Swasan ff: I got you by fate (Part-2)


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Story start

In Hospital

A girl lying over her whole body covered with bandages and crying over her fate and she is thinking about her past


A girl was playing with some kids then her mother Shona came fast home then you know na ur Papa was very angry on you …came fast ( she is our Shona means swara)
Then swara says to her cute friends byeee friends and tomorrow I will not come because Tomorrow is my marriage…. she thinks and started blush . Children started tease her says …

A small boy said then you will not come to play with us because I hear after marriage girls are not going anywhere plzz na di don’t do marriage I am so big boy you can do marriage With me not Yuvraj bhaiya and I also not like him with puppy face then…

Then shona says nothing more that
I will surely come everyday to play with my friends and plzz not cry if you all cry then I will also cry ..

Children’s says no di we are not crying and you always comes to play with us and swara says yes and bye .Then She went for her home .
Past end


Rahul (Swara doctor)
Swara You too will come with me to my house

Swara says no Bhai how I came to your house ,I will manage don’t worry Bhai I am fine

Rahul says I know how much you fine ,why you not forget your past ,I know this is not easy but you can try it and you will come with me this is my final decision then Rahul left swara ward

In pub

A boy sitting in a pub and countiounsly drinking and manager came near and says sir u have already drink so much and plz now go from here .boy pushes manager
and roared I am paying u money then let me drink . manager helpless leave from there.

Then manager call his friend Laksh and tell his condition then Laksh says to manager I will came with in 5-10 min you will not leave him alone and on behalf of him I says sorry then manager cut the call.

After 5 min

Laksh call manager and tell him I came pub but where is Sanskar manager says he continuesly drinking no one able to stop him please sir . laksh says I know how handle him and thanks for informing me .

Laksh go near Sanskar and sanskar says this world is very cruel you know laksh I always love her and she thinks that because of me her family die and she left me alone how can she thought

Laksh says no sanskar this is not true I know how much you love her and I also know she will not deserve you tears rolling from his eyes and he thinks how much you hurt him self Bhai then he wipe tear say Bhai enough please come home with me

Other side

Omg this much happen with her ..poor girl
Then he and his partner started laughing at her condition and if she will agree with me then this is not happening with her . She would also happy but what can we do.

To be continued

What happened with swara and Rahul says to forget her past ???

What happened with sanskar and who is girl ??

On other side who are they and What were talking about girl and who is girl ???

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