SWASAN FF: First love Vs True love (Chapter 1)


Character sketch:

Maheswari parivar al r same(al characters)

Just slight changes in our heroine side!!!

There is no Bengali n Half sister story..

Shekar dadha: Business man, down to earth person, loves his wife ,son n daughter most!!!!
Very lenient father!!!
sharmista dadha: House wife but have lot of fashion sense,found of dresses for her daughter,and conduct exhibition on gifts etc..typical modern mom!!!!
(belong to Marwari but carefree parents)

Swara dadha: Cute ,bold,short temper,standing against wrong thing, don’t care about others just its my wish I ll do it (character)!!! Younger daughter!!!
Pampered by both dad n mom!!!

Arnav dadha: Elder son of shekar n shomi!!!!
Engaged to nidha gupta(normal women…n love to roam with her sister in law)..

Chapter 1

Oh its 9.30..i should get ready for trekking…for what i was longing for so long.
Oh come swara finally ur day came .just enjoy it darling…oh god wait wait …where r others!!!blo*dy b***h !!!left without me…oh no swara run run get ready…
Finally i got ready !!! Oh god where is guide n my idiot frnds!!!
Ok swara time to run…ouch my head ..u fool open ur eyes n come inside…Hey pagal how long u ll take to get ready come soon al waiting for u…said priya …ya idiot I’m ready just coming…ok u al r had breakfast right…said swara…”no swara al those 3idiots r busy in chatting with their boys.i cant tolerate it ..so i came up to call you…ok come soon we will have breakfast n leave for trekking “said priya..Oh al r busy during our vacation also eh???? After so much difficulty I got permission from al of our parents to enjoy our public exam holidays…but here these 3 in their own world… Oh what a love??? Oh ok come n no need breakfast coz we cant climb the rock while trekking..said swara.. Oh god no food …by puppy face said priya…shut up n come idiot its already late..i told with fake angry..

Yeah 3idiots enough of ur chatting pls will start moving its already late..said Priya..”oh hello kutti madam shut up iam not chatting with anyone..just reading fan fiction ok pls always don’t taunt me by telling about chatting u knew that I hate chatting…said by kushi..”oh arrey stop it pls don’t start ur fight…listen we both kept our mobile inside…yeah priyu where is swaru??..said aishu..”ahhh” where is she??…said leni..Oh guys iam here..all set…shall we move…and pls don’t tel later “oh I forget that,this and al”..pls remember n once check everything…i told these idiots…Al four stare each other..and shouted “al set harsh ka girlfriend” and burst out laughing..Swara gave angry look to 4idiots…”hey what guys stop teasing me n don’t take that bl**dy name..even his name make me irritate…said swara..”ok ok fine don’t spoil ur mood come will leave guide is waiting …”said kushi…

precap:swasan meeting…

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Credit to: leku

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