swasan ff : falling for you again part1

Sun rays fall on sanskar leading to disturb his sleep. A cute frown got formed on his face. He was turning here and there, sometimes keeping pillow on his face and sometimes covering himself by comforter but sun uncle was continuously disturbing him

Sanskar: please move the curtains swara(sleepy)

But getting no response he woke up irratatingly

Sanskar: yaar are you listening or not

Suddenly swara comes out wearing a baby pink saree and came to him with a huge smile on her face. Seeing her he was mesmerized and his anger got vanish seeing the broad smile on her face

Swara(happily): what happen patidev(poking his nose)or should I say my sleepy head
Sanskar(coming into sense): haa and where were you when I was calling you( holds her waist and pulling towards himself)
Swara who was now giggling started breathing heavily: i. wa..was getting ready an.. and then
Sanskar coming closer(huskily): say na then

Sanskar who was now leaning towards her suddenly shouted: ouch

Swara hurriedly got out from his grip and said: mr maheswari get up we are getting late

Sanskar: I will show you now how dare you to pinch me

Saying this he got up to ran after her but swara was nowhere to be found

Sanskar: swara where are you

Just then reality got in his mind and a lone tear escapes his eyes

He took the photo frame in his hand and smiled faintly: so again a dream(smiles faintly) when will these dreams will become into reality and you and I will be together.i will prove this world they are wrong when my heart is beating then how can your heart stop beating. We are each other’s heartbeat. You know na if anything happen to one of us automatically the other will get to know and I know your alright.(hugs her picture tightly and kissed on it)

After getting ready he went downstairs and started going when he was interrupted

Sujata: sanskar where are you going?

Here this sanskar got stopped and closed his eyes with a sigh and turned around

Sanskar(calmly): mom I’m going office

Sujata: I know sanskar where are you going

Sanskar: when you know mom then why are you asking?
Sujata: why do not you understand son she is(interrupted)
Sanskar: mom you will not say this word again and I’m going

Saying this he went from their and started roaming in streets and asking people

Sanskar: bhai have you seen her

Like this he roamed whole day it was his daily routine to roam in the different parts of city

Maheswari mansion

Sujata: I’m worried sanskar health is decreasing day by day due to the search of that girl he is not ready to believe she is dead
Ap: do not worry sujata god will give strength to sanskat to accept truth

Suddenly ragini’s phone starts ringing

Ragini: ha maa

After listening to the phone tears started flowing from her eyes and her lips got curved into a big smile

Sujata and ap gestured each other what happened

Ragini: yes ma I’m coming

After cutting the call she wiped her tears

Ragini: maa swara is in badi


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