Swasan ff :Forced marriage turn into love story Season 2 (chapter 1)

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Maheshwari mansion

Sanskar room

A lavish room with white curtains and grey in background……There was a huge painting of a man and a woman sitting in a royal chair and a young boy standing behind him…..
There’s huge bed at the end of room…..
Clothes of a man and women were lying on the floor around the bed. jeans, t shirts, high heels , sky blue crop top and bottles of beer…. There was a young man in his early 20s’ wake up from under the cover he has messed hair and little stubble on his face, he yawned and stretched his body. He was totally and angel’s creation…..????….. He saw the wall clock and his eyes widened . He gets up , suddenly a hands comes out of the cover and holds his
Girl “Darling , where are you going , come to me”
Sanskar smirkingly goes to her and holds her neck “ Darling , don’t you know. Sanskar Maheshwari uses girls for only one reason. You can’t tell me what to do and what not to. If you wanna come back again. Be a good girl and leave.” Girls was choking by now… She muttered sorry…. and left…..

After the girl left a lady in mid 50’s came and ask : Beta how many times I told you leave this things…. The day your father will come to know about your activities he will be upset….

Sanskar : Mom Cmmon dad will never know about this and even if he knows then also I will manage it… So chill and BTW I’m late my love will reach college at anytime….. So please make my breakfast….
Ap : Of course my son…..

Gadodiya House

A girl is singing aarti…..
She finishes the Aarti and turns to find her world or you can say her family whom she loves the most…. She gives Aarti to everyone and takes blessings from shemish….. Shemish just for formality blesses her that too half heartedly…. After this sharmistha ordered Swara to make breakfast fastly as her one and only son will be late for college and also reminded her not to go college without completing all the house chores….
Swara being a obedient girl does all the works and then goes to college…..

Precap : Sanskar love……whom

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