Swasan ff :Forced marriage turn into love story (chap 2)

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Here is the second part

Laksh : Swara I know but trust me from day 1 I know that you are innocent I…..stopped seeing someone
Swara turned only to see that ragini is standing there
Ragini : Swara I thought after yesterday incident you will not try to snatch my lakshji but what you want Swara first you ran away from marriage then after seeing me happily married you are trying to snatch it
Laksh : Oh shut up ragini I know how you gave drugs to Swara and how you pushed her from this bridge
Ragini : Swara what did I do that you can’t See Me happy why are you doing this Swara why??

Before Swara could say anything Laksh said
Laksh : Ragini don’t lie I know everything and I also know about your partner so it’s better say the truth
Ragini : Yes it was my plan and my partner only help me but now you can’t do anything……saying this she was laughing madly……
Swara : Partner?? Who partner??
Laksh : I will tell you he is non other than……he stopped seeing a car coming
Swara : What sanskar is doing here??
Laksh : Because he is only ragini partner

Hearing it Swara was shocked like anything The person whom she trusted the person who she thought will help her is only her criminal
Swara (teary-eyed) : Why sanskar why?? Saying this she slapped sanskar hardly and stumbled…..

She was hurt. Hurt beyond repair. Till now whoever she trusted that person only brakes her trust whether it’s her so called baba or sister or her new friend…..

Other side
Sharmistha Shekhar and Parvati with shobha came in mm……Annapurna and sujata were shocked seeing them……They thought to ask the matter but then only they saw durgaprasad with adarsh and rp came and told that Laksh asked them to come…..
Annapurna : Ji what happened?? You were at office na….
Durgaprasad : Laksh told that he wants to tell us something important that’s why we came
Shekhar : Don’t know what happened to my ragini now….Since the day she entered this house her life has become full of miseries…..

Precap : Truth will be revealed sanskar reason behind separating swalak

Sorry guys but what to do I am in office and I want truth to unfold in a nice manner with some twists so will post in next part today night only

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  1. Arshaanya

    Dun make my sanky ngtve n dat laskh hero ????
    Continue soon

    1. SammieR

      Thank you…….Don’t worry after sometime sanskar will become positive but first let swasan marriage happen……*Wink

  2. loved it waiting

  3. Nice i love it please don’t disconnect this from middle.

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and don’t worry I will not leave it in middle

  4. Raina


  5. Kakali

    Awesome chappy.. loved it sooo much..!! Earnestly waiting for the next..!! Sammie, u can take ur time n try to update a lil more long part..!! coz it’s short n somehow not contains all the scenes..!! Thnk u.. 🙂
    One more thing,Don’t tell me You are a working woman n was calling me Di..!! Gosh..!! hehehe..!!!

    1. SammieR

      Thank you di and surely next time epi would be longer than this…….and I Am 19. I work as a part time job as I love to do work and want to be self independent

      1. Sam..!! I’m proud of ur thinking dear..!!
        Heheh,but unfortunately You were calling me Di.. but i guess,now its time to change our places.. !! Coz I’m 17,n i should call u Di..!!

  6. It nice ….. But I have a confusion that Swara don’t know that Sanskar is also d crime partner with Ragini

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and about sanskar so I think you have seen before the night of swalak marriage when sanskar saved Swara from mohini sanskar revealed the truth about him and his motive so Swara thought he is changed

  7. Praju


  8. Simi

    Swara knew that sanskar n Ragini planed all.. ??
    Then how can this happen

    1. SammieR

      I think you have seen before the night of swalak marriage when sanskar saved Swara from mohini sanskar revealed the truth about him and his motive so Swara thought he is changed but the truth was something else

      1. Simi

        Ok.. Thank u?

  9. Sanji

    long episode plz………..

    1. SammieR

      Will try to give long parts thank you

  10. Shiksha

    Nice one but a bit confused

    1. SammieR

      Thank you and if you have any confusion plz ask

  11. Awesome dear….

  12. Continue dear….. Plz update daily

  13. Rabia0032

    Nice dear…but plzz dont make sanskar negativ…I mean swara trusted him as he changed but now u are making him negativ dont Do this dear…

    1. SammieR

      Don’t worry Di after few episodes he will become positive

  14. sooo nice actually am a silent reader but I like ur sense of writing

  15. Seebu_s

    awesome di…loved it

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  16. Are u on whatpad… If yes then plz can u give ur ID… Plz

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