swasan ff : falling for you again part11

swara: teri himmat kaise hue mujhe chuiya kahne ki ha aur yaha why are you dancing like mad persons who have runed from mental asylum.(mocks)

Man: Teri toh

Swara: ha Kya mein bol na( moving forward)

Man also moves forward : tujhe mein batata hoon chuiya( moves forward to her)

Now the distance between them got reduced and their faces were close to each other. Both were gazing in each other’ s eyes in burning rage both there was along with it which they both were not able to understand.

just then they both heard: swara/ sanskar …. which brought them from their trance in which they were lost or we can say that lost in trying to figure out something which their eyes were conveying to them but they were not able to understand

ragini/ laksh: why are you both fighting like previous birth enemies

swara/ sanskar; he/ she has started first(both said in unison)

swara: oiyee do not come my words

sanskar: mera paas yeh hi kaam hai ki ek chuiya ki baate copy karo(smirking to her0

swara: eiii(pointing finger towards her)

sankar: yes darling(lowering her finger)

ragini/laksh: enough

both swasan saw towards each other and moved their faces away giving each other a rude glare and stood opposite to each other crossing their hands)

raglak looked towards them and shook their head disbelievingly andafter that saw towards the elders who were standing at the entrance with their jaws dropped.

raglak; come both of you now(ordering tone)

both started moving and yet again : oiii why you are moving wing along with us(both again yelled)

laksh: swara and ragini he is my brother sanskar(giving him a side hug)

ragini: laksh you are introduced with her , let me introduce me and shona to him(to sanskar) namastey sanskar i’m ragini and she is swara your family has came for my relation(blushes) and she is my sister

laksh: now we should move

all started moving such that raglak were moving forward and swasan were little far away from them.

ragini: what have we thought and what have happened laksh

laksh: ha ragini but still something has happened good. both didn’t faced any problem or pressure in their brain seeing each other. it means that now we have to do everything as per plan

ragini: whenever i remember those days na i feel horrible

laksh; me too ragini

both turned and saw swasan arguing on something again. they remembered when sanskar came out of coma


All were happy that sanskar has came out from coma but were one side gloomy because like swara sanskar has also lost his memory.

All went to swara’ s room and doctor informed that due to excessive pressure on the brain swara has agaiN lost her memory of few days.

Raglak got shattered seeing their beloved siblings in this condition. One side who searched her love madly when no one believed that she was alive and now he do not remember anything about her and another side one who is always to do anything for her love is getting unconscious in pain seeing his one glance.

Both were broker so went in doctor’s cabin to consult doctor

Doctor told them that there is one way they should make them meet like strangers after two three months by taking care them fully

Both nodded their heads and told their family members about the same thing and all planned their meet with the wedding of raglak again

Flashback over

Cone year both raglak shouted to season who were again in their cat and dog mode to break their heads.

Coming both faked the smiles to raglak and came running to them

All went in and all started their acting

Ap: ragini come beta sit with us

Sujata: we liked your ragini very much am i right jiji* winking to ap*?

Ap: right sujata kyu ji?

Dp: hmmm kyu ram?

Ram: ji bhaisa

Shemish: let them talk first. Swara take them to room and show sanskar our house

Swara made faces after listening to his last sentence.

Swara: come sanskar( fake smiling)

Sanskar: yes chui( swara widens his eyes)swara

Both raglak went in their way and swara started showing him house.

She showed him whole house and started going to elders

Sanskar: wait wait ms chuiya there is one room which is unseto

Swara: you do not have to see that ( rolling eyes)

Sanskar: why i will see that

Swara: ok come

Both went in the room which was colored with pink walls and Teddy ‘ s were filled in it . there was a electric guitar hanged on the wall which took sanskar’ s interest.

Sanskar: wow i do not know that nowadays chuiya’ s also play guitar( mocking)

Swara: wait i Will show you

Saying this she went to tske the guitar and sanskar also came behind her just then his foot fell on something and he stumbled. Trying to take support he held swara but she stumbled due ti sudden action and both fell down with swara above sanskar.
Leading them to fall onnrearby bed and taking them into a beautiful eyelock

Bol na halke
Bol na halke , bol na halke

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