Swasan ff :Forced marriage turn into love story (chap 4)

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Maheshwari mansion
Sujata : I can’t believe now also that sanskar can do this thing……I am sure that this Swara has done some black magic on my son……
Ap : Shut up sujata!! After this much happened you are still blaming that innocent girl……Have some shame sujata…….I can’t believe till now that a girl like ragini can do this I mean she looks so traditional innocent and orthodox….and about sanskar I am just speechless first he faked us being mad and now this……
Sujata : Jiji whatever you say I trust my son and will stand for him…..because I lost him once but not now……Saying this she went to sanskar

Sanskar room
After talking with ragini he was just frustrated but then thought something and smirked
Sanskar (in mind) : Swara you’re mine you were mine and you’ll be mine and my dear brother you’ll see my marriage with Swara in front of you and whole family but no one can do anything…….
Suddenly sujata barged in and started cursing Swara
Sujata : Don’t know what that witch did to my son?? My son leave that witch I will make you marry to a nice marwadi girl……

Sanskar : Mom stop it I love Swara and will marry her only whether she wants it or not
Sujata : But beta how will you marry her tomorrow is her engagement with Laksh and this time your acting will also not help you as everyone knows about you…..
Sanskar : Don’t worry mom Swara will marry me Only and you will help me in this
Sujata : Me how??
Sanskar : Listen mom and he tells her something to which sujata give him a horrible look but sanskar ignored it…..

Gadodiya House:

Ragini came to her dadimaa as she thought that Parvati will be angry on Swara and her family for her insult
Ragini:(crying) You saw na dadimaa how Swara snatched my everything from me you were right dadimaa I shouldn’t have United Maa papa..
Shekhar : Shut up ragini because of you today my wife and daughter are not with me and here you are blaming me only……
Ragini : But papa……
Dadi: Enough Ladoo You have said enough because of your stubbornness this much happened and you no guilt at all……

Ragini: Dadima…
Dadi: What dadima… Do you have a little idea about your doing…..Just because of you today we can’t face anyone I always taunted Swara as a fatherless and mannerless girl… Everytime I insulted her I always told that one day she’ll bring shame to her family but reverse happened you are reason for our shame…Because of you only today our respect in our samaj is vanished.. Because of you Maheshwari family pointed on our upbringing……..

Shekhar: Yes Ragini maa is saying the truth…..
Dada: Now what’s the use of crying……You should have thought before…….Now in this age because of you father-daughter my respect is finished……..Parvati use to taunt Shobha whole time…..Now her head is high due to her granddaughter and Ragini what to say you know whenever I step outside what people say they say “Array her granddaughter gave drugs to her own sister also married her husband by trick…..We should keep our children away from her and her family”….

Ragini is left alone and everyone leaves her…
(Sorry ragini fans if you felt bad but I think this thing is common that whenever a girl do something wrong society talks like this only)

Next day
Swalak engagement
Sanskar room
Sanskar was waiting for a call suddenly Laksh came inside and told
Laksh : Sanskar I am giving you warning like last time if you do this time I will surely make you see the hell
Sanskar : we’ll see that Laksh
Sanskar mobile rang and Laksh went out giving glare to sanskar

Swara room
Swara was happy but somewhere she was feared in her mind but shrugging it off she got ready when her door was knocked
Swara : Come in
Guess who came??

Maheshwari family was waiting for Swara in hall as it was a private affair except family no one was there…..Laksh was impatiently waiting for Swara….When sharmistha went upstairs to bring Swara she saw something which terrified her…..
What’s that??
She shouted SHONA
After hearing her shout all were panicked and went upstairs just to find Swara missing and sharmistha fainting but Laksh also noticed something he found sanskar missing as well……

Precap : Sanskar marrying Swara in front of everyone and all her helpless…..Sanskar revealed something to Maheshwari family……All are shocked……..

Who came in Swara room??What’s sanskar planned??What he said to sujata that she gave horrible look to sanskar??What sharmistha saw??

Sorry guys for small updates but can’t help it….

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