Swasan ff: I got you by fate (Part-4)

Swasan ff :I got you by fate

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Previous part

Now story start

Rahul send all information to Laksh regarding swara and also train no.

In office
Sanskar do some important work then laksh came in his cabin and say “bhai I am going to station ”

Sanskar – why?

Laksh – Today , Rahul’s sis will come.
Sanskar- Ohk and come fast …You know na
Laksh cut his words and says “I know bhai after 1 hour important meeting will be held”

Sanskar- hmm

Laksh went from there towards station but his mobile exchanged with sanskar’s mobile.

Suddenly Sanskar realised that Laksh not took his phone ,he took my phone and then he started call him …

On road

While laksh driving car he didn’t notice that he bought sanskar phone and also the phone continues ringing…

In train

Lady Continues telling about her love marriage story to swara and she silently listening it.

After sometimes, Swara also started to thinks how her life change after her marriage . how single thing change her destiny, how that precious relationship change into curse for long, which she have to carry life long. Now this is her only and only destiny.

After fearbid to family, yuvi and swara both sit in car and went for yuvi house…

In yuvi house

everyone is standing at the entrance of home, particularly the ladies, to welcome wholeheartedly the newly married couple. When the swara and yuvaraj arrive at the home, the ladies perform the ceremony of ‘Griha Pravesh’ for the Swara.
When the swara enters her new home for the first time, she is given a warm welcome by the groom’s parents. A kalash filled with rice is kept at the entrance of the house,then swara is asked to push it with her right foot and then only step into the house.

Past end

On other side

Sanskar continues calling laksh but he didn’t notice it.

Laksh – when he saw phone and see almost 30- 40 missed call from Laksh and he started thinking that how can I call myself even he didn’t realise that this phone was not his …

Sanskar msg him
Laksh u brought my phone by mistake

Laksh see the msg and directly he call sanskar
Laksh- bhai plzz you came station

Sanskar- no Laksh, how can I came station ,I have many work, I can’t

Laksh- then bhai ,you send me Rahul all msg because I don’t knw abt Swara

Sanskar- laksh who is “swara”???

Laksh- Rahul sis,

Sanskar – hmm…I send you All msg from Rahul ..
Ohk laksh

Then he cut call and then he forward all Rahul msg to Laksh …

When he snd msg laksh …he see Swara pic ,her happy face then he also smile ….”Angle” first word from his mouth after see the pic and started to staring pic

Even he also forget to send msg to Laksh

Then laksh call him…

Sanskar phone started ringing and then he came in sense and picked up his call

Laksh – bhai … msg send me fast

Sanskar- ha ha ….. I do

Then he send msg him…and started his work

Precap -swalak friendship started and swara past

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