Swasan ff :Forced marriage turn into love story Season 2 (chapter 5)

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Shekhar and sharmistha were best friends since college days which became love till the end of the college….. Shekhar proposed sharmistha for marriage which sharmistha recultantly accepted…. But their parents were against their relationship as Shekhar was marwadi and sharmistha was Bengali…. One day shemish thought to elope from their respective homes and they successfully eloped also but were caught by Aniket Bose who secretly loved sharmistha and wanted to marry her….. After this incident shobha Mitra decided that she will make sharmistha marry asap….


Sharmistha got angry as someone disturbed her but soon her angry face turned into smiling one after seeing Laksh…..
Sharmistha : What happened beta??
Laksh : Nothing much Maa… Just a little frustrated….
Sharmistha : What happened beta?? Did anyone said anything to you?? Or that b*t*h did something??
Laksh : No Maa…. It’s just I and Ragu had a fight that’s why….
Sharmistha : Don’t worry beta I will tell Parvati Ji to make that ragini see the hell….. How dare she to make my son’s mood off….. (sees the time) Oh my god it’s 7:50 pm and this girl….. Today I will teach her a good lesson…..
Saying this she went to store room….
Store room
Swara was sleeping when she felt like Flood came only wake up to see sharmistha holding a bucket with an angry face….. It didn’t took any time for Swara to understand that she’s gonna be beaten…… But to her shock she saw that sharmistha asking her politely to wake up and get ready….. It was a shock for her….. She didn’t know what to do and quickly got dressed up……

Precap : Same as previously mentioned…..

Guys this update was just to give the upper author’s note……that’s why it’s short……


  1. parul

    hey sammie dr i just lvd ur writing i know every1 wants praise 4 dere hardwork but trust me ur story is nt bound of any comments n mainly i read any ff which is written by u whenever i see u as author of story i read dat ff so dont be sad n smile n keep writing

  2. Dharshaini

    Amazing update… but its a short update… eagerly waiting for next update… pls post next update soon…

    • SammieR



      Thank you and I will post swasan I love you after completing this story…. As other readers get confused with many stories at one time…..

  3. Seebu_s


    |Registered Member

    hmm dear..so many started to shift wattpad…that’s gud…but update here also…atleast few ppl will read☺and praise ur hardwork

  4. Aashi26


    |Registered Member

    Awesome…sorry for not commenting before…i just love ur writings Sammie di….will u like to accept me as ur little sis…

    • SammieR



      Thank you and ya if I get good response then I will surely not leave it……. And about big episode so sorry but I can’t post any part in present due to some incident….. So please don’t expect any post from my side at least this week……

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