late na tthat’s why you angry on me…..sorry na , bigggg vala sorryyyyy
Rahul- first you promise me , you will not do again , then sorry accepted
Swara- okay , I will not do again
Rahul- hmmm
Swara- well must say’s bhai, your friend is really like you dramebaaz
Rahul – swara,what you told
Swara- dramebaaz
Rahul- mee dramebaaz in faking angry tone
Swara- ha and leave it bhai and byeee talk you later and take care
Rahul- you too
She cut the phone and when she about the turn
Sanskar- you can stay in my cabil
Swara- me
Sanskar- yaa
Swara- but who are you

Just then laksh came and say “ my bhai Sanskar”

Sanskar- swara , can you give my phone
Swara- this is your phone
Sanskar- hmm
Swara- okay, thanks
Laksh – bhai, can you see her your cabil

Precap – swara past

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