Swasan ff : We are family (chapter 5)

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Sanskar : Sorry Swara…. Okay don’t cry…. I will not say anything but don’t cry please…..
Swara : I’m fed up sanskar…. I’m fed up…. Why you don’t understand that he’s my son…. I love him…. because of you I always distanced myself from him…. I never went to him when he needed me…. He always cried that he needs his parents…. But I can’t go near him…. You always kept him away from me…. Whenever I tried to go near vikrant…. You stopped me…. If you can’t give him love then at least let me give him….

Sanskar : It’s not my fault that ba****d deserved it…. And it’s good that I didn’t allowed you to go near him…. You only think…. If I allowed you to go near him and to give him love then what would have happened to Kiara Sparsh and Arnav have you ever thought about it…. Look at me did I ever differentiate between Kiara Sparsh and Arnav even after Kiara being my only girl child and my first love’s last sign…. I loved our Sparsh and Arnav equally like I loved our daughter…. But I know that if you were allowed to go to that vikrant…. You would have been deprived Kiara Sparsh and Arnav of your love and I will not accept that…. Now enough of your tantrums Swara…. Just get fresh up and go to my princess…. She will be waiting for you…. And ya make sure that your son doesn’t shows his inaspicious face to our daughter…. I don’t want her special day goes wrong…. Whenever I try to talk nicely with you…. You starts dominating me…. Now go to princess fastly….
Swara : Give me five minutes…. I will get ready….

Sanskar : OK go…. (to himself) This Vikrant will never let me live in peace…. Swara needs a dose…. So that she will stay away from vikrant…. I have to do something…. Ya let me call her…. She can only help me…. Saying this sanskar calls someone….

On call

Sanskar : Hello
Os : ……
Sanskar : I need your help
Os : ……
Sanskar : I will tell you first meet me
Os : ……
Sanskar : Ohk bye
Os : ……

Sanskar : Now you will again distance yourself from him Swara….


Sanskar : Fine…. If my daughter asks something…. I will surely fulfil it…..
Durgaprasad : Really…. I will tell your mother to contact with them…. I’m happy that you accepted this relationship….
Sanskar : Dad don’t be happy this much…. As she will be just a caretaker for my child…. I will never accept her….
Durgaprasad : As your wish beta….

Precap : Flashback part

Guys don’t bash me…. As I said in first promo it’s a true story of my colleague….. And don’t say to write long update as presently I am in office…. So you can understand my feelings and tomorrow forced marriage turned into love story season 1 epilogue will be posted so I will not post any other ff…..

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  1. Sus


    1. SammieR

      Thank you

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  2. sanskar is too much.when he cant give love to vikrant then at least let swara give na.
    I seriously want to kill sankar.cant he understand wt swara is feeling.
    swara is not dominating him. she is just expressing her words.

    1. I think sanskar call ragini…

      1. SammieR

        Yup you’re right sanskar called ragini only…. And I agree to your words….

  3. Amazing update… but feel really bad for swara… eagerly waiting for next update… pls post next update soon…

  4. nyc..but seriously hating sanskar

    1. SammieR

      Thank you

  5. feeling really bad for swara and vikranth not liking this sanskaar at all she is not dominating him..why cant he understand vikranth is swara son what if the same way how he is behaving with him swara also can do this with his daughter… hope swara apne bete ko vo pyaar diye…
    wow he is thinking swara cant give love towards his daughter and their children? is he not her child..

    1. SammieR

      I understand your point and you are right but we can’t change mentality of some people…..

  6. Nice……

  7. Seriously i hate this sanskar yaar, he expects swara to love his daughter. According to that logic she would also expect the same na. And literally he dominants swara yaar. Anyway it’s really good, post the next one soon

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