Swasan ff : We are family (chapter 3)

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Khushi : Ok Mom good night…..
Swara : Good night….
Saying this both went to their respective rooms…..
Swasan room

Sanskar was waiting for Swara…. When Swara opened the room sanskar angrily looked at her…. Swara gave a apologizing look to which sanskar smiled….
Sanskar : So where was my jaan??
Swara : I was with khushi…. She was asking our story that’s why I was telling her….
Listening khushi name sanskar got angry but controlled…..
Sanskar (controlling his anger) : So what did you told her??
Swara : Nothing just told that how our family was forcing us to remarry for our children….
Sanskar : Oh OK…..
Swara : You know what sanskar??
Sanskar : What jaan??

Swara : I still remember when our family forced both of us for the marriage…. You know what you were looking like a volcano….. And I was hell scared seeing your face…..
Sanskar (in mind) : Why not…. After all after seeing that bl**dy vikrant my anger reaches on its peak…. Just because of you jaan I am bearing him…. You don’t know jaan I don’t hate khushi…. I’m just angry on her that she chose that vikrant instead of my sons….. But it’s okay for you I can do this much naa….. (to Swara) : Jaan you know that time I thought that you will differentiate between your son and our daughter that’s why I was just little possessive you know….
Swara : Still “your son ” Sanskar why can’t he be our son?? Why can’t you accept him sanskar…. Sometimes when I feel you have started accepting him…. You prove me wrong…. It’s been 25 years since our marriage….. But still you consider him as outsider why sanskar?? You never loved him….. He always craved for your love sanskar…..
Sanskar (angrily) : Don’t forget Swara that he’s not my son?? I never told him this truth as you requested me but it doesn’t mean that I will accept that boy…. He’s no one to me except your son…. I’m bearing him doesn’t mean that I will accept him….. He’s here till you are here….. Otherwise I would have kicked him out of my life and house when you first entered the house with him…. Always remember Swara I have only 3 children Kiara Sparsh and Arnav….. Vikrant is not my son and will never be….. Now go to Kiara she must be waiting for you…..
Swara nods with teary-eyed and goes to Kiara room…. Whereas sanskar feels bad for Swara but he’s blood boils listening to vikrant name that he even shouted Kiara many times…….

Here Swara enters Kiara room and went near her….
Swara : What happened to princess?? Why she’s still awake…..
Kiara : Nothing Mom….. Just thinking that now I will leave this house…. I will miss you all so much…… Especially you vikrant khushi and arnav after all you four are my all time favorite… *wink
Swara smiled a little listening her daughter….. It’s true that Kaira was not her own blood still they shared a good bond obviously after vikrant and Kiara bond…..
Swara knew that Kiara loved vikrant more then she loved vikrant…. She was happy that in this house at least someone cared for her son…..
Swara caressed her hairs and went to her room…..

Swasan room

Swara entered and saw sanskar sleeping in bed…. She sighed it’s been 25 years of their marriage but still their were some differences which always created a distance between them…..


Parvati : I know a girl who can marry your son accepting all his conditions….
Lady : Really…. That’s good news but who’s she…
Parvati : My granddaughter Swara Gadodiya….
Lady : Your granddaughter……
Parvati : Yes my granddaughter…. She’s a divorcee and has a 6 months boy…. You know that this society doesn’t let a single mother live peacefully and I don’t want anyone to talk any nonsense about my family…..
Lady : OK I will talk with my son if he agrees then we will do a simple marriage in Mandir…..
Parvati : Okay 😈😈
The lady turned and revealed to be Annapurna…..
Parvati smiling went from there….. Here Annapurna was happy that now her son will not be lonely and Kiara will also get mother’s love….

Maheshwari mansion

Sanskar : Mom where are you??
Ap : I am here son what happened??
Sanskar : Nothing Mom just Kiara was hungry so thought to ask you is there any snacks present…..
Ap : Do one thing you bring her here…. I will make her eat snacks….. And you go to your father….. He was willing to talk to you….
Sanskar : Yes Mom…..
Saying this sanskar give Kiara to ap and went to dp…..
Here dp was tensed as he knows how much sanskar hate this topic….. And his wife asked him to talk with him with the disastrous topic “marriage”………..

Precap : Don’t know……..


  1. anu

    kaira is sanskar daughter but who is khushi.. why sanskar got angry listening her name plz add previous links to next chapters
    btw awesome episode intresting update soon

  2. Swarna01


    |Registered Member

    Dis is nt gd. If swara could b a gd mother 4 kiara then why nt sanky accept vikrant only bcoz he is nt his blood. Dnt u think dis is too much.

    • SammieR



      Yup I know this is tooooooooooooooooo much but it’s the reality…. It’s not compulsory that if one step loves you that means every step will love you…… I will clear it in next chapter…… So that you can understand……

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