SWASAN FF: First love Vs True love (Chapter 2)

I know I’m not good writer coz I love reading than writing!! Just for swasan made me write !!!

Ok back to track!!!


TREKKING PLACE (eddakal cave)

Swara reached her place with friends n guide …

Swara POV

Wen I reached entrance i felt strange feeling…felt like someone staring at me ..i look around no one was staring but I felt it…there were many boys gang and few family ppl came for trekking..i suddenly I heard kushi screaming.”no no I’m not coming I cant climb in this cave its so horrible..omg if I slip who will rescue me..I looked her with doubtful coz bl**dy she already visited this place n provoked me to visit here suddenly her behaviour …she suddenly looked me n winked what a drama queen but y this acting …again aishu gave her counter “oh madam don’t act if u slip we al there n look around so many handsome boys r there ..they will help us so come” kushi gave disgusting look “what handsome chi i don’t like this and all” …i cant tolerate her acting more when I thought give answer but her cute expression made me laugh and admire kushi…and this time leni n priyu shouted”just shut up n come with us otherwise no one need to go”..kushi winked at me once…shit I didn’t get her gesture..she came near me told “u fool Marwadi ladki re see that boy im clean blowed swara ..without giving her reply her watched her eyes travel towards that sight of boy… I’m dumstruck ..my mouth widen I,dono what to describe about him…i just prayed to god ..”pls let him stare at me “…but he busy talking with two boys who standing with him..my face turn into sad mood…came out of trance by kushi words ” what re fallen for him…am I write???…I showed my attitude..

“oh hello boys will fall for me u knew that very well kushi ji”..”hey don’t act smart swara I can read ur eyes or atleast I can sense ur face emotions ok”.. I cant able to give back answer coz “its true”..one of most important person in my life after my parents cares n love me so much,stood with me in al tough times though mistake was mine she wont let others mock or raise questions against me even many times behaved rudely towards teachers for me…she will be perfect in al works so one teacher dare question her…i love her so much ..”yes she found my lie” again I tried to coverup by telling “hey come kushi he is just cute that’s al dude come on”. “ohhh ok I believed “..kushi said..me and kushi turned towards leni,aishu n priyu who gave us killer look..we both made tongue out n hold our ears for apology!!! Priya smiled but aishu n leni was angry coz we wasting out time !!!! Before aishu open her mouth Priya to help us “pls swara enough we came here sight seeing the nature not boys so pls shall we proceed”…

we smiled started to climb..but I lost interest to climb my mind n heart want to admire n want to know about…but how”.again kushi started her bakbak…”go to hell swara u spoiled my plan…i gave what the f*** look…she asked “yenna look podi pakki” she scolded me in her mother tongue ..i understand that coz he often use this dialogue with everyone …i smiled and asked her “what happened idiot” …”hey thought of staying down n sight that handsome but flopped”..oh god again about him “while thinking about heart beat faster ,some unknown feeling growing inside me ..my mind questioning me “did u know about him anything atleast name…oh no nothing”…i controlled myself” thought what is need to know about him just he is passing clouds swara so pls come out his thoughts”..kushi shouted “oh swara he is back of us”..without thinking I just turned and saw him …oh shit he saw me…oh swara he just saw don’t fly or hope high control urself…seeing kushi excitement I asked” did u love him” just to clear my route…she suspiciously look at me n said “yes swara im planning to propose him what say darling???..i become numb feel like some one stabbed my leg not moved anymore…i dono reason behind it…suddenly I heard male voice “excuse me will give us way”..

Without blinking I nod my head…oh god its him..he just passes me…i cant take my eyes from him…kushi stared to laugh loudly which made me look at her…she gave board smile n said “truth cannot be hidden swaru accept it …u attracted man!!! …I cant control my feel so I shared with as usual yes I will share al my secrets ,personal matter only to this idiot and Priya..!!
Priya b***c she forgot us enjoying her trekking with aishu n leni…I started my talk with kushi “yes re I attracted but what use he not even looking at me …but onething this not correct age we r just 17oops sorry going to be 18…soon we going enter into colg life…destiny cant be judged …so I wont spread seeds for this type of feeling …already i made mistake which affect my parents…not again ..i should concentrate on my studies now ..built my career..no use of love…!!!kushi was kept quite n listening my words..she had tears n said” tum kab itna mature ho gaya re…arrey yar come on …change the topic without mistake human cannot survive “..yup she trying to divert my mind n consoling..”sorry yar I made ur eyes sweat..we started laughing..”..kushi told ” yeah idiot one more thing i am not going propose ok u know I not interested in this love drama ..for boys r sight seeing ..ok chill just grab ur face reaction I lied”..I have light slap in her left cheek…and told her”I should say kushi feeling strange n heart beating faster when I met that boy eyes..just avoiding it..”hey swara pls leave coz we don’t know anything about him ..oh yes he is north indian I heard he speaking Hindi …n no use he will leave this trekking”.. My heart sink when ear listen “he wil leave”…I composed myself “its ok leave come we enjoy our sight seeing n winks at kushi”..

Kushi giggles started our useless talk n gossips…but still my eyes were looking at him who going front of me through caves…my head lift upwards Priya called out swara who going front of him.”jaldi ana yar”..i shouted u guys carry on..will come “..suddenly he turned n gave me look..again iam flat..but this time I gave attitude look n shake my head ..he jerked n started to nearby boy..kushi who watched this started to laugh and said “swara pls don’t ..pavam(pity) thay fellow”…we both laughed n finished our trekking ..he went out of my sight getting into car..felt pain kushi gave dialogue in Tamil”machi unaku nu irutha athu unkita thaan Varum(if its belong to me it wil reach me) so don’t feel bad” oh again he sensed my reaction..i gave sad smile n sat in innova drove to hotel room”..finally day completed by thoughts of him..in middle chat n lunch with frnds ..oops so tired said good night n slept …

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  5. Guys sorry for typos and errors

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  6. Ur story is nice but I am a North indian girl… If u don’t mind pls avoid writing Tamil.. Please

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      Yeah don’t worry…its just few sentences or dialogue only…coz kushi character is tamil girl…in brackets will explain in English…
      Actually I completed next parts … I have used Hindi also…

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