Swasan ff: I got you by fate (Part-3)


Swasan ff: I got you by fate – part 3

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( Sorry guys I forget to tell one thing
Swara live in Kolkata and Sanskar live in Delhi )

Now story start

Swara – pls Bhai, I can’t be burnden on you. Now I don’t want to live in this city.
Rahul – hmm , okay I will make arrangements for your leaving.
She nodded in yes and closes her eyes.

After 5 hours

Swara went to station and sit in compartment. She closes her eyes and started to reminiscing happy moments.


After playing with children she reached home.
Swara’s parents order her to change. She nodded in yes and went from there.
After some time she came in yellow in yellow lehanga. Her mom put black mark near her ears.

Shomi – my daughter is looking truly gorgeous.
She started to put hldi on her, some ladies also applied haldi on her.
Aftr haldi function, swara wore green lehnga. Mehandi came from groom side that applied on swara’s hand.
Girl – which letter I should write?
She became shy and looked down.

Swara – Y

At other side

A boy marrying with some girl. After finishing ritual both bride and groom took blessings.
Boy’s father hug his son and wishper .
” Ready for new hunt”
He nodded in yes.
Both smirnk and parted away.

At other side,
swara mehendi ritual finished. Her frnds help in changing and feed her food.

Next day, evening
Swara came in mandap dressed in bright pink lehanga. Yuvraj sees toward her and passes smile which make her blush in veil.
She made sit beside him, both completed all ritual. Yuvraj and swara took elders blessings. Both bid bye form there.

Past end

Present (Delhi)

In office ,

Sanskar – what the hell??
Is this like office ,or fish market…you guys came here to do your work and that’s why I pay you money not for talking…
Next time,if I see anyone talk each other then I fire his or her and
You guys do your job properly … then he left his cabin..

Then everyone do their respective works…

Then, laksh come office and he see everyone do their work without any noise …he went to Kavya and ask her what happened here

Kavya – nothing , your angry brother came and he started shouting ,and you go from here..
if he see you with me ,then my job surely gone …and she started her work

Laksh – ohk … then he left sanskar cabin…

Sanskar – what happened laksh …any problem with you

Laksh – no, and why you ask ??
I am your brother, can’t I meet you told him in fake anger…

Sanskar – no, nothing like that laksh …you came here when ever you want…

Then , laksh mobile rang

Laksh – I meet you later, then he left

Laksh attend his call

Laksh – hey, how are you , after so many days you call me ,any problem…

Other side – ha yr, can you help me ?

Laksh – ha yr, I will do

Other side – thanks you, you remember ,one day I tell you about my patient …

Laksh – hmm Rahul , what happened to her …

Rahul – she will come to Delhi …can you please pick up her because she not know about Delhi …

Laksh – okh and how will I know who is she?? And what is her name ??

Rahul – Swara, her name is swara and I snd u her pic and all details I snd u … thanks yr for helping me …

Laksh – ohk and bye… Then he cut the call

In train
Lady – where are you going beta ??

Swara – Delhi, and u aunty ??

Lady – same ,and you were married???

Swara – tear brimmed in her eyes and says yes …. After saying that she wiped tears…

But that lady noticed & ask her “why tears came in your eyes??”

Swara – nothing happened aunty …. something went my eyes…

Then swara changed the topic and ask her “How many years old have been married ”

Precap- not decided

Note – Swasan ss – My true lover ..
This is not my ss …I really forget to tell you …
All credit goes to my friend #Navya
She told me to post on Tu
Hopee you also like it…Waiting for your cmnt…

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