Swasan ff : We are family (chapter 4)

Hey guys
Sorry for the late…..
Guys before I start the ff…. I want to say something…..

Swarna01 asked me that
If Swara could be a good mother to Kiara then why not sanky accept vikrant just because he is not his blood……
I think many of you have the same doubt as well….

So guys first let me ask you something…..
What actually step father means….

A stepfather or stepdad is the husband of one’s biological mother, and not one’s biological father.
while a step father may love and respect their step children they can never have that personal and close bond with them that they have with their biological children.
Both biological mothers and fathers form a deep emotional, psychological, and spiritual attachment to their child even while it is in the womb.
But it doesn’t work in the case of step relationships……
Hope you understood what I am trying to say…..

Dp was tensed as he knows how much sanskar hate this topic….. And his wife asked him to talk with him with the disastrous topic “marriage”…..

Sanskar knock the door and dp asked him to come inside…..
Sanskar : Dad you asked for me….
Dp : Beta!! Don’t you think Kiara needs motherly love…. Kiara needs a mother figure… And mostly you also need a companion….
Sanskar : Dad come straight to the point…..
Dp : Beta your mother has seen a girl for you…. She’s a divorcee and has a 6 month boy named vikrant…..
Before sanskar could say anything a cute little voice interrupted them….
Kiara : Wow Mumma…. Papa I want a Mumma you know even my fliends (friends) have Mumma…. Bling (Bring) Mumma I will show hel (her) my toys also…..
Now after Kaira’s demand sanky had no way to go…. So he accepted it….
Sanskar : Fine…. If my daughter asks something…. I will surely fulfil it…..


Next morning

Swasan woke up…. Swara was till teary eyed remembering yesterday’s talk whereas sanskar was feeling guilty and angry on vikrant as sanskar shouted on Swara coz of vikrant…..
Sanskar thought he should apologise to Swara….

Sanskar : Sorry Swara…. I know whatever happened yesterday wasn’t your fault…. I am sorry that due to vikrant I shouted on you…. That’s why I hate him….. This bl**dy vikrant has no sense…… Idiot….. Always make me angry and make you upset…. Such a useless person he is….. Don’t know why he shows his face to me…. Leave it….. Swara don’t cry baby…. And if you are crying because of your son then don’t he doesn’t deserves it…..
Swara : Please sanskar don’t say like this…. I can understand that you don’t like him…. But don’t say like this to him….. My heart breaks whenever I listen to your words….. He’s my first child sanskar….. Please sanskar……😭😭😭😭
Sanskar : Sorry Swara…. Okay don’t cry…. I will not say anything but don’t cry please…..

Sorry guys I am ending it here but limit of maximum words has been reached so will continue on next week……


  1. Aashi

    i dont think step-relations are that weak.my maasi’s son has a step-dad as his dad’s dead bt he love my cousin the most
    even more than his mother
    its all about the person
    his heart soul mind care love & respect

  2. Dharshaini

    Amazing update… but feel sad that sanskar cannot accept vikrant as his son… well hope in future some miracle happen that they will atleast talk to each other… and dear u can write more as there is no word limit in tu… pls post next update soon…

  3. anu

    nyc feeling bad for vikranth and swara also… y swara bcz she thought her son also get father love but what she thought is wrong

  4. Gayathri.visu


    |Registered Member

    Feeling sad for Vikrant… If Sanskaar thinks Vikrant is not his own son then same applies to Swara and Kiara right…. If he doesn’t give fatherly love to Vikrant then how can he expect Swara gives motherly love to Kiara… Because she is Sanskaar’s daughter only not Swara’s daughter….. He is selfish… And moreover step-relations are not week…. He cant speak like this about Vikrant that too infront of his mother… Sorry dear if I hurt u… But these are my thoughts and believes….

  5. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    What u r saying is right but this suits to step mother also….. More than step father step mother doesn’t like the child….. And i have seen with my own eyes a man loves his step daughter more than his own daughter….. And ya with this ff u can change the thought of many who are hesitating to love their step child…..

  6. Summaya


    |Registered Member

    It’s nice I just read the season 2 of forced marriage turn into love and I became your fan I’m gonna read all of your ffs which I’ve missed on

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